All Eyez on Me

1. - Ambitionz Az a Ridah - 00:00:00
2. - All Bout U - 00:04:38
3. - Skandalouz - 00:09:15
4. - Got My Mind Made Up - 00:13:24
5. - How Do U Want It? - 00:18:37
6. - 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted - 00:23:25
7. - No More Pain - 00:27:31
8. - Heartz of Men - 00:33:46
9. - Life Goes On - 00:38:30
10. - Only God Can Judge Me - 00:43:32
11. - Tradin War Stories - 00:48:29
12. - California Love - 00:53:59
13. - I Ain’t Mad at Cha - 01:00:25
14. - What'z Ya Phone - 01:05:19
15. - Can’t C Me - 01:10:28
16. - Shorty Wanna Be a Thug - 01:15:59
17. - Holla at Me - 01:19:51
18. - Wonda Why They Call U Bitch - 01:24:47
19. - When We Ride - 01:29:05
20. - Thug Passion - 01:34:15
21. - Picture Me Rollin’ - 01:39:23
22. - Check Out Time - 01:44:38
23. - Ratha Be Ya Nigga - 01:49:17
24. - All Eyez on Me - 01:53:31
25. - Run Tha Streetz - 01:58:39
26. - Aint Hard 2 Find - 02:03:56
Prank automated phone numbers

(336) 494-6276

Plays Da Tem Shop theme from Undertale

(336) 494-6281

Plays Megalovania from Undertale

1 (985) 655-2500

Rick rolls you

(866) 740-4531

Just says “I am Groot”

1 (888) 447-5594

Easter egg phone number that’s found at the end of God if War

(605) 475-6959

Politely informs you that you have bad breath

(605) 475-6968

Rejection hotline. Politely informs that you have been rejected. Perfect for any creepy people at the bar. I got a good reaction when I gave this to someone wanting n00ds on Kik

That’s all I have right now. All of these have been tested and I know for sure work in the US. I’ll add more numbers if I find any.

Other phone numbers I found after making this original post:

(704) 266-3926

Plays Dogsong from Undertale
Sterek ficrecs - Friends to Lovers/ Childhood Friends...
  • Happy Friendship day!!!
  • Thank you my bestie @benaya-trash​ for lovely suggestions <3 <3 <3 

This Might Be Irony by thepsychicclam [M | 38,340]

Stiles and Derek have been close friends since the Hale siblings moved in next door after their parents’ death. But Derek’s in the popular group, he’s a star baseball player, and he dates popular Pep Squad captain Jennifer Blake. Stiles doesn’t have any of that, just his skateboard and a hopeless crush on Derek (oh yeah, and his Vote Lydia Martin Prom Queen button). As prom and the baseball state championship grow closer, Stiles and Derek start rekindling their friendship.

And it all begins with two white boards.

Strut on a Line, its Discord and Rhyme by xiaq [T |61818]

“Carry me,” Stiles says.


“But I’m injured.”

“You have a rash,” Derek says. “On your arm. Your feet work just fine.”


“No. You weigh almost as much as I do. And you ate a pound of chicken at lunch.”

“Well, yeah, but I pooped like an hour ago, so.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Don’t play, you love me.”

I do, Derek thinks, relatively horrified. I really do.

Heroes By Night by charlesdk [T | 16,782]

The street was full of people going to work, as Derek headed for the entrance of the Whittemore building. He wasn’t paying attention to the people around him, despite being a nightly crime fighter. That was his night job. During the day, he didn’t do it.

Not unless he had a bad feeling. Like now.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he felt a pair of eyes on him, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up as a chill ran down his spine. He ignored the man bumping into him and calling him something rude, and instead zoned in on the feeling.

A tight grip around his bag and the coffee cup, he turned his head and looked over his shoulder.

OR Derek is a superhero. So is Stiles. Neither of them know this about each other though.

the difference between going back and going home by thepsychicclam
[E | 34,219]

Stiles and Derek were inseparable growing up, but then college, jobs, and life happened. When Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills a decade later, he doesn’t expect to reconnect with Derek, and he sure doesn’t expect to fall in love with him.

I Hate You by LoveActually_rps [T | 2,325]

“You know you love me…I know you care…”

A sudden strangled noise beside him made Derek snap his eyes open. He huffed out an angry breath, pursing his lips, irritated at the interruption.

It was Stiles. Stiles with bulging eyes, a red face and a hand clamped on his mouth. He was struggling to keep back his loud snort. Derek shot him a piercing glare, trying and failing to find his rhythm again.

“Just shout whenever…”  Derek grated out, hissing at Stiles. “…and I’ll be there…WHAT?”

“Bieber? Really Derek-” Stiles choked, laughing as if he had lost his mind.

“You got a problem with that?”

Stiles jerked away from a snarling Derek, huffing out – Whoa, raising both hands in surrender. Not even a beat later, he shot a shit-eating grin at Derek.

Derek hated him.

you fill my lungs with sweetness by bibliosexual [T | 2,550]

“Okay, fine,” Erica holds up her hands, “don’t listen to me, continue to pine forever, spend the entirety of winter break being ‘just friends’ with him in a castle full of mistletoe, see if I care. But if, on the other hand, you actually want to be even a little proactive about this, I have a plan.”

