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Fake love… (Park Woojin) Pt. 3


  • High school AU
  • Woojin is caught up in a bet where he has to date you
  • Other characters include – Daehwi, Donghyun, Somi, and Chaeyoung (from Twice)

Part 1 Part 2

Part 3:  ad libitur // as desired

For the past few days, you had been wondering what you and Woojin were. You, Somi, and Chaeyoung had even talked about it and had come to the conclusion that you and Woojin were dating, but weren’t labeling it. You found yourself getting flustered at the thought of being able to call Woojin your boyfriend, but decided not to get ahead of yourself and mistakenly take Woojin’s friendliness as having feelings for you.

But when Woojin asked you if you wanted to meet one of his close hyung’s from his dance classes, you were as surprised as his friends were. 

“He asked you to meet Minjun?” Daehwi asked as he shared a concerned look with Donghyun.

“Did he say what for?” Donghyun asked.

“He said that he wanted to introduce me to Minjun because he was someone really important to him.” You put your head in your hands as you sighed. “Honestly, I’m as nervous as I would be if he asked me to meet his family.”

Donghyun choked on his sandwich and Daehwi gave him his water bottle before turning to you. “Not to be so pessimistic, but don’t take the invitation so seriously. I just don’t want you to start mistaking some of Woojin’s gestures as being… um…. I guess nicer than you may think.” You gave him a confused look but everyone quickly hushed as Woojin came over.

The rest of the week was spent normally, but you became more nervous as Friday, the day you would be going out with Woojin and Minjun, approached. As you rode the bus with Woojin on your way to the restaurant, he laughed when you confessed about your nerves. “Why are you nervous? Treat him like he’s my older brother. He’s super nice and I promise it’ll be super fun tonight.”

“I guess it’s just a bit intimidating because you’re introducing me to someone you’re so close with even though we haven’t even date– I mean known each other for too long.” You felt your face redden with embarrassment but the bus slowly came to a stop before Woojin could say anything.

“Let’s go.” Woojin had an almost guilty look in his eyes as he got up and smiled at you, but you chose to ignore it. 

Once you got off the bus you realized you had left your purse inside and told Woojin to meet Minjun first while you chased the bus down. Woojin laughed as you sprinted down the street, yelling at the bus until it came to a stop. He shook his head, unable to wipe the enormous grin off of his face as he walked to the restaurant.

You caught your breath as the bus doors open and you explained to the driver that you had left your purse. He grumpily allowed you to go back in as he lectured about ‘teenagers these days’ before yelling at you to hurry up. “Thank you!” You said as the bus doors slammed shut in your face. You sighed, dusting off your bag before slinging it over your shoulder and making your way to the restaurant.

You were about to turn the corner to find the restaurant when you saw Woojin and a tall black haired boy (who you assumed was Minjun) standing in front of the building, arguing. You were about to interrupt when you heard Woojin angrily yell at his hyung. “You’re being ridiculous! I only agreed to this because becoming a dancer is my dream, but even this is a little too much.”

“Hey kid, I’m doing you a favor, okay? So the rules of our little bet is still up to me. So either you two kiss in front of me, proving that you got her to date you for a few weeks, or you don’t get the audition.”

The waiter walked out of the restaurant and interrupted the conversation, motioning towards you. “Is this the girl you were waiting for? Because we have the table ready if you would like to go in now.”

Woojin and Minhyun looked up at you with wide eyes. Woojin walked over to you. “Y/N, when did you…”

“A bet?“ You said quietly, finally understanding Daehwi and Donghyun’s concern and the guilty looks that you would catch on Woojin’s face.

“Y/N, let me explain.” Woojin reached forward to grab your hand but you quickly pulled back before running away. You found yourself running and running before realizing you had no idea where you were and finally stopping in an unknown neighborhood with dark alleys and broken streetlights. You quickly looked around, pulling out your phone that had missed calls and texts from Woojin. You swallowed the lump in your throat as you did your best to ignore the messages and went to your Google Maps app. 

No service.

You walked around with your phone in your hand trying to get a signal. 

No service.

“Hey there.” You screamed at the sudden voice, jumping back so you were against the alley wall. A man reeking of alcohol stumbled towards you, his big build unable to keep up with how fast he was trying to walk. “What are you doing here?”

