Now let’s go to sleep, I have a feeling I’ll be late for school tomorrow…

(spoiler alert, she couldn’t even sleep, she squealed in her bed until her alarm went off… and so did he) 

it took me…. so long…… to finish this….. it wasn’t supposed to get this long, holy shit……….

ANYWAY, ANON WHO REQUESTED A REVEAL, I hope you like this… I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for but it’s what i could do. also please pretend you can’t notice i had no idea what i was doing 

EDIT: the text is a bit hard to read, so I wrote it down under the cut: 

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it’s 3:16am and i literally just woke up from having some sort of prophetic dream where i was at a My Brother My Brother and Me live show and i got to ask a question, and the best way i can recount this dream is just scripting it out while it’s still fresh in the mind so here:

Me: Hi brothers
McElroys: Heeyyyyy
Griffin: What’s your name?
Me: Matt
McElroys: Hey Matt!
Me: So boys, here’s my problem. Lately, at work, I’ve been finding myself continuously purchasing Lunchables Nachos…
Crowd: [starts laughing]
Justin: [snickering] Is there an adjective missing in that sentence? Cuz I don’t see the problem.
Me: ‘Troublesome’ is the adjective I’d use to describe these things.
Griffin + Justin: [lets out one of their hyena laughs]
Me: So, these Nacho Lunchables, they’re fantastic during the time you’re eating them, addictive even. Couple hours later tho……..
Crowd + McElroys: [explodes in laughter]
Me: ……they’re not so great…..
Griffin: [breathlessly] Oh, fuck, I love this, I love this question…
Me: ….And yet, I keep going back to buy them, and I keep eating them!! How do I get out of this cycle, brothers?
Justin: You want an honest answer?
Me: Yeah, go for it.
Justin: You can’t.
Crowd + McElroys: [laugh]
Justin: My guy, you are stuck. You have signed a legally binding contract with lunchables that states that you are in a committed relationship with their Nachos. How do I know this? Cuz I’m in one myself with the Ham and Cheese crackers. You’re donezo. Just accept your fate.

travis and griffin said something else, but it was kinda garbled and by that point i woke up

so now i feel like i have this obligation to travel to each live show in order to get this prophetic question asked


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PART 1 / PART 2 / Part 3 / PART 4

A/N: Send me your thoughts on this! Thank youuu ^^ Enjoy!

Members: Jungkook x You ft. Jimin & Taehyung
Genre: angst, fluffy, smutish
Warnings: badboy, cussing, mature
Word count: 3219

What if all this never happened. Everything would be in place and he wouldn’t have to feel this way.

“Yeah you’re too cute” girl smiled sitting in Jungkook’s lap with her arm around his neck

Jungkook’s eyes focus on you. He looked at you from head to toe. You were too damn beautiful.
It seemed like you’re staring at him too, smiling with full happiness, but no. Jungkook’s looking at you, but you’re looking at someone else. Taehyung.
He approached you and hugged you, you didn’t take your smile off your face.
Taehyung softly kissed your cheek, two of you danced together, sang along the songs.

Is it okay to be jealous on someone’s happiness?

“Hey” girl puts her index finger under Jungkook’s chin, turning his face towards her.
Jungkook looks up and down at her. His eyes travelling down her lips, eyes.
“Do you want to kiss me?” she smiled
His arm was around her lower back, his hand slowly running in circles on her thigh.

He leans in, pressing his lips on hers. It felt good, but not the same. Not same when he kissed you.
He tried to get you out of his head. More he deepened the kiss, kissed her passionately. Slowly the thought of you was gone. It felt good again.
Feeling of her hands running around his body, tugging on his shirt, so he knows she wants him.

“I’ll go get my jacket” she whispers to Jungkook’s ear and smiles walking away.

Jungkook leans back on his chair. Looking at crowd. Noticing how you didn’t even pay any attention to him tonight. Usually by now you’d be staring at him, watching him kissing other girls. That’s not the point anymore. Taehyung is your boy now. There are no games no more.
You found someone who make you happy I guess.

He stood up and walked out of the club with girl who he’ll use tonight.
Your eyes did follow him as he walked through the exit door.

He pushes her against the closed door. Kissing her neck.

Your lips are kissing Taehyung’s. More and more passionate.
Taehyung’s hands running under your shirt, taking it off.

