New 3DS (non XL) finally launching in the U.S. ⊟

….exclusively in this Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer bundle. It comes with two separate Animal Crossing cover plate sets, the game, and an Amiibo card on September 25, priced at $220.

This is weird.

Later, on Oct. 30, a limited edition New 3DS XL will release for Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. The GameStop-exclusive $200 New 3DS XL is “gold-colored and features an intricate Hylian Crest on the front.” It does not include the game.

PREORDER Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, ACHHD Bundle


Nintendo is a huge fan of making limited edition versions of their consoles–especially when it comes to their handhelds–so it comes as no surprise that they’ve announced yet another Zelda-themed New Nintendo 3DS XL. The handheld will launch on Oct. 30th, exactly a week after the release of Tri Force Heroes, and will be exclusive to GameStop stores in North America. The suggested retail value is $199.99.

I’m very conflicted about this announcement. On one hand, the 3DS looks GORGEOUS and I would love to add it to my collection, but on the other, I’m not entirely sure I can actually afford it at the moment. Not only that, but it’s kinda unnecessary and it feels like they’re milking the thought of Zelda-themed consoles now that they’ve seen they sell well. 

Ah well, at least I think we can all agree that it looks pretty damn cool.

Smaller New Nintendo 3DS finally coming to USA!

Nintendo announced the pocket-sized New Nintendo 3DS will be available bundled with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, two Animal Crossing-themed cover plates, an Animal Crossing Amiibo card, a 4GB SDHC memory card and six augmented reality cards on September 25 for $219.99.


The box art for the upcoming Zelda title Tri Force Heroes has been updated! Rather than featuring the trio in front of a “plain” background, we now have a new cover using a slightly edited version of the recently released updated artwork of the same concept art! The changes are incredibly minor, like having only one Buzz Blob on the bottom right and the floating “island” thing on the top left being removed, but all-in-all it is a very nice upgrade from what was revealed back during its original announcement!


My Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer “What is this!?” post (I’m in North America)

Monday August 31st, 2015: Hi everyone! I know you’ve been listening to me babble endlessly about the upcoming Happy Home Designer game and there has been a little confusion as to what each item/bundle is, and what they do/offer. I will do my best to explain what each item is as far as I am familiar with it (NOTE– this news may change so when in doubt, check the Nintendo site and Nintendo News Blogs online for latest updates! Big news for North America today included!

NOTE: I am putting GameStop links only because it’s easiest for me to find all the links. DO shop around! Amazon.com is also doing pre-sales, and I have heard Best Buy is as well. Each store MAY offer their own exclusive bonus to entice you to place your order with them, so LOOK AROUND AND DO YOUR SHOPPING RESEARCH :D

1. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (Game Only); Release date September 25th, 2015 (North America). Price: About $39.99 USD MORE INFO HERE

  • This is just the physical cartridge of the game. Included is 1 Amiibo Card (As far as we know, it’s a random draw).
    • If you have a New 3DS XL, you can use this and the Amiibo Card
    • It looks like if you pre order from GameStop, you should get the exclusive HHD Poster (Photo 7)

2. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (Bundle: Game Cartridge AND NFC Reader/Writer); Release date September 25th, 2015 (North America). Price: About $49.99 USD MORE INFO HERE

  • This is a bundle that includes the physical game cartridge, the NFC Reader/Writer and one Amiibi Card (As far as we know, it’s a random draw).
    • If you own the Nintendo 3DS, or Nintendo 3DSXL (older gen), you will need this if you want to read Amiibo Cards. The New3DSXL can already read amiibo so you do not need this bundle if you own the NEW3DSXL
    • This is a bit of a deal since the game usually costs around $39.99 and the reader is selling for $19.99, so buying the bundle to get the game and reader saves you about $10.00

3. NFC Reader/Writer; Available September 25th, 2015 MORE INFO HERE

  • This is selling for about $19.99 alone.
    • If you own a Nintendo 3DS or a Nintendo 3DSXL (Old gen), you will need this to add Amiibo functionality to your system. Works with amiibo cards and amiibo figures

