3:11 series

Lean Frizzera - Giuseppe Dynamo, Series 3. (11/16).
3 color serigraph print on metallic paper. Limited edition of 120.
Printed by Ignacio Alo Fraga at Rio Rosadito.

Can’t help but think of Audrey II and Little Shop of Horrors when looking Dynamo’s bicycle passenger.

anonymous asked:

I guess I haven't been paying attention to the tw fandom but I think I just heard that Tyler hoechlin is done with tw and won't be in season 5? Is this true? I'm so sad if it is! He's such an odd crucial element to me and if he left then idk what the show will be really.

Aw, anon, here’s a hug. This is what’s happening: 

The news is that Hoechlin will no longer be a series regular [Buzzfeed article, 3/11/15]. A series regular just means that his contract says he will have a certain amount of screentime. 

Hoechlin, having just finished filming Undrafted, was really excited about the experience, and loved acting in this role, found it challenging and scary and wanted to keep doing things that scared him and were new. He approached TW about wanting to reduce his screentime as Derek in the show so he could have more time to pursue more acting opportunities, but he’s still meeting with writers to talk about Derek and what Derek’s story will be in season five. [Paleyfest, 3/11/15. Not everything was tweeted or giffed, but I was there and this is what I took from it.]

I’m sorry to hear you’re sad about this, and I hope you feel better with the news that Hoechlin is following his passion for acting and wanting to bring even more characters to life through movies and exploring other roles.