Jungkook pushed girl on her bed, crawling on top of her. Unzipping her dress, kissing her shoulder.
She helps him and takes her dress off completely. Her hands grab on his white shirt, unbuttoning it quickly, taking it off. Jungkook’s arms placing on each side of her body, leaning down kissing her lips, neck. Making his way down her body.

His fingertips run down your soft skin. Chills run down your spine. Taehyung’s lips kiss your neck slowly.
You arch your back, and throw your head back as you feel Taehyung’s fingers go in and out. You moan his name. Feeling the pleasure. Soon after even more pleasure, pain who you loved. Taehyung kissed your lips over and over. You couldn’t help but moan.

Her voice fills the room, as he begins to trust into her faster, harder. His head buried into her neck.
Her fingers run though his hair. She pushed him off and came on top of him.
She started to grind, placing her hands on his chest. His hands on her hips to help her a bit.

Moans get louder second by second.
She leans down and kisses Jungkook’s lips, lays down next to him. Trying to catch a breath.
“Fuck me.” She laughs

Taehyung throws his arm around your shoulders. Pulling you closer, two of you cuddle.
Your lips kiss his neck, until you place your head on his chest.

Jungkook gets up, taking his boxers putting them on, his shirt and pants.
“You don’t have to leave you know?” girl smiles biting her lip
“I know, but I need to go” Jungkook said, sitting down on the bed putting on his shoes.
“I had great time tonight” she wraps her arms around his body
He moves her hands away from his body and stands up.
“Will you call me sometime?” she whispers
“No” he looks at her and walks out of the door

Walking down the quiet street, he takes his phone out and checks of you replied something. It was just an seen.
He stops and licks is lips, looking down his phone.
3:16AM: I know you’re probs with Taehyung, buuut hope you thought about what I said. I just wanna know the answer.
He clicks send and puts his phone in his pocket along with his hands, continues to walk.
His phone kept buzzing thinking a message is from you, but it was from all different girls wanting to text with him or see him.
He stops sometimes and thinks what kind of person he became after that rough breakup with his ex.
All he wanted to make a revenge after what she done to him. Everybody thinks it was just arguing, she cheated on him.
He actually loved her. Never felt something that strong about someone. He trusted her, she made him happy and then she did what she done. She made him feel crushed inside, heartbroken. He didn’t know what to do with himself, he felt like he will lose it. But why would he, just because of someone who doesn’t appreciate what she has or had in her life.

He wanted to do something to forget her. He smoked weed, yeah it felt good but it wasn’t enough. Got drunk often but it wasn’t enough. Tried to hang out more with his friends, but never felt the same.
But soon as after his friends told him to go and live a life, go out with girls, have fun with them. When he did that it didn’t change right away the feeling, but as he did it more it did. He slowly started to forget about his ex. He liked that way, he loved doing that.
Soon he became the person he is now. Everyone knows him as the guy who plays with girls, steals their hearts then throws them away.
He liked that, liked to be known as a fuckboy, as that bad guy. He was too much of a sweetheart back few years.
His heart was black, he didn’t know what means to actually feel something for someone. He was too used to just using everyone, knew the game. Knew how to make someone fall for him, make them feel special and come on his line.
He knew he got it all. Looks, charm, smile, body.

You thought he forgot about you, because he distant himself from you after finding a girlfriend and changing. He actually didn’t.
He knew you watch him, observe him as all other girls do. When you’re not looking he’s looking at you.
Knew you have feelings for him since the moment he caught you staring. You were too kind, sweet, too good of a person that he messes with and messes you up.

It was just a damn party that everything clicked. Even though he had an “girlfriend” at the time.
More he did notice you are watching, the more he wanted to make you jealous, make you crazy, think about him.
He didn’t expect to get to know you in that way first. But he knew you as a person.

After he realized what he done, how he acted towards you, now thinking how you’re happy with a person, makes him regret for not trying taking everything step by step.
But he’s afraid of falling in love. That’s why he’s acted cold and heartless. And he’ll continue to do till he gets you out of his head.

Water was falling on his head, body as he stood in the shower thinking. He throws his head back, running his hands down his face.
He hears his apartment door open and close. He freezes and watched the bathroom door.
“JUNGKOOK-AH!” he hears Jimin’s voice
“I’ll be out in minute” Jungkook shouts and turns off the water and steps out.

