3am room

what the houses are...

Ravenclaw is… starting that new project without finishing the one from yesterday, messy rooms, 3am talks, theology textbook one day and Stephen King novel the next, cloud watching, star gazing, cups of tea paired with random musings, quirky nicknames, having someone constantly read your feelings, a wonderful kind of sleepy, knee high socks, coffee dates in little cafes, re-reading favourite childhood books, art time-lapses, constant fiddling,

Hufflepuff is… when you grip someone’s hand mid horror-movie, blanket forts, the feeling of taking off your bra at the end of the day, when you find that perfect gift for someone, ice cream dates on sunny days, knowing there’s a shoulder to cry on if you need it, the fuzzy feeling of making someone smile, pep talks, toasting marshmallows, falling asleep on someone’s shoulder, moments of ‘holy crap that’s the time?’, walking on newly fallen autumn leaves, swing sets,

Gryffindor is… when the teacher says you’ll be working in pairs and you and your friend immediately look at each other, the sting of a good hi five, when your stomach drops on a roller coaster, air guitar, laughing until you cry, snowball fights, looking up lame conspiracy theories, talking through a movie, smiling at strangers, getting into bed after a long day, cheesy pick-up lines, running your fingers through your hair, a cold glass of water on a hot day,

Slytherin is… late night drives, passing notes in class, telling awesome horror stories, the glint in someone’s eye when they know something that you don’t, fireworks, checking water temperature with the tip of your toes, truth or dare, marble sculptures, the satisfaction of knowing you’re right, scented candles, walking around in an empty house, hide and seek, collections, being told a secret,

310. Slytherin girls can be seen either as goddess-like beings with their makeup on fleek, polished nails and smart clothes, heels clicking against marble floors and sharped tongues holding back secrets, or walking human disasters with their hair in a messy bun barely held by a quill, sitting on their pajamas in the middle of the common room at 3am trying to figure out what those graphics mean because “Fuck you, Sarah, I’m getting an O whether I pass out or not. Now get the hell out of here unless you have more coffee”. There’s no in between.

Nursey doesn’t like sleeping alone because three am is when his depression hits harder and he finds himself crying and questioning his existence and remembers that he’s getting what people constantly call a useless degree and believes he’ll never be needed at all in life

Anyway this happened at 3am in the hotel room after an away game and Chowder called practically the whole team into their room because he heard Nursey sniffling and Nursey wouldn’t open up to him about it and that’s how the SMH team ended up crammed in two beds pushed together in a hotel room crowded around Nursey who’s reminded that there are people that need him, even just in that moment, and he appreciates them

Nursey doesn’t really get a chance to sleep alone then on out the team sort of rotates like Nursey patrol except sometimes there are fights over who gets to sleep next to him because he’s also very warm and soft and he always feels very needed

What its like dating Dick Grayson

-Him being very affectionate. He loves to give forehead kisses, neck kisses, kisses on the cheek and his favorite is kisses on the nose because he loves the way you scrunch up your nose afterwards.

-Him carrying you to bed from the couch when you fall asleep after binge watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

-You love his long hair very much and can’t help running your hand through it. Whenever you do, he seizes your hand and kisses it very gently.

-Him calling you ‘babe’ or ‘sweetie’.

-A lot of hot make out sessions.

-Him waking up before you and watching you sleep.

- “Were you watching me sleep?”

- “Yeah, you look so peaceful. I like watching you sleep.”

- “Okay that is very creepy. No idea why Bella didn’t find it so when Edward said it to her. Remind me to build up a wall between us so that you stop doing that.”

-Him constantly using cheesy pickup lines on you.

- “Your eyes are blue like the ocean. And baby I’m lost at sea.”

- “Dick?”

- “Yes?”

- “My eyes are brown.”

-Him talking shit and yelling at the screen whenever you two play video games.

-Dancing at 3am in the living room to old romantic songs when both of you are in your pjs.

-Him whispering very inappropriate things in your ear at inappropriate times.

-He’s the one who hogs the blanket during the night.

-Whenever he goes out on patrol at night, you stay up all night worrying on the couch even though he insists that you should go to sleep.

-He calls you during patrol at the worst times.

-“Hey babe, what’s up? What are you doing?”

-“Just grabbing a snack. Why are you calling during the patrol?”