“I-I was just about to leave.” You said, turning your head away from the stranger as he stood in front of you.

“Let me help you.” He said before reaching for your phone. You tried to pull it away from him, only allowing it to slip from your fingers and fall onto the concrete. “Aw now what was that for?” He said, a nasty grin on his face.

You screamed as he grabbed your wrist, but he quickly let go as you heard him fall to the ground. You looked up to see Woojin massaging his knuckles as he hovered over the body. You sighed, letting yourself cry a little bit as Woojin hugged you, softly saying a string of comments assuring you that you were okay. 

“Come on, let’s go home.” Woojin said, draping his jacket over your shoulders and picking up your broken phone for you.

The bus ride home was silent. Woojin kept opening his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but would decide to stay quiet as he saw your messy hair, tear stained face, and overall tiredness. You would make eye contact, but you would just sigh and look away as you remembered “the bet”.

Once you two were nearly home, Woojin cleared his throat. “I like you, y/n. And not because of some stupid bet. I was wrong to even consider accepting it to begin with but–”

“I don’t want to hear it.” You said as the bus came to a stop.

You couldn’t help but feel the deja vu as Woojin let you walk by him and off of the bus. 1 year ago, you had felt the same heartbreak and betrayal from your ex-boyfriend. You had even told Woojin a little bit about the incident, where the boy had only used you for his own selfish reasons, with no intent of actually taking your emotions and feelings into account. You let a few tears roll down your cheek as you walked along the street. Woojin let there be a good distance between you two as you walked since you lived on the same street, but you waited for him outside of your house.

Handing him his jacket you quickly wiped away any signs of crying. “Thanks for saving me from that drunk guy Woojin.”

“Y/N, please let me talk to you about this.”

You gave him a sad smile before shaking your head and heading into your house. “Bye Woojin.” 

Author’s note: ugh this part was SO messy but hopefully you all like this. next part will be the last chapter for this series!!


Canada Vlog 2017 - Day 3

Ok so I know that’s a cheesy title but I couldn’t resist

In today’s video we head from Whitby to Toronto to stay in the city for a few days! :D

Please feel free to like/reblog if you enjoy the video, or just give me some feedback on how to improve for the future if you want. :D


kyoki-tana  asked:

Were people really mad you reposted something not-Voltron related? Holy fuck, people need to chill. I don't know anything about Justice... League? Is it called like this? Sorry, a Let's Play in the background distracts me. Anyway, do what you want, it's your blog. I will still follow you and I love your art. Plus you play Overwatch, high five dude! I recently discovered my love for McHanzo... Hah, it's such a nice ship. :3 Have a great day! :D <3

Yeah. I don’t know if I’m too sensitive or not. But every time I reblog /post something not vld relate. I lost followers. So I tried not to reblog things. But now I understand that it’s your choice to follow me or unfollow me.

I’m appreciate everyone who follows me. But this is not an art blog where I put my works and then gone and post again. I live here. I use this blog to follow my otp (duh) I use this blog to connect with people. You can see I answer asks a lot (and chat too.) Because I love to share and talk about things I love.

I have 3 sideblogs now. (Actually 5 but let’s not talk about that) I don’t want to make more. 😂

ps. I heard someone put notification when I post? You really don’t have to.

I might not post anything at all until ss3 comes up 😳

Thank you

20 questions tag

thanks to @polyglotinthemaking for tagging me


  • You have to answer these 20 questions
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1.    Name: Olivier

2.    Nickname: Oli, huile d’olive

3.    Zodiac sign: Scorpio

4.    Height: idk

5.    Orientation: i like Boys

6.    Nationality: Canadian from Québec (which explains the French)

7.    Favourite fruit: dragon fruit just for the aesthetic (but if for taste then pears)

8.    Favourite season: Autumn because there are a lot of good things in it like my birthday and spoopy stories ect

9.    Favourite books: Carry on by Rainbow Rowell, Calvin and Hobbes, Geronimo Stilton

10.  Favourite flowers: forget me nots, paradise birds, blue orchids, white tulips (cause of Fringe)

11.  Favourite scent: that smell when you’re in like a meadow or something and it smells all naturey

12.  Favourite colour: Blue or green

13.  Favourite animal: turtoise

14.  Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?: all three but like if they’re made in some really specific ways

