City Hall - of Nieuwegein

The ‘Stadshuis’ - City Hall - of Nieuwegein mix traditional city hall features of offices and service with a library, a multi-cultural centre, and commercial facilities. In this way, the city hall becomes a part of the everyday life of the town. This creates life in the building all day and strengthens the connection to the commercial and residential area surrounding the building.

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Architect: 3XN

by @3xn_gxn #next_top_architects Sometimes we build multiple models of one project. If, for example, the client wants to keep it or if the model is part of a competition and not returned, then we build a second one for ourselves and to show our future clients. This gives us the chance to improve the quality of the model and learn from our mistakes. Usually we make them much faster than the first one. Here we build the second of a presentation model, scale 1:200. #3xn #3xnmodelmonday #architecture #architecturemodel #design #modelbuilding

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Yay ! You're back welcome 👍🏻 Thoughts on Liverpools architecture? (Liverpool in England) P.s how's life ? P.p.s I'm getting a tattoo tomorrow shitting one, first time :)

Hi there! Life is life, good luck with that tattoo!

Here are some examples of Liverpool’s architecture:

Kunsthülle LPL OSA © Johannes Marburger

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please review danish architecture! we have wonderful architects like bjarne ingels and jørn utzon (he designed the sydney opera house)

The two architects you mention have very distinct styles. BIG seems to be intent in making cube diagrams into buildings, some very succesfully like the Mountain Dwewllings (above) while Jørn Utzon in the words of Frank Gehry describing the Sydney Opera House (below) “made a building well ahead of its time, far ahead of available technology, and he persevered through extraordinarily malicious publicity and negative criticism to build a building that changed the image of an entire country.”

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Dear Archy: I would really like to hear your opinion on the architecture of Copenhagen, Denmark!

Copenhagen has one of the most interesting collection of contemporary architecture, major civic buildings that do not follow the traditional rules and instead shoot for the stars resulting in some great buildings as a result. That combined with the old historic areas full of winding streets and colorful houses makes it (in my opinion) a city with a very rich architecture that is near the top of my bucket list! Anyone willing to pay for my airplane ticket and I will post a daily update of my visit!

Copenhagen Opera House Henning Larsen

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