MHGen overview part 1-Don’t underestimate this game

 Monster Hunter Generations has been out for a week now, and i have a lot of things to say about the game, many good things actually. But for this post i want to go over what is to be expected at endgame.

 So let’s start with the difficulty of this game, and for the past few day’s i have been hearing many mixed reactions to the games difficulty. MHGen seems to strike the perfect balance between MHP3rd and MH4U. For starters, its a game without G rank, so the overall balance is scaled differently. If anyone is noticing how quickly monsters seem to die, especially in a 4 man party, there are a few things to consider.

  • The HP of Monsters has not been changed or lowered in between games
  • Monster Hunter with 4 players has always been “Easy Mode” outside of endgame hunts
  • Certain Hunting Styles can make hunts alot more fast paced, depending on the monster your hunting, meaning more DPS, which results in killing the monster a lot faster.

  The great thing about MHGen is the endgame hunts, which involve the Deviant Monsters and Hyper Monsters. Deviants are extremely powerful versions of certain monsters, and they tend to have different move sets from their standard counterparts. Much like Guild quest in 4U Deviant Monster quest (Special Permit Quest) can level up to a maximum of 10 times, with each level being harder than the last, and it makes for an interesting endgame challenge. Keep in mind that you need to purchase special permits from the trader (Neko) with resource points, you can get more via streetpass as well.

  “ The Hyper State is a state that causes monsters to be put into a near permanent enraged state, making most monsters more aggressive while also making them more relentless. The Hyper State also makes some of a monster’s attacks more powerful, such as Rathalos’ claw attack.”
(Monster Hunter Wikia)

The great thing about Hyper Monsters is that the Hyper state can affect each and every large monster in the game, which includes Elder Dragons, and Deviants. The overall mechanics for monsters in the hyper state are simple, at least 2 body parts will be covered in a black mist which makes said parts more powerful, so if a Rhathalos has it’s tail shrouded in this black mist, don’t get hit. But that’s not all, if you attack those affected parts  the Hunter Art gauge(s) will increase more than usual, so its very high risk, yet highly rewarding system.

 Scared yet? you should be, but if its challenge you want, then work your way through the mid core content that is Low Rank and High Rank, after that, you will truly get a G rank like experience with the Deviants and Hyper Monsters. So keep up the good fight hunters, because we’re gonna have a grand time at endgame. 

3DS wifi problem?

For 2 days my Internet service was down, yesterday it returned, and my Nintendo 3DS connected with no problem…

Today, my cellphone, laptop and my mom cellphone connected to internet without problem, but my 3DS don’t connect! I keep receiving the error that say that I have the Modem password wrong.

I already deleted my wifi settings, restarted the modem 3 times, restarted the 3ds, and still receive the same error!

Someone knows how to solve this? The 3ds shows the blue bar in the menu screen, you know, the one that say “internet” and the modem can be added back in my settings, but when it try to do the connection test, BAM!! Error!

My other dispositives can use the internet fine, is only the 3ds, and yesterday was fine… I didn’t move the default settings of anything, so, I can’t understand what is happening.

Modem is a Cisco DPC2420, the one provided by the internet service


In case you didn’t know, there is a way to force a particular evolution onto your Eevee in Pokemon Go and it’s really neat how you do it.

If you’re old enough, you may remember that in the original show there was an episode featuring the “Eevee brothers”. They were 3 trainers who each had an evolution of Eevee. Each Pokemon had a nickname. Jolteon being named Sparky, Flareon named Pyro, and Vaporeon being named Rainer. If you name your Eevee in Pokemon Go one of those nicknames, when you evolve it it will turn into that particular evolution.


It’s amazing that Nintendo would even think to sneak in an Easter egg like that from an episode that is now 18 years old.

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