-“Oh it’s very quiet. As quiet as a- *something crashes in the background*”

-“Dick?? What the hell was that?”

-“*grunts* Construction, babe.”

-“Want me to prepare the first aid kit?”

-“Yes that would be preferable.” 


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What do you think the boys are like? I'm new to army and want to know their individual personalities

So, let’s summarize the boys then! Welcome to the fandom by the way, and also, i’m not an expert, but you can easily get to know them a bit better by watching videos/shows they’ve participated, it’s a great source! I will try to keep this short, lets go. (No, i failed, i couldn’t keep this short, enjoy reading all the little details about members personalities <3)

Jin: he’s the oldest member, his age gap with the youngest member of bangtan (Jungkook) is like 5 years, he’s not an introvert nor an extrovert, it varies, at first glance he looks like a quiet person, but when he’s with the members he’s so playful, and he makes dad jokes all the time hahaha, the king of dad jokes, he’s also a very confident, and has high self esteem! It’s really funny whenever he jokes and laughs at his own jokes (he does that all the time) and also he’s very passionate about cooking and food in general, if you want to get to know him more i recommend you look for his Eat Jin episodes either on youtube or VAPP because he talks about him and all that, it’s really cool, and him being the oldest member makes him have a leader type of temperament. Cares a lot about his members, always wanting to take care of them, he also cooks for them, i feel like he would be such a great father in the future <3.

Yoongi/Suga: so he’s the lethargic one in the group (as he said himself) because he’s always in the mood for sleep or either very quiet (sometimes on his cellphone) but that DOES NOT make him a cold person, he’s far from that (he’s a pisces come on, i am one too, we are soft), he can get easily excited and energetic when he’s either on stage (enjoying himself) or doing something that he’s really passionate about (composing for example), and i do believe we can call him an introvert, he also has a really strong personality, he knows what he likes, does what he wants to do, it’s not like he doesn’t care, but more like if he doesn’t like something, he will not do it, period. But the thing is that, if you listen to his mixtape he released called Agust D, and read the lyrics, you’ll see that he shared a lot of personal experiences and stories with us there, he too is a human, who suffered with depression, and pisces people tend to be closeted and not show their emotions that much, so he was brave enough to share that with us, you can learn a bit more about him reading lyrics of some songs. sometimes pisces have this ‘i don’t care’ attitude, but deep down we have the biggest soft spots for people that we really like, and things that we love to do. Also, he’s definitely very independent. An inspiration.

Namjoon/Rap Monster: our leader, namjoon is a hard to understand person, but once you get to know him, you’re gonna love him. he’s definitely an introvert, he’s the type that enjoys long walks on the beach, or just going to a quiet park with a book to sit down and read, maybe even enjoy the scenery and clear his mind. He tends to overthink most of the time, being the leader, there’s this pressure on him for always having to be perfect and strong for his members, hence why he’s always having those deep philosophical thoughts inside his head all the time, this too because like i mentioned before, he also reads a lot! He’s quiet, emotional, sensitive, analytical and of course a perfectionist, started rapping underground and composing when he was really young, mostly because of all the pressure of high school (he used to be one of the top students, with a high IQ) he decided that the best way to express his feelings was through his lyrics, so he started composing and fell in love, rap is also a way he used to let it all out. He tends to also analyze things too much and is always setting high standards for himself, so definitely like i mentioned before as well, it’s a lot of pressure on him. He loves writing long deep messages for armys, either telling a story that has a deep meaning, or just using metaphors to tell how much he loves and appreciate us. He’s always trying to find a way to improve, and he’s definitely very empathetic, likes to have long deep convos, artistic and very creative. And, by being an introvert like i also mentioned, he tends to go to parks/beaches type of places to be alone, a good way to get away from all the noise of the world, and have some time alone. He’s truly inspirational. And if you ever see some bangtan bombs, you’ll probably notice he’s always on his phone right? He loves writing lyrics and his thoughts! 

