Alright! So the next step is complete! We got the black resin in, but it’s a little tricky to work with. A couple of demo prints resulted in just as many print errors, including the first attempt at the ring that, along with a couple other parts that were printing at the time, ultimately turned the resin tank into a shallow vat of black sludge.

ANYWAY! This ring that I’m wearing now is actually the first successful print that we were able to make! There are some issues with striation because it needed to be oriented with a tilt in order to print, but that’s nothing that can’t ultimately be sanded and buffed away with the next stage, which is getting a glossy finish on it.

What you see in the second picture is just a photoshop I did to give you an idea of what the ring will eventually look like.  As far as the paw print is concerned, there are a couple of options to actually get it on there. One is just printing out a paw print stamp and using it with some green paint before somehow sealing it. The second option is a little more involved, but also coincides with what will eventually be an attempt to print the ring in ABS plastic. This will be faster, and potentially have even better resolution, but I can also leave a cutout in the face of the ring, print a positive of the pawprint in green ABS, and glue it into the cutout. There are a lot of pawsibilities, but another step has been taken towards putting these things into production so you lovelies can get your hands on them!


Bubble Ball and Wand by Lance McGregor & Othr

Bubbles are a crowd-pleaser on every party and this exceptional 14k Gold wand and white ceramic ball are an eye-catcher even if they are not in use. Lance McGregor created the Bubble Ball an Wand together with the 3D-printed  design and home accessory specialist Othr.


Espresso Cup by Lukas Bast Design

This nice little Espresso Cup is a combination of latest technology and Nature. The porcelain part is 3D-printed with food save  ceramics, with two holes at the handle to be finished with some little branches, to make it an eye-catcher as well as a minimalistic coffee cup that connects you with the Nature your coffee comes from. It is a creation of Vienna based designer Lukas Bast.


My wife knows that for years I’ve been fascinated with 3D printing, so this year for Christmas she gave me a 3Doodler Start pen. (It’s kind of a freehand 3D printer.)

I was excited to try it out tonight, and I’m pretty pleased with my first attempt!

At the bottom you can see me sporting the end result: Two elf ears modeled off the set symbol for Lorwyn! (My favorite Magic: the Gathering block.)

Any ideas for my next attempt?