Few minutes took him to get dressed and he unlocks the door and walks out and heads to living room.
“Like what the fuck. You scared the fuck out of me” Jungkook looks at Jimin and sits down
“Sorry man… I just came to pick you up” Jimin smiled and shows his new car keys
“Oh damn you got a new car?” Jungkook smiled
“Yeah! It’s a bomb”
“Which one is it?”
“Jaguar f type, black one”
“OH FUCK! NICEEEE” Jungkook nods his head and stands up
“You look… Pale” Jimin laughs
“What?” Jungkook looks back at him
“I don’t know, you look tired”
“I’m fine. Let’s go” Jungkook said taking his phone and wallet

“Another fucking day.” Jungkook sighs as they get out of the car
“YOOO” some random dude puts his hand over his mouth and points at Jimin’s car
“I know I know” Jimin smiled and nodded his head

“Jungkook” his “ex” walks up to him”
He just raises his eyebrows
“I miss you-“
“I don’t care” he cuts her off and walks pass her, stop and turns around smiling
“Your loss babe” he winks and walks away with Jimin
“YOU broke up with me!” she shouted
“Do you just want to make a scene here?” Jungkook turns around and walks up towards her
“I want everyone to know what actual person you are!”
“You don’t get the part “I was using you” or “You were used” ?” Jungkook stared at her eyes
“Jungkook…” Jimin said
“No no, I NEED to hear the reply for this” he laughs, not breaking the eye contact with her
She just pushes him away and walks away.
“You’re really like mean and cold” Jimin looks at him
“I am that person, I can’t change” Jungkook slides his hands in his jeans pockets

“Taehyung. You going with us?” Jimin asked
“I already told Y/N I’ll meet with her”
“You know, Y/N is all that matters now. He’s throwing us away. You’ll need us” Jungkook looks up and down at Taehyung
“Oh come on, that is not true” Taehyung said
“You’re with her 24 fucking seven.”
“Wow” Taehyung nods his head
“I really don’t care anymore-“
“Like you ever did” Taehyung stared at Jungkook. There was a tension between them.

Being pissed off, Jungkook sat in class, his fist on his side of his face. Being bored and not listening to anything. You were sitting in front of him. How pissed off he was he didn’t even care if you’re there or not.
“Jungkook” he hears teachers name
“Yes?” Jungkook looks up and sits back on his chair
“Did you hear what I said?”
“Repeat it.”
“We are going to work in pairs, and we have to finish that project till Wednesday.”
“Correct. Who would you like to be in pair with?”
“I actually don’t even care” Jungkook let’s out a small laugh
“Okay then… You’ll be working with Y/N”
Jungkook slowly looks up at him. Staring at him.
“Excuse me?” he leans forwards
“You and Y/N are going to be working together, since you need a better grade, she is smarter than you so..” teacher explains
“Right….” He nods his head and leans back again

Bell went off. And you stood up.
“Y/N…” he said
You turn towards him.
“Jungkook.” You put on a fake smile
“Wow that’s cold” he laughs
“My place or yours?” you were not so excited
“Fine, I’ll come at 5PM” you said and took your stuff walking out of the classroom

“Welcomee to my crib” he smiled as he closed the door behind you
“Woow, you actually cleaned the place?” you laugh and take off your jacket leaving it on the sofa
“Oh come on.” He said
“Okay what we need to do?” he added
“I’ll do it.” You said looking up at him
He raises his eyebrow and keeps looking at you.
“But this a pair project”
“Like you want to do anything?” you laugh and take out the books and all other stuff you needed
“So what, I am going to watch you do the work?”
“Like you don’t want to watch me?” you look up and your eyes fall back on the papers
Jungkook licks his lips and shakes his head.
“Got anyone coming over? SO I know to hurry up with the work”
“No, no one is coming”
“Wow, I am actually surprised” you laugh
“Why?” he sits on the floor next to you
“Because you’re Jungkook. The fuckboy” you look up at him
Two of you keep looking at each other. Slowly both of your eyes fall on each other lips and quickly look up again.
“What if I am not that person actually? Like you said, I am actually weak?” he puts his elbow on the coffee table, his chin falling into his palm. You look away and look back at him
“Maybe you’re a person who wears a mask?”
“That is what I just said or asked or whatever you want to call it.”
“I hope, you’re happy.” He added
You leave your pen and look at him. You saw some kind of tiredness, worry in him. His eyes weren’t the same as they used to look at you. They looked at you differently.