Hoseok/J-Hope: ahh he’s a literal sunshine, the most optimistic and charismatic member - Your angel, your hope - he’s also really noisy, and energetic the type that randomly starts dancing and playing music in your room at 3am asking you to join him, but anyway lmfao, he’s always smiling, a cheerful, positive and friendly person. He’s the mood maker of the group, so count on him to cheer up the place anytime. He once mentioned that his stage name (J-hope) fits him very well since he aims to give hope to the members, and to ARMYs as well <3. He can be considered a sanguine, and sanguine people love to create a lively mood (hence why i mentioned he’s the mood maker). And by definition, sanguines are “boisterous, bubbly, chatty, openly emotional, social extroverts.” He’s also not only the dance machine but the aegyo king of the group.

Jimin: so, he’s a really cute and shy person. he’s the tiniest one of the group (comparing to the other members lmfao). but he’s not only abs like most ppl talk/care about, he’s a genuinely nice person, and he’s super empathetic as well, which makes him such a good and caring friend, someone who everyone wants to be friends with. whenever a member is sad/worried or overthinking too much, he’s there to help, sometimes even putting their feelings before his own, that’s how much he cares about his close friends. he’s the type to closet his feelings too, because he always want’s so to show us a good image, wanting to impress and please ppl most of the time, he manages to hide it by smiling and give us the impression he’s shrugging it off, but he usually opens up his playfulness and youthful acts with close friends. he used to be super self conscious about his body, but that has changed as time passed and he matured a lot, he’s now an explosion and a strong person on stage, he has lots of self confidence and he can get kinda selfish when he’s on stage because like i mentioned there’s that whole pressure on him for setting such high standards for himself, and always wanting to please ppl, but he still manages to do it with a giant smile on his face (which is one of the things that can brighten up anyone’s day, his eye smile is the reason why i fell for him). He’s really passionate about anything he does, like dancing for example, and he’s always wanting to improve. I mentioned above, how he can sometimes closet his feelings and it pains me sometimes, because i really wish he wasn’t that scared to maintain such a “manly and strong image”, i really wish he could show us his true emotions more often, like when he does logs and talks to us about how he’s feeling, that type of thing, but i noticed that lately he has been doing that, and i’m proud of him. And, he’s such a sweet, caring, naive and lovely person, protect him at all costs. His smile is beautiful and can cheer up anyone, his eye smile is so pretty it can make flowers bloom.

Taehyung/V: so this kid has a really quirky personality, he’s such an interesting, eccentric and unique person, he can easily create his own monologues while doing laundry, and play two characters at the same time. he’s really funny, naive, down-to-earth and carefree person, he’s kinda like Yoongi, he does whatever he wants to and he doesn’t care about what other ppl think about him (take his fashion sense/style for example, he loves huge tshirts, he even used to cut it himself, and make giant holes on it haha, truly a king of DIY). he has such a deep and beautiful voice, and has also a very model-like proportioned body. He’s a really cool guy who everyone would want be friends with, he’s all bubbly and energetic like Hoseok. If he’s happy or in a good mood, you’ll see it, because he can get hyper really easily, but when he’s tired he can get quiet easily. He’s open and expressive of his feelings. Nevertheless, he’s the one who’s more attached to his family, whenever he has the chance to mention his parents and/or grandparents, he does it, either to thank them, or to say how much he loves and cherish them, he has younger siblings and he loves childrena so much! i feel like he would be the greatest father in the future! He’s an animal lover too <3. And last but not least, an extrovert, the type that get along really well with anyone.

Jungkook: last but not least, our famous golden maknae, the youngest one in the group! when he first joined bighit, he used to be very shy, during trainee days and even when they debuted, during their first years, that hasn’t changed much, except the fact that he grew up now, and he too has a quirky and interesting personality, and he feels more relaxed and comfortable around bangtan members. The type of boy that, would rather stay home making his covers for example, playing video games (he loves overwatch btw) or watching a movie, reading comics and such, than going out. I see him as an introvert guy, he opens up his playfulness and youthful acts to his close friends and bangtan members only, and he’s kind of private about his own personal feelings too, only a few selected ppl would know about it. He’s not called the golden maknae for nothing, this nickname carries a bigger meaning, altho hes the youngest one in the group he’s such a talented boy, like anything he does he’s good at, it either being dancing or singing, even shooting an arrow, he’s good at anything <3. He can be quiet and reserved sometimes too, even when he’s in public with bangtan members, seems like he prefers to listen and observe them rather than talking, but when he does he can speak very well, despite being young, he a very wise and smart boy. And, aside from being reserved and calm outside, he’s an actual walking and living meme, anything he does becomes a meme easily, kidding (no it’s real, he’s an actual meme), but like, despite that he seems to be a really carefree person, like someone who’s not too sensitive about some things, he’s amazing.