15.  Average hours of sleep: before it was like 5 but now I’m setting my goals to be from 21:30 to 6:00

16.  Cats or dogs?: lizards

17.  Number of blankets your sleep with: depends but I need to at least have one

18.  Dream trip: Somewhere nice

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NASA looks to solar eclipse to help understand Earth's energy system

It was midafternoon, but it was dark in an area in Boulder, Colorado on Aug. 3, 1998. A thick cloud appeared overhead and dimmed the land below for more than 30 minutes. Well-calibrated radiometers showed that there were very low levels of light reaching the ground, sufficiently low that researchers decided to simulate this interesting event with computer models. Now in 2017, inspired by the event in Boulder, NASA scientists will explore the moon’s eclipse of the sun to learn more about Earth’s energy system.

On Aug. 21, 2017, scientists are looking to this year’s total solar eclipse passing across America to improve our modeling capabilities of Earth’s energy. Guoyong Wen, a NASA scientist working for Morgan State University in Baltimore, is leading a team to gather data from the ground and satellites before, during and after the eclipse so they can simulate this year’s eclipse using an advanced computer model, called a 3-D radiative transfer model. If successful, Wen and his team will help develop new calculations that improve our estimates of the amount of solar energy reaching the ground, and our understanding of one of the key players in regulating Earth’s energy system, clouds.

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anonymous asked:

Selena I have a question about your yoga practice. I can only imagine doing yoga videos or taking classes, how do you go about choosing moves during your daily yoga? Do you write it down, is it a steady set of poses, do you choose based on what you wish to stretch that day? Is it more of a flow thing? Is your memorization and comfort with poses just due to repetition? Thanks for answering 😚😚

It depends! My main class that i take is tuesday and thursday mornings for 2 hours each morning and in that we normally do each sun salutation (A, B, C and D) 3 times each, then go on to holding some standin poses like the warriors and others like that to make sure our bodies are fully warmed before we do deep stretches, then we mix it up and this changes each time depending on the day/how people are feeling, then we have free time to do what we want, and i always work on inversions during that, then savasana of course!

When it comes to my own practice it depends on the day and how i feel! I like to make sure i am really warm before doing deep stretches so normally i start with some sun salutations and some squats and maybe some inversions that don’t require super deep back bends! Or i will warm up but just kind of stretching and doing what feels nice! I like to just kind of flow and allow myself to move to whatever feels best next! I used to not be able to do this and need to look up poses or flows but the more yoga i do the easier and more flowy it tends to feel!

Often times when it comes to filming videos i will take a part of a flow i did before that i liked, or try to think of how i can link a few poses together, but other times it is just me in my own head while the camera films!

crystalheartsthings  asked:

Good news! Two of what I assumed were anons, came off anon and apologize. They apologize! Because of my message! I'm happy right now and proud of them! Anyway, all the people that supported me yesterday, they are lovely. And I'm greatful for having them and you in my life <3

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really really glad they did, what they did before was uncalled for and not okay. But yeah, I’m proud of them too - people can change and I’m glad that they realized that they were wrong and owned up to their mistakes^^ Annnnd I’m also really proud of the people that sent you a nice message, you guys are great!!!!!!!! :D <3

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So about the 2doc abuse thing I 100% believe you but I still don't know about what exactly happened

sorry this took me so long I’ve been so busy with school work!

Why 2doc is problematic:

There’s many reasons why 2doc is problematic though all of it revolve around the fact that Murdoc abuses 2-D. a Lot.

