The Shagaru Strikers are an ancient order of hunters said to keep The Heavens Wheel in check, fending off the beast that might threaten villages or cities. Some say that if you look closely at night, the hunters give off an almost divine glow.

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Dark Pit (Flying) - Being Pit’s copy, Dark Pit was originally incapable of flight. However, he gains the ability when he absorbs Pandora’s remaining power into his wings. And while he may not need help flying, he still shares a bond with his counterpart.

If you bought the Prima Strategy Guide for the game early on, you could get a pack of three cards that included this one. Curiously, the other two in that pack also turned up later on in the Series 2 packs, the only cards from an “exclusive” set to be available from a second source.

This is the final post-402 card to be released in the North American market. However, we are not yet at the end!

TinyCast 59 - Gunvolt Funnel Cake
  • TinyCast 59 - Gunvolt Funnel Cake
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  • TinyCast

TinyCast 59! It’s a lil’ episode with just Eric and JC this week, as Fran and Christian were at GDC when we recorded, presumably building towers upon towers of virtual reality headsets upon their heads.

We had some nice stuff to talk about, though, including Gunvolt 2, Shovel Knight DLC, and a Very Special Episode recounting a few of our favorite Tiny memories, as we observe our ten thousandth damn post.

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