alright buckle your seatbelts

• Tyler who is staring at Ethan constantly at the office and looks away immediately whenever Ethan makes eye contact

• Tyler who cooks breakfast every morning OR even if they’re in a rush and all they have time for is hot pockets or something, Tyler still makes it for Ethan and puts it on a real plate and goes through more trouble than he should

• Tyler who is obsessed with Ethan’s hair and runs his hands through it absentmindedly or grips handfuls of it while he’s kissing Eth

• Tyler who always gets up before Ethan so he can see adorable sleepy blue boy in the mornings but one day Ethan wakes up extra early and makes Ty breakfast. Ty is like “what’s this??” And Ethan explains that it’s their six month anniversary. Tyler is refraining from happy crying because hyper, forgetful, barely-paying-attention-most-of-the-time Ethan, his Ethan, actually remembered it and bothered to wake up at 6am to cook breakfast for the boy he loves

• Tyler who asks for permission before kissing Eth because he’s a gentleman, Ethan rolls his eyes and tells him he doesn’t have to ask before pulling Tyler in

• Tyler who walks out of his room at 3am to find Ethan curled up on the couch looking really scared. He asks what’s wrong and Ethan explains he had a nightmare but he tries to brush it off. Tyler purses his lips and says he’ll be right back. He brings a blanket, wraps it around Ethan, and tells his roommate it’ll all be okay. Ethan leans into Tyler’s chest and falls asleep there, Tyler stays there with him for the night.

• Tyler who carries sleepy Ethan to the car when they have an early morning flight

• Tyler who obviously has a meticulous workout routine, hence his body. One day he comes home and Ethan says he wants to try it out with him! So Tyler takes Ethan with him to the gym then next day and has to hold in laughter at Ethan trying to lift weights because he’s adorably awful at it (he’s quite skilled at pull-ups though, probably a gymnast thing)

• Tyler who sings to Ethan because he wants to show off what his singing lessons have done and also he love serenading him because Ethan blushes super hard and is obviously swooning

• Tyler who doesn’t drink (canon) with lightweight Ethan on his 21st birthday, watching as Ethan’s facial expressions change from different drinks he wanted to try. Ethan is pretty buzzed, maybe a little drunk by the end of the night so Tyler helps clean up and takes care of Ethan, helping him up stairs and getting him into pajamas. Ethan is babbling elatedly about how much he loves Ty and Tyler chuckles because he knows Eth won’t be that happy in the morning when his head hurts

• Tyler who picks up Ethan every time he kisses him and if he doesn’t, Ethan will climb up onto Ty’s hips himself.

I don’t want to rain on anybody’s fandom fun but I find it kind of hilarious everybody pegs Keith as resident conspiracy theorist when like

Keith, in episode 1: So I just felt weirdly compelled to go out in the desert and look for something, found carvings that led me to anticipate some kind of arrival and I knew I had to go meet whoever was coming and get them away from the Garrison. It turned out aliens were involved but that’s really not that important? Also I’ll just talk about it like all of this is normal and be mildly put-out when someone makes fun of me. Weird pseudo-clairvoyance is just a normal thing that happens to everyone, right?

Pidge, in episode 1: I infiltrated a government space exploration program by falsifying my identity and secretly built equipment to listen for alien radio chatter which I regularly sneak out of the dorms to do. I did this because said government space program is definitely lying to me about the disappearance of this space mission and the one time I told someone about it, I specifically told them that the world as they knew it was about to change.

I mean, in general, Pidge puts an incredibly high priority about finding information and getting answers- the whole green paladin ‘inquisitive’ thing- while Keith is much more that he has a vague, but strong-held feeling of something that’s right and he’ll pursue that single goal, details don’t matter to him nearly as much. People talk about his “conspiracy chart” but all he really had there was pictures of the carvings and a map where he seems to have narrowed down exactly where the energy was coming from. 

So I guess, proposed alternative measure: Pidge who is determined to chase weird stuff and Keith who is just. the incredibly ride-or-die friend about it. 

