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where do ronan and adam and opal go on their first vacation as a family thanks love anonymous

i’ve thought this over and. i’m indecisive. have 4 options. (it’s like a choose your own adventure book! sorta!)

option 1: the first family vacation is to DC. adam has an internship, so ronan and opal accompany him to help him settle in. ronan is excited to flip off the white house live in real life. they go to the smithsonian’s national zoo (which opal thinks is both awesome and weird, because animals are cool but also she has hooves), and then they go to the imax planetarium thing to see a cool 3D documentary about dinosaurs (which opal loves), and they don’t go to any museums because Who Cares. 

option 2: the first family vacation is to ireland. ronan hasn’t been there since he was fourteen, but the place is still just as beautiful, and he wants to experience it with his new family since. uh. most of his old family is dead oops. they have a lot of fun and they see all the sights and adam buys cheesy little souvenirs and opal starts talking with an accent and no one can tell if she’s kidding or not!

option 3: the first family vacation is to disneyworld, because adam finally has the funds to go and the family to go with. he’s woefully undereducated in all things disney, and the overpriced consumerism makes him a little ill, but it’s so sweet and domestic and fun that he can put that all aside. opal loves it (creatures that are smart and verbal but have animal characteristics? Nice), and ronan does too, because he’s secretly a disney sap. sleeping beauty reminds him of his mom, alice in wonderland reminds him of his dad, peter pan reminds him of matthew. opal throws up after going on the teacups, but other than that, all the rides are fun. it’s all a little bittersweet, but. they have a rly nice time!

option 4: the first family vacation is to Somewhere in the pacific northwest, because ronan wants to dream bigfoot into existence. 

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Kirk and Spock for the ship meme :D

who wakes up first in the morning? spock needs a lot less sleep than jim and wakes up at 0500 hours no matter what day it is

who’s the first to fall asleep at night? jim is asleep before his body even hits the bed at night

what do they playfully tease each other over? jim and spock have good-natured trash talk when playing 3D chess, 23rd century video games, or sparring

what they do when the other’s having a bad day? when jim’s having a bad day, spock will play video games with him, play him music, and/or hold him and stroke his hair and kiss his hands, especially if jim needs to cry. when spock’s having a bad day, he often needs more physical affection than he’ll ever let on to, so jim cuddles with him and kisses his hands and listens to spock talk about whatever new subject he’s been into lately (he loves to listen to spock share the new info he’s learned)

how do they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments? usually their arguments are over the safety of each other on away missions so the arguments are usually resolved when both are safely back in their shared quarters and they tell each other how much they love and care and worry about each other

which one’s more ticklish? spock is extremely ticklish and constantly regrets his life choices every time jim sneaks up on him and tickles him

what are their favourite rainy day activities? 3D chess, reading, watching documentaries, listening to music

how do they surprise each other? jim is pretty good at cooking without using the replicator, and makes traditional vulcan meals for spock every once in a while, which spock really appreciates. spock isn’t the greatest at surprises or gift-giving, but he’s great at remembering when jim sees small gift items or books he finds interesting when on shore leave and the like, and spock will sometimes buy them without jim knowing and occasionally surprise him with them

what are their most sappy shows of public affection? they’re not really into pda beyond cheek kisses and two-finger vulcan kisses

otp ask meme!!


Happy 4th Anniversary One Direction!

Auditioned as solo artists for the 7th series of the British televised singing competition The X Factor but failed to progress to the “Boys” category however they were put together as a group during the “bootcamp” thus qualifying for the “Groups” category then came third on the X Factor 2010, signed a 2 million record contract with Syco Records. 

One Direction’s two albums Up All Night and Take Me Home, released in 2011 and 2012 respectively, broke several records, topped the charts of most major markets, and generated hit singles, including “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Live While We’re Young”.

One Direction performed “Little Things” at the 2012 Royal Variety Performance in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II, and headlined a sold-out show at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on 3 December 2012 and they performed “What Makes You Beautiful” at the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony in London. In February 2013, One Direction released a cover version of “One Way or Another” and “Teenage Kicks”, “One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)”, as the 2013 Comic Relief single

One Direction: This Is Us, a 3D documentary and concert movie about the group directed by Morgan Spurlock and produced by Spurlock, Ben Winston, Adam Milano and Simon Cowell, was released by TriStar Pictures on 30 August 2013. The film features the song “Best Song Ever”, released on 22 July 2013. “Best Song Ever” slated to serve as the lead single of the group’s third studio album Midnight Memories. The film was a box office success, topping the UK and US box offices and grossing over $60 million worldwide. It is currently the fourth highest grossing concert movie. 

Midnight Memories was released globally on 25 November 2013. The album was described by the band as edgier and as having a “slightly rockier tone” than their previous efforts. The album debuted at number one on the Irish Albums Chart and number two on the Dutch Albums Chart. On 29 November 2013, it was announced that it had become the fastest-selling album of 2013 in the UK, with 187,660 copies sold in four days.It was revealed on 1 December 2013, that the album had sold in excess of 237,000 copies in its first week in the UK. It became the best-selling album of 2013 in the UK with 685,000 copies sold for the year.      