“I am” you said
Jungkook nods his head looking at the floor.
“That’s good” he lifts his head up and looks at you
“Is there something wrong?” you asked
“Why would there be?” he had a confused face on
“You’re… Weird”
“Maybe trying to be good for once? Even though I told myself to be cold, and heartless towards you again so I can fucking forget you.”
“You… Feel something towards me?” you asked, your voice a bit shaky
“No. I just… Don’t know what am I even feeling actually” Jungkook runs his fingers through his hair
“You fucked me up so bad.” He added and let’s out a laugh
You stared at him. Trying to figure everything out, to think about everything.
“I feel like a weak bitch when I talk like this. Just the way you said I am” he laughed and shakes his head
“But seeing you with Taehyung, is like… Wow… Like what did I do wrong? Then remember what I done. And I then realize that I am a jealous fuck. Which I don’t want to be” he looks at you
“Taehyung, he-“
“Fought for you, actually you for him I get it. You tried to make me beg for you, but I figured you out second you started to hang out with him”
“Were you jealous of me hanging out with him?” you raise your eyebrows
“No, because I knew you think about me when you’re with him” he points
“You know that is the truth” he added
And you sigh throwing your head back.
“Well this just got serious and quiet” he said and two of you laugh.
“Let’s get back to work, I mean you” he added
“Right. I even forgot about it for a second” you laughed and take the pen in your hands again

Jungkook smiled and then watched you writing, looking at the books, searching for stuff.
His eyes watched your face, your eyes. Your eyelashes how long they actually are and actually cute. Your small nose, your lips.
He watched your movements, your hand putting a piece of your soft hair behind your ear, showing off your earrings.
A small smile grew on his face.
“Want me to help you?”
Your eyes look at his
“Yeah, search for anything that is connected with this” you point at the title
“You got it” he said and two of you smile at each other

He kept looking through the book, telling you what he found pointing at the sentences.
“Want something to eat? I can order pizza or something” he said
“Yeah I am starving” you laugh and sit on the sofa, throwing your head back, closing your eyes.
“My legs hurt”
“Well I don’t know why you even sat on the floor, you could have sat on the sofa and we could bring the coffee table closer” Jungkook laughs holding his phone in his hand
You look at the floor and coffee table. You look up at him and laugh.
“Right” you shake your head

Later pizza man came, and Jungkook puts the box down on the coffee table.
“Now that looks good!” you smiled and took a piece
“My life is complete” Jungkook took the first bite
“I actually can’t believe this is taking us so long for this” you said
“Yeah, I didn’t know it’s that huge”
“I think you don’t even know how this book looked till you saw it today” you laughed
Jungkook smiled and nods his head
“You got a point” he said

Your phone started to buzz. A lot of times.
Two of you kept looking down at your phone.
“You can answer it you know?” Jungkook said while eating
“I know. I don’t want to” you said
“It’s probably Taehyung.”
“I saw your message that you sent.” You said and took a sip of soda
Jungkook looks to the side at you and waits for you to continue on.
“I actually saw that you’re a good person today, tonight” you said looking up at him
“At least you are that way towards me. I never saw you that way towards anyone else” you added
Jungkook’s eyes fall down, he takes a breath and leaves his piece of pizza.
“I am trying. I want to try. I know Taehyung will hate me for being friend with you or I don’t know if we will be-“
“Friends?” you cut him off and keep on looking at him

Jungkook looks down at your hand and up at you. He extends his hand and two of you shake hands.
There was a silence. But sometimes silence is better than talking. It was a positive one.
Two of you smiled while continued to eat and drink.

At midnight, Jungkook and you finished the project. You write the last word down and put a dot on it.
“Oh thank fuck!” Jungkook throws the book away and leans back closing his eyes
You laughed and hold your hand you wrote with for hours.
“DAMN!” you shout and smile

Closing all the book and getting everything in place, you stand up.
“Well I better head home now” you smiled and stood up
“We did well!” Jungkook smiled and walked with you to the front door.
“We did it!” you smiled and turn towards him
“I had nice time today” you added looking at him
“Yeah, me too” he said

You had an urge to just wrap your arms around him and give him a hug. So you did that.
Jungkook looks down and puts his chin down on your head and slowly wraps his arms around you giving you a hug back.
“If Taehyung finds out about this, I will die” he finally said and two of you step from each other
“Right” you laugh
“Bye Jungkook”
“Can you go home alone?”
“Yeah, I’ll be fine” you smiled and walked away.

