Easy "3D effect"

Okay, so I’m gonna show you how to do a simple 3D effect in less than five steps. This will literally take you less than a minute to do. 

STEP 1: Open up your picture whatever in photoshop. If you plan on resizing/cropping your picture at all, do it before you do anything else in this tutorial. After that, duplicate your layer (ctrl + J) twice. If you want, you can desaturate (shift + ctrl + U) too, but that’s optional. I did it because I thought it would look better.

STEP 2: Go to the blending options of your second layer (right click on layer>blending options), and then uncheck the blue channel. 

Now go to your third layer and do the same thing, but this time, uncheck the red channel. And yes, it does matter which channels you uncheck on each layer. Unless you want your red channel layer to look yellow or something. 

STEP 3: Go to your move tool, and then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the 2nd and 3rd layers to the right or left (the more you move the layers, the more prominent the effect becomes). After that, you’re pretty much done, and can save it as a .png or .jpg file. Though, I don’t know why you would want to save it as a .jpg file, that format doesn’t support transparency… even though this doesn’t have anything transparent in it.