WIP: Remaking Fox Hunter with all new VS meshes.

I was never crazy about the original Fox Hunter outfit I made. It worked for the time, but there were many flawed aspects that pretty much stemmed from having used the “Garment Maker” tool (which I would never, ever, ever advise anyone mod with. It just makes a mess of your faces). And it’s pretty noticeable in the side by side comparison with edged faces just how messy the original was. It was also a huge pain to weight and setup texture paths for with how high poly the final version was.

So kids, if I can offer any advice: Never use garment maker. Even on a dare. It’s lazy, messy and results in bad uvs… which ends up making more work than necessary. And, a bad uv can ruin even the best well-made meshes.

But when I first started the process of learning to mod, garment maker was how the tutorial started the idea of making stuff from scratch. Which at the time, seemed to make sense. Later I learned otherwise.

So here I am now, revisiting old projects to add to my new project; remaking things the way I didn’t know how before, and finally being able to get the look I had originally wanted but at the time didn’t know how to create.

It’s still far from completion. I have a knife to recreate for the leg harness, and a fox horn. Eventually I’m adding a male version.

I’m happy with the revision so far, but I know it’s going to take more work than previous stuff.