Hey everyone!  I found this old video of some handpainted texturing I did a while back.  I never finished it but I decided to throw it up on youtube for fun! :)  I might start doing more videos, maybe some commentary, and more focused on concept art/illustration. We’ll see! :)

Watch on animalsandcreatures.tumblr.com

If you’ve wondered what all the fuss around 3D Coat is, watch this demo.

It uses voxel instead of polys, so it’s like working with clay. Then it converts it to a poly mesh automatically.

A huge time saver.


Sorry for the giant post.

Final Renders and process work for Jakari, the Lizard Centaur. 
This has been my favorite character i have done so far. it was a challenge as well as interesting to work on. with both Humanoid anatomy and lizard anatomy. And then trying to get them to work.

now on to the next adventure and Character.


retopologizing Rosa now.. I’m def not happy with everything as it is yet (armpit.. i’m looking at you >:|) but I want to make sure I get in the habit of posting progress!

Also I was curious about the way it would look flat so I did a quick color pass in Zbrush and ended up liking it a lot :)