I’m going through 2-ds entire bio and I’ll list key elements

Proof that murdoc has zero respect for 2-D:

  • Murdoc being the reason why both of 2-d’s eyes are what they are due to carelessness and a lack of respect for his comatose state
  • Murdoc fooling around with 2-d’s gf (Paula) and being completely unapologetic towards 2-d’s feelings
  • Murdoc, once again, trying to sleep with 2-d’s 2nd girlfriend (Rachel)
  • Murdoc trying to choke 2-d when they were discussing the movie in the first phase
  • In phase 3 murdoc captured 2-d and held him there against his will making him a hostage
  • “that Murdoc had “kindly” gassed 2-D and shipped him to Plastic Beach, where he was being forced to sing for his new demos. His room was located on floor B2, and when you enter his room he would be found trembling on his bed. When you would talk to him he would ask who you are, and that he didn’t think anyone else was on the island.“
  • “I only really joined the band to make music, and now, I’m being held captive by a bastard bass player in an underwater submarine, being attacked by sodding pirates who are trying to take over this rotten piece of broken plastic in the ocean that Gorillaz call ‘home’. All this, just to make a video. It’s making me want to die![2]
  • Murdoc keeping 2-d in a small room under water because he knows 2-d is shit afraid of whales and he got a kick out of it

Music videos where we’ve seen the abuse:

It’s also canon that 2-D suffers from diagnosed Stockholm syndrome which can be translated as

“feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.“

Why 2-d doesn’t just leave if he really is being abused is a common thing people ask and i’m gonna be lazy and reference an older post i already made:

-Because of his Stockholm syndrome he probably even doesn’t realise he’s being abused. He’s given murdoc so much praise as a form of survival that he actually believes his own lies.

-murdoc probably realises he has Stockholm syndrome and plays along with it, using manipulation and emotional abuse to convince 2-D that he needs murdoc and that bad things would happen if he were to leave.

-2-D is well aware that if he were to leave murdoc would track him down and literally force him to come back by any means.

-2-D probably believes that murdoc needs him because of Murdocs own personal problems. This is also due to Stockholm syndrome.

-2-D is probably also very concerned about noodle and russel and don’t want to leave them because he considers them family

Just as a reference here’s a longer description of Stockholm Syndrome:

Victims of the formal definition of Stockholm syndrome develop “positive feelings toward their captors and sympathy for their causes and goals, and negative feelings toward the police or authorities”.[6] These symptoms often follow escaped victims back into their previously ordinary lives.  Stockholm syndrome is not merely a condition developed in victims of kidnappings or hostage instances. It can also be applied to a wider variety of situations, afflicting victims of domestic or child abuse, “human trafficking, and incest. Prisoners of war, political terrorism, cult members, concentration camp prisoners, slaves, and prostitutes” can also fall prey to Stockholm syndrome.[6] It is believed that women are especially subject to develop the condition.[9] Typically, Stockholm syndrome develops in captives when they engage in “face-to-face contact” with their captors, as well as when captors make captives doubt the likelihood of their survival by aggressively terrorizing them into “helpless, powerless, and submissive” states. This enables captors to appear to be nice people when captors perform acts of kindness on, or fail to “beat, abuse, or rape the victims”.[6]

Regarding the last line in almost every interview (aside from the phase 4 ones where murdoc is much calmer) murdoc is always breaking down 2-d by calling him names which of course is a form of verbal abuse. He’s also choked and beaten 2-d to the point of unconsciousness in another interview though there’s so many I’m afraid I can’t gibe you the exact interview where it happened.

And it’s not just Murdoc to blame, 2-d is guilty of a few things too like making fun of the fact that murdoc was a victim of rape.

so you see anon its not that one specific big thing happened, it’s all small things that add up to up to one big gross mess. There’s not possible way that there could be any romantic feelings towards murdoc and 2-d with out it being grossly abusive.

hope this helps! I’m sure i missed tons more so if anyone wants to add on please be my guest!

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!!!!!! I'd been looking for a specific scene in a fic for weeks now. I've trolled through the coda tag on ao3 so many times trying to find that scene. And today i finally found it when I started reading your season 12 coda collection!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!! :D (it's the scene in the 12.01 coda where dean finds cas checking on the damage and they steal a quick kiss out of sight of mary) (if you couldn't tell, i really love your fic) ;)

WAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad that you found what you wanted!!!!! I’m so psyched for you!!!! That’s just the best feeling, isn’t it? (((I’m secretly a mind reader and I wrote that just for you.)))

For future reference, anon: I am constantly taking fic prompts, so if there’s something else you want to see in the future, just drop me a line! I’ll totally hook you up! Guidelines on my about page.

If you’re not like this anon and haven’t had time to get to know my writing style yet, check out my season 12 coda collection, finally uploaded to AO3.