Jungkook closes the door and smiles, nodding his head. After he cleared everything up, he took his shirt off and sweats, falling into bed.
Y/N, 12:09AM: Friends :)
He smiled and turned off his phone.

down the river

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Genre: fluff, one shot
Pairing: fem!reader/yoongi
Length: 3.1k

Summary: It only took one night at the river for everything to change. [Requested]

A/N: it’s 2:30am and i haven’t proofread once but hopefully it’s readable

No matter how many times you tossed and turned, you weren’t getting to sleep. The sounds of the cars driving by seemed to be louder than usual, and you could feel the springs in your bed digging into your shoulder. You flipped onto your back and sighed, staring up at the ceiling in annoyance as headlights lit up the swirled pattern. Your curtains didn’t help; the soft beige colour did nothing against the light of the moon, leaving your room in a dusty darkness instead of its usual jet black. 

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I am so blessed to have made so many wonderful friends through this site ❤️ I love you all so much.

left on read ✓ - lancemclain - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

chapter 14


[3:16am] edgelord™: ok so i checked what ship means and

[3:16am] edgelord™: i think i finally know what’s a klance

[3:18am] (bi)tter: OH HELL TO THE NO

(or, keith finally uses the internet and matt has big news)

i’ll always be down for you.

word count: 1,112 words and 5,924 characters

scenerio: reader is in bed sleeping next to harry who is having a hard time sleeping. eventually he wakes the reader up and they begin speaking about their future together.

author’s note: hello, this is my first read for you. i’ll try my best to be active but school and work comes first. this isn’t something i plan on doing forever. feel free to request.

 “sleepless nights tend to continue on forever”

that’s how this one night felt. the clock read 3:07am and it seemed like the night had been purposely dragging to torture the male. starring at the ceiling eventually got boring and the sounds of the city weren’t the most calming noises in the world. it seemed to be getting colder quicker. warmth was what the male wanted.

harry was beyond caught up in his thoughts about, well everything. how did he get to this very moment. how his life has just been a big huge surprise. tour life never got boring. in fact, there seemed to be a big shock everyday. he wouldn’t trade it for the world. however, falling in love was the last thing he expected in his chaotic life. being introduced to a beautiful girl by a mutual friend was the last thing he ever thought would happen.

yet, here he is. laying in bed next to one of the most gorgeous girls he’s ever laid his eyes on. he turned around to face her. a small smile creeped upon his face as he kept his eyes on the girl while she slept. as weird as it sounds he wasn’t bothered by the fact that he probably seemed like a creep. the female was wrapped in the light blue blankets sleeping as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

harry reached over brushing his thumb against the girl’s bottom lip. she stayed silently sleeping. harry had so many thoughts in his head trying to describe her. breathtaking? no, not enough. mesmerizing? she’s more than that. insanely beautiful? insane isn’t even the correct word nor is beautiful. what was the right words then?

“you’re so… gorgeous.” harry whispered, smiling at the girl laying next to him. thats’s when she fluttered her eyes open at the soft familar voice. he frowned feeling guilty at the fact that he woke her up. he didn’t mean to. he just wanted to speak about her beauty in silence. she gripped tighter to the blankets keeping her eyes open. the only light coming into the room was coming from the windows which came from the city. 

“i didn’t mean to wake you.” he admitted, reacing over to her hair running his fingers through it. he liked the feeling of his fingers through her hair. that’s when a small smile spreaded across her face. and that’s when a smile spreaded across his. 

“what time is it?” she spoke, in a tired voice starring at him. he grabbed his phone from the nightstand before speaking. “3:16am” he answered before sitting his phone back down and starring at her. he wasn’t proud of himself for waking up his girlfriend just because he couldn’t sleep. 

“love, why on earth are you awake right now?” she asked, keeping his eyes on him still holding onto the blankets. he shrugged, before shaking his head. “another sleepless night i suppose.” he spoke, keeping her eyes locked with his girlfriend.

