3am thoughts

Her eyes man, her eyes hold galaxies in them, and her fucking smile always made the room just a little bit brighter. She’s different but the good kind of different, you would have never expected that once you saw the sparkle in her eye when she talked to you about something she’s so passionate about, just like that, in that exact same moment she becomes more addicting than heroin or any drug out there … You would have never expected to fall in love with someone’s laugh, but her laugh was like hearing your favorite song for the very first time. You love her when she’s having a rough day getting out of bed, because it’s just one of those days.  You love her when her cheeks are red and she’s dripping in sweat after a rough game. You love her when her face is naked without the mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss because, whether she has a naked face or she’s all dolled up, in your eyes, she’s still the most beautiful person this world has created. You love how she’s so compassionate and determined to whatever she sets her mind to this week. You love how she will call you for just about any reason, just because she’ll say “I needed to hear your voice.” You love her when she sings terrible and loud but it doesn’t matter how bad she sings odds are, you’ll join in. Loving her is and will always be the best decision you’ve made for yourself in a very long time, but you know it was the right decision. It’s kinda hard and almost impossible, to put together the right amount of words, into the right order to explain how she makes you feel, but you just can’t. All you really know is that you love her, there’s no science behind it, it’s not something you can explain in a power-point, it’ not a puzzle, it’s just something you do.

 You   just  fucking   love    her.  

     - 2:30 a.m

okay here comes the theory...

hey you believe in soulmates right?

then do you believe in past lives?

let’s say we have past lives. and in every life, we love the same single soul, no matter the soul is in which body, we’re naturally drawn to them because they’re our soulmates.

so let’s say, again, in your past life, you’re a girl, and your soulmate is a guy, you two fell in love.

then in this life, your soul goes into a male’s body, but your soulmate’s soul also goes into a guy’s body. you have no choice but to be drawn to him. you just have the feeling. you don’t know why.

the only reason is that you’re loving the same soul, not the same gender.

and this is what we call being homosexual.

so it’s not a disease or something. not wrong too. and definitely not a “choice”.

because in your subconscious, your souls are drawn together, not matter the gender.

maybe it’s all about past lives and soulmates.