The Southern Cassowary - by Paul H. Paulino and Daniel Rodrigues

“My friend Daniel Rodrigues and I just finished a collaboration project together, so we would like to share with you guys.

My name is Paul H. Paulino, currently working at Scanline VFX as a Texture Painter/Look Dev Artist. Daniel Rodrigues is currently working as a modeller at Method Studios also here in Vancouver, Canada.
I was responsible for all the texturing/shading/fur aspect of the bird and Daniel provided the 3D model with primary and secondary details. The goal was to achieve a realistic render of the Cassowary.

This project was also my third piece for my student demoreel at Think Tank Training Centre. While in school I was mentored by Justin Holt who is an incredible artist and guided me through the whole texturing process.

The complete making of explaining the whole texturing process will be available in the 3D World Magazine March 2016 issue.

Created with Zbrush, Maya, Vray, MARI and Photoshop”


Low Poly Undertale: Sans Fight

Had so much fun animating these gifs that I decided to do a full video!

I put a lot time into this, and I would love to doing more videos! My budget PC is not the most effective at video rendering, help me change that: I need to upgrade!

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