On 39:

  • Rick Owens leather jacket with long tail (shorter version 50% off here)   
  • Wildfox smiley face t-shirt (different color here)
  • Free People bell bottoms
  • Topshop Western Buckled Wedge (Ann Demeulemeester inspired)

On 19:

Photos by Cavan Clark

Makeup by Joseph Alarcon & Christina Flach 

Greens, Celines & Statement Jewelry

Happy friday everyone!! We wanted kick off August in a whimsical, vibrant and dashing manor! 39’s sea foam dress is the perfect canvas for a pair of electric banana heels, a complimenting statement ring, and a black and white Celine handbag. Because of 19’s dress’s melodramatic print, we thought we’d go all out and pair it with some Dolce & Gabbana cheetah print sling backs. We also added the sister necklace to 39’s ring, and a nano Celine tote in cobalt to spice it up even more!

  • With 39’s outfit, we chose to spend on her tote, spend-ish (spend considerably less) on her dress, glasses and ring, and save on her Prabal Gurung for Target heels and Mod Cloth cardigan!
  • 19’s dress was a save from Mod Cloth (a great place to save on fashions that are vintage and/or vintage/retro inspired). We Spent-ish on her D&G heels and necklace, and definitely spent on her nano tote.

At the end of the day, we love all fashions and are NOT prejudice of pieces from lower end price ranges. To us, good style is good style, regardless of however many zeros it has on it’s price tag.

We both love these jersey t-shirts.  They come in a variety of fashion label team names.  Or we found a site where you can customize your own here for $15. These t-shirts are great with a pair of skinny jeans and converse for day.  We recommend hair down (a pony will make the look too sporty) and make-up soft and natural.

To take the look into the evening-or to work- pair it with a pencil skirt (cute one on sale here), heels and a colorful blazer or motorcycle jacket over the shoulders for a fun twist.  Wear with hair down and a plum or red lip.  We love MAC’s Ruby Woo, which is the color Riri Woo was based on, but there isn’t a waiting list for Ruby Woo.  

On 19

LPD NYC Team Margiela t-shirt 

Posh'n It Up

Created by 19


What 19 wore to #theblingring

House of Air

Trampolining stats (ps. I’m not making this up, these are legit Nasa research facts) :

  • 10 minutes of trampoline jumping is a more efficient cardio workout than over 30 minutes of running!
  • After jumping for 10 minutes the average adult will burn 42 calories
  • The higher you jump the more calories you will burn

So the other night I took my little brothers to the House of Air- for those of you who don’t know what that is, its a huge warehouse filled with trampolines located at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Aside from it being a really fun and awesome place to take the tiny humans while on duty, its also a great workout! I figured it had to be beneficial for my body somehow because at home after 10 minutes of bouncing 3 of my little siblings on our trampoline I’m completely winded. I did some research and it actually IS a great form exercise that IS super fun- foreal. This is no trick. I’ve been told several times by many different sources that “taking a spin class is really fun!!”  or “doing track is awesome!! I forget I’m even running”    I don’t know what kind of spin class, track team, or fancy unknown crunches that these people are doing, but I have never ever found either of those things to be fun, torture is how I would accurately put it. Anyhow, at the House of Air you can just go and jump around and play dodge ball (on a trampoline of course) and it is super fun and all of my little siblings love it! You can also go to there and take workout specific classes, which I’ve had yet to try but I eagerly want to!




Behind the scenes of Acne Studios with William Wegman

Meet Chris & Melanie

Happy monday everyone! 

39 and I realized that we never officially introduced ourselves to all of you, partially because we have been referring to ourselves as our number aliases 39 and 19.  So, we have decided to take the time to introduce you all to the REAL womenbehind the numbers, Chris (39ish) and Melanie (19). In the posts below, we’ve given some interesting/random facts and photos about ourselves so you call can get to know us a little bit better. Also, from here on out, we will not be referring to ourselves as 39 and 19, but as Chris and Melanie- we want you all to feel even more connected to us on a personal level. Though we will always be 39 and 19 at heart.

xx C & M

15 Things You Don't Know About Me, Melanie

1. I’m obsessed with shoes and I have nearly 100 pairs (Chris and I have way over 300 in total).

2. I’ve been designing clothes since I was 6; my cousin/best friend (Madison Cain who we featured a couple weeks ago) and I would cut up old clothes/sheets and make clothes for our American Girl dolls and Barbies.

3. Technically, I have 11 siblings.

4. My favorite band of all time is the Red Hot Chili Peppers and I’ve been in love with Anthony Keidis since I was 11.

5. I’m such a 90’s girl because I wear those stretchy chokers basically every day/ my runner up favorite bands are Audioslave, Nirvana, Alice In Chains and The Backstreet Boys.

6. Every year at Christmas time since I was 3, I’ve gone to the Christmas high tea at the Fairmont in San Francisco.

7. When I was 8 I fell off a scooter and broke off the bottom half of my (permanent) two front teeth, and had to have stitches in my gums (gross).

8. I never the leave the house without my fingers doused with rings/ my crazy pills.

9. My hair has been dyed every color imaginable and I love to dramatically change it as often as Niki my hair stylist (of over 10 years) will let me.

10. I want to be a fashion designer, and I’ve known since I was 13 after discovering Balmain in Vogue Paris.

11. I have OCD so my room is always spotless. A messy room literally stresses me out. I am also dyslexic, but you might already have inferred that from reading my posts.

12. When I was 6 my favorite movie was Weird Science and I watched it over 50 times.

13. I can’t sit still, I’m always doing art or creating something; whether its drawing, designing, making collages/clothes, studding jackets/shoes, or making jewelry.

14. I love the show Will & Grace, I’ve seen every episode a million times and I watch re-runs pretty much every day.

15. My favorite designers are Ann Demeulemeester, Marchesa, Rick Owens, Julien Macdonald, Haider Ackermann, and Saint Laurent (there are so many more!!).