“and i am awake because?” she joked, making them both slightly laugh. he then spoke up. “i don’t know. i was admiring your beauty. starring at the ceiling got boring and i suppose the noises coming from outside of cars driving past wasn’t the most soothing noise in the world.”

she smiled before shaking her head. “what were you thinking about this time?” she asked, keeping her eyes on the male infront of him. she knew when harry didn’t sleep it was mainly because there was something on his mind that he couldn’t get rid of. 

“i was thinking about you. and how we first met. you know y/n i got pretty lucky.” he admitted, running his fingers through her hair. “i guess you’re the only thing that’s going on in my mind.” he spoke, causing the smile across her face to spread wider. 

“you tell me this all the time. you’re too good to me. i appreciate it more than you think. but it’s something about hearing it at three in the morning that makes me truly believe you mean every inch of it.” she spoke, causing a small laugh to escape from harry’s lips. “you know me too well. it’s all about you up here.” he spoke, pointing to his head with his index finger. 

“you’re a charmer. but being charmed at 3am. not my thing harry.” she spoke before scooting over closer to him wrapping his arms around him holding him. being in y/n’s arms was harry’s safe space and she knew that. he wrapped his arms around the girl before speaking up.

“i want to picture a future with you. you and i against the world.” he spoke, starring up at the ceiling. the fact that he had a girl by his side willing to talk about their future together at three in the morning only meant that she was a keeper in his mind.

“picture it. go for it.” she spoke quietly laying her head on harry’s chest also starring at the ceiling. it almost felt like starring at the ceiling put you in a whole different reality. under the stars. but they weren’t really under the stars. they were in their shared apartment in the city of london.

“i want to spend it all with you. just you. you only. i see nobody else. im just- i’m scared. i don’t want anybody else to take you from me.” he admitted, which caused her to shake her head. “it’s just an internal fear i have y/n. i don’t want anybody to take you from me.” 

it took her a second to gather up what she was going to say until it finally came to her. “you know i would never leave you. and no guy will ever take me from you. they’ll have to blindfold me, tie me up and take me away if they want to steal me away from you harry.” 

in a way that made him feel a lot better about himself and also boosted his self confidence. knowing she didn’t want to leave was one of the best feelings in the world.

“besides, you know i’m always going to be down for you.”

and those were the words he needed to hear. that was something that y/n and harry had together. one day when they were both worried about being split up while he was on tour they both at the same time somehow said “i’ll always be down for you, and since then that was their thing. and they only said that to each other when they were serious. so he finally spoke up.

”i’m always going to be down for you y/n.”

Some awesome Special Tail Belgian Air Force F-16’s!

1. Belgian Air Force Solo Display ‘Blizzard’ FA-123

2.F-16BM FB-24 'Semper Vulture’ to celebrate 30 years of the OCU (Operational Conversion Unit)

3.F-16AM FA-70 'Razzle Dazzle’ to celebrate 75 years of the 349 SQN

4.F-16AM FA-94 from the 31 'Tiger’ SQN

(Message received on April 12 at 3:16 AM.)
Hello? Are you there? Listening? I’m just trying to get in touch man. I’ve been so fucking, so fucking down lately. Like, I don’t know what’s happening. I’m just so tired all the time. Trying to sleep. I just, I just lay there quiet. Can’t speak cause everyone around me is passed out. My fucking mind’s raging. Uh, hello? I don’t even know why I called. I think it, I think it might be time for me to leave. Just call it quits. I’m sick of this. It’s the same fucking day, every day. I think I sleep, I can’t be sure though. It’s all the same now. Drink, drink, drink again. I’m tired man. I think it, you don’t want to hear this. I’m a mess. I’m sorry man. I just don’t know who to turn to. No one really hears me, you know? I speak, at least I think I speak, but no one hears me. I’ve said enough. Hello? Hello? I shouldn’t have called.
(Message deleted.)

(Message received on August 12th at 3:16am)
Hello, its me, again. I know I shouldn’t have called but I really didn’t know who else to turn to. Remember last time we talked? You said we were both fucked up, you said you understood because you were fucked up too. I just, I just wanted to speak to you before - well I think you know what I’m saying. If you’re there please pick up, please. Just for a minute, please.
(Message deleted)

—  The Amity Affliction - Never Alone & O.M.G.I.M.Y

6karl  asked:

Favorite songs atm ?

