And after all this time, you will swear you loved her. But you didn’t. Not really. Love doesn’t feel like rolling deserts and trays full of ash. Love doesn’t break the concrete of this city into fractures- love doesn’t bruise and etch goodbye letters on her skin. Love doest dig fingernails into us, and love doesn’t taste like blood.

Love doesn’t furl empty smoke into night sky until it blots out the stars. Love doesn’t leave her sobbing on her empty bedsheets and love does not feel like wild fury in the middle of the dusk. Love isn’t half promises and broken truths that form kaleidoscopic tragedies in the red streets of her large, aching city. Love doesn’t make us ask twice. Love isn’t dirty tiles and tear stains on the bathroom sink.

Still, after all this time, you will swear you loved her. But you didn’t. Not really. And after all, it doesn’t truly matter anyway. Because no matter the price of your love, or the way you held the memory of her that you couldn’t shake- she loved herself. Thank goodness she did. Because she made it out stronger than she began. With or without you.

—  a.p. (9.27.16)
I could physically feel you losing interest in me. Our 3 a.m. conversations had turned into 3 minute chats. Everything was surface level, and it absolutely broke my heart because I wanted nothing more than to have you back in my life. I felt like screaming at you to just Speak to me, but I knew it was futile. Sometimes no matter how much two people want to make it work, it’s not meant to happen.
—  Losing a Friend Hurts so Much// a Excerpts From a Book I’ll Never Write
It’s easy to say you’re over someone if you aren’t seeing them. The real challenge is looking them in the eye to see their smile and hear their voice and still being able to say, “This is not what I want anymore.
Miraculous Insight: The Peacock Kwami

In a very unexpected turn of events, today was released the first teaser for the peacock kwami. And I think we should address the elephant in the room: The huge difference between the bee kwami teaser and this one.

 Now, I know what you are thinking: “But they are two separate characters! Both of their promos shouldn’t be the same!”. The thing is: I’m not referring to the general product, but to a really specific element of it. 

At first glance, you can see the Bee kwami in front of what appears to be Notre Dame (based off of the reference pictures of said building and what little we can see in the teaser picture for the Bee Kwami) roaming freely. Now, as far as we know,, the bee Miraculous was still under Master Fu’s protection.  But, seeing the kwami manifesting for the first time, we can assume that a new hero has had to be chosen in order for that to happen. Having already stated that,, I’m kindly askng you to look at the teaser picture for the Peacock kwami.

Notice anything different?

There’s no background.

The last time we saw the box containing the miraculous (miraculouses?) we could appreciate that the only ones that remained there were the bee miraculous and Volpina’s. Now, where else have we seen a very peculiar Brooch?

That’s right. In Gabriel Agreste’s secret safe. We all know that Gabriel is the most likely candidate to be Hawkmoth, and that the former owner of the brooch was most likely Adrien’s mother. In my opinion, Gabriel knows about this, given the fact that he owned the book of the miraculous’ history. He just doesn’t know that the brooch he has in his possession is the very same as the one in the book. 

That’s why this picture lacks a background. The kwami hasn’t been able to get our of the brooch. And, I know this is just a headcanon, but I think the peacock kwami can sense something is wrong. Thus preferring to stay hidden.

Guys, the peacock kwami is crying because it’s trapped.

You are my 3AM thoughts, my 6AM thoughts, my 12:31PM thoughts, my 5:52PM thoughts and my 9:41PM thoughts. You’re not just on my mind when I can’t sleep, you’re on my mind when I’m doing math problems, when I’m washing the dishes and when I’m babysitting a bunch of loud kids who won’t sit down.
—  you’re on my mind constantly. all day, all night.