Pidge opens the door to Keith’s room at 3AM “KEITH C’MON I THINK THIS PLANET HAS A GHOST”

Keith is like. half awake and already putting on his jacket. “jeez, okay, let me find where we left the camera last time.”

Say You Won’t Let Go

Requested by anonymous

AN: This has been requested twice and I’m so sorry it’s taken this long for me to finally get it written for you guys! I have no idea if this is what you expected, but hopefully everyone likes it!

Peering into his eyes lifted the dark cloud capturing your mind. His breathing was relaxed as he slept soundly next to you. These moments, these were the ones most special to you. The safety brought to you by Shawn was something you’ve never seen before and it had taken some time to reach this point.

Your hand reaches out, combing your fingers through his dark tresses. They fell perfectly around his face. He stirred, but didn’t wake, so you kept going.

Rain hit the window of your apartment, quietly. The serenity of the morning, making you incredibly comfortable. It was early, probably near 6am. The sun still hidden behind the trees. The days were passing too quickly and you weren’t ready to go back to college.

After too long a time spent watching your boyfriend sleep, you decided to make some breakfast. A couple hours have passed and it shouldn’t be long until he woke up too.

Eggs sounded perfect this morning. Breakfast in bed, even better.

You hadn’t heard Shawn wake up or the footsteps he took until arms snuck around your waist. A smile crossed your lips immediately, knowing the only person it could be.

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Dating the signs/ aesthetics

Aries: late nights staying up asking the bigger questions about life. Watching movies over and over and over again. Waking up and seeing the love of your life and being overwhelmed with happiness. Good love.

Taurus: being lazy together. Waking in the kitchen only to see them half naked frying eggs and bacon for you. Hands around the waist. Innocent love.

Gemini: peaceful. Dancing in the living room at 3am. Pulling them closer only to be swept away just like the first time you met. Feeling like you’re on cloud nine. The smell of fresh roses on the counter. Airless beauty. A masterpiece kind of relationship.

Cancer: crying followed by an angry shouting match. Rough loving. As it goes on it gets easier. Brushing words off. Calm. Tranquility. Laying in bed whispering. Your favorite fruit on a Saturday morning. Time heals all wounds. Worth waiting for. Emotional love.

Leo: parties. Loud music. Hard kissing until you’re out of breath. Clinging to them like you can’t get close enough. Skin on skin. Glistening sweat. Cold feet. Kisses before you go to work. Kids in the back room playing. A teenage love story gone right.

Virgo: hand holding. Tracing finger along their stomach. Cracking your knuckles. Pleasurable pain. Meaningful words. Handwritten notes to you heaped with compliments. Attention in public. Scandalous. Playful love.

Libra: charming. Angelic. Words are everything. Timing is even more. Gentle touches. Words that slide down your throat. Breaths that caress your body. A love everyone yearns for. The perfect love.

Scorpio: meaningful apologies. I wasn’t thinking. I was in a hurry. I didn’t mean it. I forgot. I’m sorry. But I love you. Strong words. Worthless. Terrible. I hate you. Theatrical performance love. Stepping on eggshells. A trust love.

Sagittarius: overbearing. Overwhelming. Big heart. Love you’s are handed out like free kittens, giving them to anyone that will take them. A wanted love.

Capricorn: strong. Limited. Fun. You have rules that you must follow for them. When they find that person it becomes fireworks. Laughing until you cry. Warm sheets on a cold day. Classical music. Strict love.

Aquarius: lies. Mean. Arrogant. Rude. Deserves so much but is so hurt. Hurting from love. Love scars. A torn heart. Mend them. Be gentle. Give give give. A needing love.

