Started playing 3D dot game heroes yesterday, with my hero named Link. Made my own model for Link too, but I wasn’t satisfied with it… I posted a video earlier showing someone else’s model, which was much more on the money. As it turns out, the video itself had a download link for their model, and instructions on how to install it, so I used their model… though I tweaked the colors a bit to be more on par with the real NES Link sprite.

Sharing some snapshots I took of my quest.

Once again guys, if you like classic Zelda, you have got to give this game a try. It’s dropped in price considerably where I’m from.

PS3 Exclusives You Should Play

Since the PS4 is coming out very soon, we decided to make a list of some of our favorite PS3 games and why we like them. You should definitely play a few of these before moving to the next gen. If there’s a game that you think should be added to the list, drop a message and we’ll add it.

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Part 4 of one hours Gameplay footage of 3D Dot Game Heroes by Crystal-baby.

Tumblr giveaway: 3D Dot Game Heroes

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For reaching 200 followers, I figured why not celebrate with a little goodwill and do a giveaway.  I’ve got a copy of 3D Dot Game Heroes (with case and manual) that’s looking for a home.  Maybe it can be YOURS?

Reblog this post once and you will be entered in a drawing with the winner being selected by random number generator on December 16, 2012Likes will not be counted.  Follows are not required, but appreciated!

Keep in mind that I am not Tumblr famous in the slightest and the prize is not humongous, so there will probably be very few reblogs.  Thus, BIG CHANCE TO WIN.

Aaaand just for some shameless self-promotion, here’s some other Tumblrs I run (which I will also be reblogging this post from)

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