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Here’s some of the animation I had the privilege to do on “Moana”! It’s going to be hard to top this experience. I learnt SO much, we had an amazing team of artists, not to mention having the opportunity to learn from legends like Ron & John, Eric Goldberg, Mark Henn, Randy Haycock and our heads of animation Hyrum Osmond & Amy Smeed along with the supervisors!


Set in 1879 Paris. An orphan girl dreams of becoming a ballerina and flees her rural Brittany for Paris, where she passes for someone else and accedes to the position of pupil at the Grand Opera house.

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AAAlmost there!!!

Alright people. I’ve been seeing so many posts of “OMG the RTTE animation is so horrible compared to the movies” and “Give us the better animation DreamWorks!” also “The animation is so crappy if they’re going to make a show why not actually make it good” and more and more hate comments about the shows animation.

People. Think about this for just a couple of minutes, and then you’re opinion may change. 

So, animators usually have a couple of years to work on a movie, and it took five years to make HTTYD 2. Guys, now compare that to how long RTTE animators have to animate thirteen, 25 minute long episodes. They have only about half a year to do that people! A half a year to animate 325 minutes of 3d animation! Do you really expect the animation to be spot on perfect when they only have that much time to do so much? That’s what the movies are for. If you want a really high definition, lots of detail and all that DreamWorks awesomeness, go watch HTTYD and HTTYD 2. The tv show is awesome as well, and the latest season was terrific. You can tell that the animation and effects have been improved, and even though it’s still not nearly as good as “the movies” that hasa to be expected. The series is terrific given to the amount of time they have, and I think we should be thankful that DreamWorks takes the time and effort to make it for us. So please, stop complaining. If you don’t like the animation, stop watching it and stop complaining. You can complain once, but stop complaining over and over everywhere you go about it. The show isn’t bad, and although it may not be “terrific” like the original movies, the tv show is still good. The storyline and plot is awesome, and the animation is really good, compared to some of the crappy 2d animation we have today. (I have nothing against 2d animation, actually, I like it just as much as 3d, I’m talking about some of the other Nickalodean tv shows) So please, be grateful to the writers and animators for doing such an awesome job on the time they have.                

Thank you DreamWorks for Race to the Edge, especially season 4. You made me proud. :D

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Here is the last Character I designed for the Commercial project ,since i was not the one who came up with the toucan design.The Frog was the most easy character to design because his shape is pretty simple compared to the others.I was also also very luck to be able to animate this character ,because the audio file we used for this character was the most appealing to me. 



Collaboration by animation students from different schools


Arthur Blavier @thevipersnake​ (ATI)

Line one left
Frank Liu @fransword​ (CalArts)

Line one right
Maxime Jouniot @maximejouniot​ (Gobelins)

Line two left
Roxane Loisy @roxaneloisy​ (ESAAT)

Line two right
Matthieu Fouquet @matthieu-fouquet​ (EMCA)

Line three left
Marie de Durat @billandashley​ (Melies)

Line three right
Arthur Blavier @thevipersnake​ (ATI)

Line four left
Clarissa d’Orival @lamunes​ (EMCA)

Line four right
Mathias Demongeot @alpaganimateur


First episode “SPACE” here !
Second episode “WATER” here !
Third episode “SEXY” here !
Fourth episode “HOUSE” part 1 here !
Fourth episode “HOUSE” part 2 here !
Fifth episode “MAGIC” part 1 here !
Fifth episode “MAGIC” part 2 here !
Sixth episode “JUKEBOX” part 1 here !
Sixth episode “JUKEBOX” part 2 here !
Seventh episode “JUNGLE” here !
Eight episode “OLYMPIC GAMES” here !
Ninth episode “GANGSTER” here !
Tenth episode “FOOD” here !
Eleventh episode “SPACE” here !