Pisces: complicated. Hard. A dvd that just won’t play. Skipped songs that you repeated the day before. Cheek kisses followed by I have to go. Confused. A twisted love.

let’s imagine being a hogwarts student:

imagine getting on the train and being so nervous about starting but then you meet someone and you become friends and you share pumpkin pastries on the way there

imagine getting there and being amazed at the size of hogwarts because it’s pretty damn huge

imagine being so nervous to find out your house but once you find out, you just feel so happy and at home

imagine meeting amazing people who become some of your closest friends

imagine sitting in McGonagall’s class as she teaches you how to turn a rat into a cup

imagine meeting dumbledore in the corridor and he gives you a sherbet lemon

imagine getting lost in the maze of corridors but the nice paintings help you back to find your room

imagine learning how to ride a broomstick

imagine watching the quidditch games and being so excited and cheering until your throat hurts

imagine being so eager to come back after breaks and summer

imagine shopping for the school year and it’s always so fun

imagine lying on your bed whilst your roommates talk about their summers and what they plan to take that year

imagine finding yourself at 3am in the common room with a quill in your hair and ink on your face after falling asleep writing an essay

imagine learning so many useful and handy spells - that hair washing spell sure is a life saver

imagine a trip to madam pomfrey after a friend dares you to jump to the platform before the stairs have even gotten there yet

imagine finding out what your patronus is and being so overwhelmed with how cool casting it is even if your patrnous is a salmon

imagine peeves pulling pranks on you and your friends

imagine sitting in the great hall eating dinner and just loving the general buzz and atmosphere of the place

imagine the balls and the parties

imagine the trips to hogsmeade where you can finally stock up on sugar quills

imagine the sense of achievement when you get house points

imagine sitting by the black lake and watching the giant squid

imagine late night library trips to scramble for books to write last minute essays

imagine walking around the halls and talking to all the paintings and appreciating the building and the views

imagine sitting on the train coming back and being so excited about what will happen this year

imagine sending letters using owls to your family telling them all about your week

imagine watching the snow fall on the grounds and having to wear scarves and hats to venture outside

imagine sitting up with your friends in the common room playing never have i ever and drinking firewhiskey

imagine the years passing so quickly and soon you find yourself on the train home from hogwarts never to go back and it’s bittersweet because you’ll miss it but you’re on to do bigger and better things now

BTS rappers as parents - when their child can’t sleep


  • He’s the parent that just patiently indulges every question his kid has. 
  • His kid would probably be the one that lies awake thinking about everything, contemplating how it is that they are able to think from their mind and not someone else’s. 
  • They have a lot of questions, but Namjoon is so patient. He just sits back with their head on his lap and strokes their hair or face while he answers their every whim.
  • Tbh he has to control himself when he answers so he doesn’t nerd out too much bc he’s trying to get them to sleep, not to ask more questions
  • When they finally fall asleep he can’t bring himself to get up just yet
  • Ends up falling asleep with them still in his lap and you have to justify waking him up to yourself so you don’t feel bad about ruining the moment
  • Keeps his phone next to his head at night when he’s away on tour because, without fail, they’ll always call to ask at least one question before they go to sleep at night
  • “How much do you love me dad?”
  • “I love you more than the number of stars in the universe, kiddo. Don’t tell mom though she’ll get jealous”

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  • He had just fallen asleep when your toddler comes into your room at 3am and wakes him up
  • A little grumpy at first but he has a soft spot for this kid so he isn’t mad
  • Tries his best to resolve the problem without getting up but this kid doesn’t let up. He ends up carrying them back to their room.
  • A very serious yet calming parent. His kid has so many doubts and worries and he listens to them all and softly explains why they’re illogical
  • Forehead kisses once they’re finally asleep
  • You’re certain at one point your kid just wakes him up because they want to hear his voice and not because they’re actually upset about anything in particular
  • He records a sound file of himself softly reading his favorite book as a child for them to listen to when he’s away on tour
  • Even when he’s away he calls every night to say goodnight before their bedtime bc he’s so attached to this kid. He’s more subtle about it than Hoseok is but you can tell when he misses them.
  • “Kaep jjang, kiddo” to which they enthusiastically reply, “Kaep jjang!” like it’s their own special language

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  • The most affectionate father in all of South Korea
  • Reads to them every night before bed but this kid just doesn’t want to sleep so they end up making him stay longer if they’re not tired
  • Traces shapes on their face and strokes their hair to get them to relax while he makes up short stories and talks in his signature Story Voice - the slightly high pitched aegyo voice Hobi loves to use on his fans, he also uses on his own child
  • Sometimes you wonder who is the parent and who is the child bc half the time they end up falling asleep because he wore them out 
  • Tries to speak softly when he’s telling his stories but sometimes he gets really into it and you start to hear giggles coming from their room that are getting louder and louder
  • “Jagi, you were supposed to put them to sleep an hour ago. What on earth are you doing?”
  • The first day of every new tour when they start travelling he always calls every hour bc he can’t handle being away from them
  • They made their own storybook together in an empty journal and you read it to your kid when he’s away
  • “You’re not doing it right! You have to use the same voice daddy uses” So you try to use Hoseok’s Story Voice and then you’re interrupted again
  • “You have to play with my hair like daddy does or else I can’t sleep” -mental note to kick Hoseok in the butt when he gets back for giving this kid such high standards

