3a portraits


Happy Birthday to the charismatic but cute, the dorky, the one who also loves dad jokes, the one who will always put a smile on my face, Jeon Wonwoo. Honestly like the other member’s birthdays i would like to wish Jeon Wonwoo a very happy birthday, a birthday that he could spend with his family, his friends, his members, and us carats. To the one who always makes me happy when he smiles, but also feels like the world would crash if he was hurt. He maybe be silent or always in the back but we love him with every bit of our hearts! Happy Birthday Jeon Wonwoo!<3

A watercolour portrait for my Day 7 of my Week of Wonwoo on IG/Twitter! Thank you for supporting seventeen and Wonwoo guys ; v ; <3 The chibis were from Day 1-6!

IG: @rinspirit_art