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id totes be interested in more amnesia tbh

well the thing about retrograde amnesia (the head injury amnesia that makes you lose information acquired before an injury/illness) is that you can slowly recall memories via spontaneous recovery and the brain’s plasiticity so

imagine eventually as they adjust to life at home (jake has pretty much moved back in, where as before he was travelling and generally. getting lost) dirk starts to remember. remembers in bits and pieces his and jake’s past relationship. where he was a neurotic asshole and if there’s one universally consistent fact about dirk strider its his self hatred. doesn’t want to remember because he doesn’t want to face himself, someone that could do wrong by jake english

can’t bring himself to face jake as he slowly remembers this relationship that, in his mind, was his fault for driving jake to run away in the first place and why is he here now and jake doesn’t know what to do because dirk won’t tell him what’s wrong so all he does is. hold him there

something something this is all just a ploy for character h/c and finally end w fluff and two people learning what they mean to each other. or something


I’ve just discovered the greatest Sims 3 glitch and I have no idea how I did it.

So I’m playing as a vampire couple and when I started they had a toddler. It’s standard ingame stuff that if the toddler plays with blocks enough then when they get older they master logic in like two minutes. Same with the xylophone and any instrument skills.

Okay but… She’s a teen now, and ANY skill she tries she shoots straight to level 3, and then it takes her no time to get to level 10. Holy fuck, she’s mastered logic, all instruments including violin, social networking, photography, and she’s almost mastered charisma as well, holy smokes!! This ain’t normal, she’s a beast!

Again, SWR broke the "pattern"

The first two seasons ended with the deaths of the villain(s) du jour…

Season 3 ended with the death of a major good guy… but not the one with the death warrant. While the villain(s) du jour survived.

A new pattern emerged, though: S1 ended with victory, S2 ended with a draw, S3 ended with a loss.

It looks as if the situation is degrading for the Rebels.

Will S4 end with even more loss? Probably even the loss of a main character?

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Shiro and panic?

His breathing comes in short pants, not nearly enough for him to breathe, he’s suffocating, he’s drowning, he’s dying, and can’t stop it and he’s dying-

“Time it with me, Shiro, just in…. for six and then out… for eight, just like that, with me now.”

Slowly, Shiro listens, timing his breathing with Lance’s voice, and at the end of it he’s crying and shaking but he’s aware again, and he offers Lance a tremulous smile.