On 16 May 2013, the band announced their first stadium tour, the Where We Are Tour, which is set to commence in April 2014. They plan to donate £200,000 of the tour’s ticket sales to the Stand Up to Cancer charity. It was also announced that when the tickets went on sale on May 25, 2013 it sold out in minutes.

+ The June 28 and 29, 2014 shows at San Siro in Milan, Italy were recorded and will be released on DVD in December 2014.

“I hope when we look back in how many years when we’re granddads, and we look back in the band, I just hope that when we look back on it and think ‘We had the most amazing time and that we’ve actually stayed true to ourselves.” - Louis

The bold man and the sea: James Cameron’s ‘Deepsea Challenge 3D’ review
James Cameron reveres the ocean. “This is my church,” the 59-year-old filmmaker says midway through Deepsea Challenge 3D, a new documentary about his semi-successful 2012 dive to the deepest place on Earth inside an experimental submarine. The sentiment shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. After all, this is the director who brought us Titanic, The Abyss, Piranha Part Two: The Spawning, and two IMAX documentaries about the deep oceans (Cameron has said that his upcoming sequels to Avatar will take place in alien oceans). In a rare turn, the notoriously controlling filmmaker’s main role in Deepsea Challenge 3D is in front of the camera, with directorial duties ceded to his fellow explorers John Bruno, Ray Quint, and the late Andrew Wight. The result is an entertaining and educational look at the enormous effort it took to pull off the deepest solo dive in history.

Little Mix babe Perrie Edwards is engaged to One Direction hunk Zayn Malik, as if you didn’t know, speaking about the magic moment he popped the question,  the Move singer insisted that saying “yes” to his proposal was easy despite them still being so young.

The couple confirmed they’re set to tie the knot last August after Perrie rocked a huge diamond ring at the premiere of 1D’s 3D documentary, This Is Us in London. Details of the nuptials so far have been sketchy, but what we do know is this pair are head over heels.

She gushed to Fabulous magazine: “I think you know yourself when the time’s right and when you’re with the right person.”


But when will they get married? Looks like Perrie and Zayn may have to wait a little bit as their careers continue to sky rocket. Since winning the X Factor in 2012 the ladies have already released two albums and are seeing a huge surge in popularity in the US.

What popularity to be exact ? Little Mix have yet to break out..ANYWHERE basically. They’re known of but not “ big ” or “ successful  ”

These articles always try to make them look bigger than they actually are

I started to watch this German 3D documentary called Pina. I only got 18 minutes into it before my uncultured sister made me change it. But so far it’s this beautiful master piece! It’s about a contemporary dance choreographer Pina Bausch. Such amszing performances. Also the score for the film is phenomenal. Plus it’s available on vinyl… I know what I’m buying. Thank you Wim Wenders for directing & writing this fantastic piece of art.


Oh and in March the Criterion Collection will be releasing it. Whoot!

Just watched a documentary on 3D printers. One day guys sending dick pics on snapchat will be replaced with guys sending scale models of their dicks to everyone. Think about how unpractical that’s going to be

Watch on exodussatellitetv.tumblr.com

Feb 5th, 2012: Todays 3D Live-Stream

Few times the week we doing live 3D streams from our office. We’re in the planning process of our first episode of ExodusSatellite.TV - were we’ll travel with a standard shipping container along global trade routes in late 2012 - to discover ‘Economy, Culture, Globalization, and People. You’re invited to join us and watch our channel.

Simon Cowell Signs With WME Agency
Top reality star and producer Simon Cowell and his music, TV and film company Syco Entertainment have signed with WME. The agency will work on continuing to expand Syco’s film, scripted and unscrip...
By Nellie Andreeva

For the past 14 years, since then-UK record executive Cowell made his U.S. debut as a judge on Fox’s American Idol, he had been at CAA, which packaged and sold multiple unscripted series from Cowell including America’s Got Talent to NBC and The X Factor to Fox, as well as a few feature projects to Sony. NBC recently announced that Cowell will join the judging panel of AGT, which he co-created and executive produces, next season.

Cowell became a household name and instant reality megastar in the U.S. as an original judge on American Idol where he starred for nine seasons before departing to launch The X Factor on Fox. In the past couple of years, Cowell has been based primarily in his native UK, where he is a judge on his Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor.

Syco’s Got Talent is considered the most successful TV format ever, airing in more than 186 countries worldwide and holding the Guinness Book of World Records title for highest number of local adaptations in 68 countries. The X Factor airs in a total of 168 countries with 56 local versions. Artists discovered by The X Factor have sold more than 180 million records worldwide, including 200 No. 1s, and 380 Top 10 records.

Syco Music is home to a number of successful artists including One Direction, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, Il Divo, Ella Henderson, Labrinth, Susan Boyle, Olly Murs and breakout artist of 2015, Fleur East. Those repped by CAA, including One Direction, are expected to stay there for talent agency services.

Syco extended into feature films with the 2013 One Direction 3D documentary This Is Us. Earlier this year, Syco teamed up with Kenny Ortega on a music-driven film set up at Sony Pictures. Additionally, Syco Film has inked a development deal with Animal Logic (animation and visual effects studio behind The Lego Movie and Happy Feet). Their first project is described as a unique music animated film franchise.