Blue Ocean- Jaden Smith

With me- dvsn

idgaf- Jacquees

feel it- Jaquees

B.E.D.- Jaquees

Persian Rugs- Jacquees

Drama ft Drake- Roy Woods

Often- the Weeknd

Jealousy- Roy Woods

Recognize ft. Drake- PND

Ballin- PND


Lonely ft Jaden- Post Malone

Drunk In Love- the Weeknd

Acquainted- the Weeknd

Exchange- Bryson Tiller 

Studio- Schoolboy Q

Blue Jeans- Lana Del Rey

Video Games- Lana Del Rey

Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe - Kendrick Lamar

2 On (Explicit) ft. SchoolBoy Q- Tinashe 

Her- Majid Jordan

Break from Toronto- PND

All Eyes On You Meek Mill Ft. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown 

3:16am- Jhene Aiko

Wading- Jhene Aiko

The Worst- Jhene Aiko

First Position- Kehlani

The Way- Kehlani

Kehlani’s Freestyle- PND

Sex on the beach- PND

Player- Tinashe 

Ride of your life- Tinashe

Needed Me- Rihanna

I lied- Nicki Minaj

One dance- Drake

I love u, i hate u- gnash

Trust issues- Drake

Controlla- Drake

Hallucinations- dvsn

little do you know- Alex and sierra

Low life ft. the weeknd- future

This is barely even half of them but there you go :)

I said I would do this, but I’ve been too busy doing junk and other stuff to even get some time to. I saw you on snepchet and my mind kept running again so here I am, 3:16am with work tomorrow, tired as shit, wearing my Charmander onesie sipping on some juice just to write some corny ass shit bout my amazing friend @zenshousewife . You mind if I love you real quick? Pbbpptbbt:

There’s no way I can actually put my appreciation into words for you. You came into my life during a storm. A windy one at that. And your presence alone seemed to just clear the skies before I had a chance to notice. You were heaven sent in the purest form. Just so much going on for you in such a beautiful package: the way you go to great lengths to make everyone feel included. The fact that you don’t even have to say anything and you just seemingly put smiles on everyone’s face. The fact that you have no traces of darkness in you. You approach all situations with pure intentions and a pure heart. The way that like… you seem to have all the right words, all the right combinations to make people feel better. And I’m not talking just putting smiles on peoples faces. Like the actual power to heal unseen wounds. It’s astonishing. The way you express your BOAT loads of support and love for every one of your friends with no hesitation. Makes you feel like you’re on top of the world; like you have no limits to what you can or can’t do. The fact that I can literally talk to you about ANYTIHNG and you won’t judge or see me differently. Where I can talk about my problems, my past, myself, Orochimaru’s snord (snake sword) cock, and you’d instantly be on board. I can truly be myself when I’m talking to you. And lastly, the way you’re able to pick yourself up from dark times. With no words of encouragement, with no one by your side to offer you a hand. You’re just able to stand up on your own two feet, and all of this while offering to carry the burdens of your friends and loved ones on your back? You are unbelievably strong and I hope you don’t forget that. You are an angel in human form. Like an actual actual angel. 

Just… thank you for being that person I can always depend upon, that person I can always come back to, confide in, trust, and create unforgettable memories with. Thank you for being my person. Love you always Poo, sincerely and truly. ᵇᵘᵗ ᵖᵒˢᵗ ᵃᶰᵒᵗʰᵉʳ ᵇᶦʳᵈ/ˢᑫᵘᶦᵈ ᶜᵒᶜᵏ ᵒᶰ ᵐʸ ᵈᵃˢʰ ᵃᶰᵈ ᴵ ʷᶦᶫᶫ ᵗʰʳᵒʷ ʰᵃᶰᵈˢ⋅


April 6th 3:16am.

There is no good way to start this so here goes,

Today is my survivor day, it happened years ago. I’m having less and less nightmares barely 6 a year now. But the important thing is that despite everything, despite every touch, all the times the three of you tried to destroy me. Steal my worth and pride unintentionally or not.

You failed because I am here and still fucking standing.

I am alive.

And I am not my abuse.
Nobody is.

So we the survivors, win.

—  cocktease420