4. New 3DS XL Animal Crossing Starter Kit; Release Date September 30th, 2015; Price: About $14.99 MORE INFO HERE

  • This kit is being presold through GameStop.com and we visited the store at the mall today and they could NOT pre-sell it to us. So far it looks to be online only for now, but in-store pickup was given as an option.
  • Someone online noted this MAY indicate that North America MIGHT be getting the Animal Crossing 3DSXL bundle, but this has NOT been confirmed.
  • Kit contents as listed at GameStop.com: Officially licensed by Nintendo. Features artwork from Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer.  Includes 3DS Universal System Case, 2 New Nintendo 3DS XL styluses, a Universal Nintendo 3DS stylus, and a Universal Nintendo 3DS cleaning cloth. Holds up to 4 3DS game cards, 6 Animal Crossing amiibo Cards, and extra room for accessories. Stores and protects Nintendo 3DS system.       

5. Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards; Release Date September 25th, 2015. Price: About $5.99USD/Pack MORE INFO HERE

  • In North America, each pack is about $5.99 and you get six randomly drawn cards per pack. This may or may not include a guarantee of one special card per pack. In Japan and elsewhere, it’s 3 cards per pack, with one of them being special and that sells for about $3.99 (so basically each card is about $1)
  • Series 1 consists of 100 cards to collect. An Album to keep them all in order will supposedly be coming out but I myself have not seen confirmation for North America yet.
  • In Japan, Series 2 was put on delay because Series 1 sold so well, they had to go back and make more.
  • You can use these cards to play Happy Home Designer AND with the upcoming Amiibo Festival game for Wii U in November 2015

6. GameStop Exclusive Preorder Poster: If you pre-order the Game/NFC Reader bundle (Photo 2) from GameStop, you SHOULD get this poster from when it is released. We Preordered the bundle and fingers are crossed we will indeed get this beautiful poster. PLEASE CHECK AHEAD OF TIME WITH GAMESTOP.

7, 8, 9:  ULTRA AMAZING NEWS TODAY! Nintendo America announced we will be getting the NEW 3DS Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer edition! I have been dying for this to come here because I cannot use the XL (it’s too big for my hands!). MORE INFO HERE

  • What is included in box:
    • White Nintendo New 3DS (pre-loaded with a digital copy of Happy Home Designer)
    • 2 sets of faceplates (Images 8 & 9: Isabelle and HHD Box Art)
    • One Amiibo Card
    • The online site appears to note that as usual for these newer systems, the charger is NOT included.

NOT PICTURED: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Digital Purchase from Nintendo Eshop: Ive heard that if you buy the digital copy of the game only, you will be given a special Happy Home Designer home screen theme for your 3DS for free. This is most likely to make up for not getting a physical card since you are not buying a physical hard copy of the game.

WHEW! SO MUCH STUFF! I am trying my best to bring you the most accurate info I can, but to be sure, please google the online Nintendo news blogs to double check. Also check out the official Nintendo web page and twitter account! I’m not responsible if this info changes since it’s a not-yet-released game :)

New Nintendo 3DS Animal Crossing Bundle Coming West!

And you all thought we’d never get the faceplate New 3DS (don’t worry… We were all sad about it).

Some big news was brought to our attention today when Nintendo announced localization for the New 3DS Animal Crossing bundle, with faceplates. This should make many folks happy since there was a great disappointment when they originally did not localize the smaller New 3DS.

This bundle is set to be released on September 25th, 2016!

:) Happy James~! This is my prize for winning this international Pokemon Art Academy contest. Again, they only printed 100 of these official cards and picked 3 winners. This is kind of a dream realized for me as I’ve been playing the Pokemon TCG since the late 90s. Very fortunate to have been selected to win. I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with these amongst friends and family, so please do not msg me about it yet. I plan on making a few available publicly after I’ve made these decisions. http://www.facebook.com/radiogosha