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“It has made me better loving you… it has made me wiser, and easier, and brighter. “ - Henry James

This drawing was initially sparked by this lovely little headcanon from @lhrry:

harry and louis slow dancing in the living room at 3am, leaning their foreheads together, harry letting louis stand on his feet because the floor is cold and louis is too lazy to make steps himself anyway and louis playing with strands of harry’s hair and the world being quiet and theirs aaaah



You can’t cure someone else…

Somewhere between fifteen and sixteen, between falling in love and hiding in bathrooms having panic attacks, between the pressures of fame and legacy and the pressures of his own mind, Jack lost himself. He disappeared into the panic he could feel as he took one pill, then another, then a swig of vodka to wash it all down. He disappeared into the feeling of soft lips and the rasp of stubble against his thighs, into blonde hair and whispered promises of forever. He lost time, he lost space. He lost count of how many pills he’d taken. Jack found himself again, eventually, even though his heart had to stop to do it. It didn’t happen in a too-bright hospital bed, the steady pulse of his being measured by the soft beeps of a machine, but weeks later, leaning over a toilet and vomiting up bile as the shakes of withdrawal sent his hands skittering across the tile. And he swore to never lose himself again.

Bitty knew exactly when he lost himself. He’d been losing bits of himself for years before that, with every shout of f-g, with every shove, with every harsh bark of laughter at his expense. Each one teaching him to be smaller, quieter. To hide. He hadn’t really lost himself though, not until they shoved him into a closet and left him there all night. Eric went into that closet one person, and left another. He could feel the change in his bones, a grotesque kind of pupating. Transforming into something sharper and harder. Something that could survive. It wasn’t until Samwell that he began to remember who he had been before. Until the team, until Shitty and Lardo and Ransom and Holster. Until Jack. Eric became Bitty, and Bitty remembered who he was. In the slightly gross but familiar spaces of the Haus, it’s kitchen filled with sunshine, he rediscovered himself.

Kent wasn’t sure he’d ever been a whole person. From five until fifteen, he lived with the echoes of shattering plates and shouted curses reverberating in his lungs until he could choke on them. Being checked in hockey wasn’t a big deal, bruises blending into bruises. Jack had kissed his way down his ribs once, across skin stained blue and green and yellow, lips brushing against the shape of knuckles like a benediction. He’d never asked, and in return Kent hadn’t asked either. He hadn’t asked and he’d told himself it was fine. He’d told himself it was fine all the way into an emergency room at 3am, knuckles white where they wound through his hair. When Alicia had told him, so gently it hurt, that Jack didn’t want to see him, Kent hadn’t felt anything other than the sick nausea of inevitability. After all, who had ever wanted him? He went to Vegas, and spent the next eight years trying to forget that, for three dangerous years, he’d let himself believe he could be a real person.

Bitty talks to Jack and Jack talks to Bitty and, eventually, Jack talks to Kent. Kent doesn’t allow himself to feel anything. Not a thing, not even when Jack stands in front of him, offering up apologies in halting words and the twitch of nervous hands. Except that he does, because he’s been bleeding for eight years and hasn’t ever been able to stop it. Kent has been caught somewhere between rage and love for so long he can barely breath through it, and now, now Jack is standing before him, adorable new boyfriend by his side, and reaching out his hand to Kent.

When Bitty kisses Kent in Jack’s kitchen while Jack is out for a run, it tastes nothing like forgiveness, and everything like home. The smile on Jack’s face when he comes back and finds them still curved into each others’ space is like sunlight spilling across empty linoleum. Familiar, safe. Warm.

People aren’t like objects. You can’t fix someone else, can’t be their cure, can’t be their salvation. The cracks that fissure our spines and our souls belong to us alone.

But sometimes, sometimes you can heal together.