i want to learn more about parallel fiddleford

imagine spending years studying and exploring parallel universes with your lifelong friend and partner, then one day some rugged and unstable version of him just stumbles out of the forest and you know that if he happens to run in to the “true” version of himself, they will both be destroyed

then to find out that in his dimension, you completely lost your mind and he has been stranded in the portal that the two of you built for almost 30 years now, talking about being betrayed and hunted by a demon he thought to be his muse

BTS Appreciation Posts Master List

Bangtan’s Beauty Marks

Namjoon’s Hands

Yoongi Rapping

Yoongi’s Lips

Hoseok’s Jawline

Jimin’s Hands

Jimin’s Thighs

Jimin’s Eye Smile

Jungkook’s Bunny Smile

Jungkook’s Arms

Jungkook’s Eyes

like imagine ford gets to parallel earth after almost 30 years of dimension hopping, he finds this huge institute with his 6 fingered hand on it next to his old lab, everyone is like “hi mr pines, nice get-up”

he runs in to fiddleford, and fiddleford looks healthy and good and it’s been so long since he’s seen his friend and he’s so happy!! and fiddleford is instantly like “….that…thats not the real stanford. seize him.”

and ford just screams and punches and struggles as he’s taken down by security and handcuffed and he gets dragged away

MOTHER 3 - Hot Dog Sushi

It’s no overstatement to say that I’m a huge EarthBound fan and in turn a fan of the entire MOTHER series. Indeed it was the bizarre foods from these games that originally inspired the blog itself! Right now hundreds of EarthBound fans from across the country are meeting up in a small Tucson hotel for the second Camp Fangamer convention. Except me that is :c… Not one to take an unaccommodating work schedule sitting down, I wanted to put out another recipe from MOTHER 3, in honor of this year’s camp theme. This one’s for you guys, I miss you all!

MOTHER 3 is a game with a lot of chimeras. Most of these mixed up amalgams come in the form of enemies you’ll find along the way like a snake with a chicken’s head or a half kangaroo half hammerhead shark monster (cue the “What has science done!?” memes.) Marketed as a ‘sophisticated good’ in New Pork City, the Hot Dog Sushi is merely a type of culinary chimera which I promise won’t inspire nearly as many nightmares as the abominations listed above.

This recipe is everything I love about writing this blog. Weird food coupled with a vague in game sprite and description really gives me the creative freedom to have fun exploring different ideas. The fact that they came out SUPER TASTY only adds to the satisfaction so I certainly hope you can give them a shot sometime :]. Now let’s get to it!

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