Hey everyone!  I found this old video of some handpainted texturing I did a while back.  I never finished it but I decided to throw it up on youtube for fun! :)  I might start doing more videos, maybe some commentary, and more focused on concept art/illustration. We’ll see! :)


retopologizing Rosa now.. I’m def not happy with everything as it is yet (armpit.. i’m looking at you >:|) but I want to make sure I get in the habit of posting progress!

Also I was curious about the way it would look flat so I did a quick color pass in Zbrush and ended up liking it a lot :)


If you’ve wondered what all the fuss around 3D Coat is, watch this demo.

It uses voxel instead of polys, so it’s like working with clay. Then it converts it to a poly mesh automatically.

A huge time saver.