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GoPro launches trade-up program to get customers to buy more cameras
GoPro had a terrible 2016, losing $373 million and recalling its malfunctioning Karma drones. In a new attempt to get people to buy more of its cameras, the company has launched a trade-up program that allows GoPro owners to trade in their previous-generation Hero cameras for $100 off a Hero 5 Black or $50 off a Hero 5 Session. If you want to replace the GoPro camera you’re not using, you can go to the company’s trade-up website. Read more
I’m Not Ready

Summary: Are Professor Winchester and the reader ready to take things to the next level? Part of my Professor Winchester series.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Professor Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 3926

Warnings: Language, angst

Author’s Note: Two points of view, Professor Winchester’s and the readers. Thank you to @beauty-and-the-stitch and an anonymous requester for the inspiration and to @jensen-is-my-inspiration for encouraging the angst.

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The meaning of 3926

Today’s chapter. First page for the end of Toriko. “3,9” sounds like “thank you” in Japanese. 3=San, 9=Kiou. So 3 and 9 means “ thank you” in this picture.

3 and 9=thank you. 2=ni, 6=ro. 2 and 6=Nico Robin. The 3926 means “Thank you Nico Robin.” 3 and 9≠Franky’s birthday. There’s nothing to do with Franky.

Undertale phone numbers that exist for some reason

(336) 494-6281 plays Megalovania

(336) 494-6276 plays the Tem Shop music

(704) 266-3926 plays Dogsong


Edit: The Tem Shop and Dogsong give you a message at first, and Tem Shop might also make a noise that sounds like someone blowing a raspberry, but it works, just wait a second.

Edit 2: They no longer work, but I can assure you they were real at one point

3926) It really makes me sad to think that I'll never be able to experience being a little boy, going to my first day of school, learning how to ride a bike, my childhood was stolen from me; I couldn't enjoy it as who i wanted to be.

anonymous asked:

what is your thoughts on carnivals giving out gold fishes as a prize?

Not good one bit! 

I’ll give you an example of why it’s bad, with a little story that to this day enrages me. 

My friends ‘won’ a goldfish and decided it would be hilarious to urinate in the bag and then mix the urine with energy drink, to make an extremely uncomfortable and inhabitable environment for them. They got another and one of the guys decided to eat the head while the poor little one was alive. 

It’s safe to conclude they’re no longer my mates. 

A carnival isn’t an environment that exclusively or even moderately attracts responsible people who respect non-human lives. Not to say people who go don’t fit that category, but it’s not somewhere people are going with that intention, like, say, a shelter. It’s an environment of people searching for entertainment, which means these acts are sadly likely. They’re being stored usually in unsuitable water.[1] A lot are dead before they’re even ‘prizes’, the sellers are making money from not properly looking after these animals and giving them away to people they can’t guarantee have suitable enclosures for them.[2]

‘Goldfish are under stress when transported out of their tank to the fair/carnival. They sit there in still water inside of plastic bags for hours until they’re lucky enough to go home with a new owner. (Sounds somewhat like the end of “Finding Nemo” doesn’t it?) When those goldfish are then transported to a home and shoved into a new environment, a fishbowl, they’re even under more stress.’ [1]

Basically, it’s not something that is in the best interest of the animals. It’s just something for the sake of money and entertainment, at the expense of lives. So overall, it’s a no from me! 

[1] https://fish-aquariums.knoji.com/why-do-goldfish-die-so-quickly-and-unexpecidly/

[2] http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/content.php?sid=3926

Celebrate Arbor Day – And Our Trees 

Today’s post was written by Gail E. Farr, Archives Specialist at the National Archives at Philadelphia.

Arbor Day is an annual tree-planting holiday which was celebrated for the first time in the U.S. on April 10, 1872 in Nebraska City, Nebraska, home of the American Arbor Day’s founder, J. Sterling Morton.  Emulated in other states, Arbor Day became an official national holiday observed on the last Friday in April which this year falls on April 29.  Pennsylvania celebrates its Arbor Day on the same day as the American national observance. Some states have selected other dates in order to offer optimal climate conditions for planting trees.

The focus of Arbor Day has broadened over the years to include a major educational component emphasizing the benefits of trees in our modern world.  Today the Arbor Day Foundation, operating from its original base in Nebraska, sponsors a Tree City USA program to promote effective urban and community forestry programs.  With its population of 1.5 million, Philadelphia is the Largest Tree City USA in Pennsylvania.

Seeking ways to honor this year’s Arbor Day, NARA at Philadelphia staff took the opportunity to review our holdings of Records of the U.S. Forest Service (Record Group 95).   Among these are the large collection of photographs taken by officers of the Northeastern Forest Experiment Station (NFES), the first federal forest research establishment in the Northeast. Instituted in New England in 1923, the Station grew to include the Allegheny Forest Experiment Station, created in 1927 to study the forestry-research problems of the Mid-Atlantic States.  The primary purpose of the Allegheny Forest team was to enhance the growth and management of commercially important Allegheny hardwoods.  In Pennsylvania vast tracts of virgin hemlock had been depleted due to the harvesting of the trees and use of the valuable tannic acid contained in hemlock bark for industrial purposes such as the tanning of leather and the production of dyes for the textile industry.  Reforestation efforts were eventually undertaken using other species of trees which were more valued for their wood products.

Photograph: Northeast Forest Experiment Station researcher explores original growth hemlock tract in the Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania, August 22, 1932.  Virgin stands of hemlock could still be found in inland, underpopulated portions of Pennsylvania, at the time the project team conducted its first studies of state forest lands.  The hemlock, by the way, is Pennsylvania’s state tree.

Series Citation:  Photographs, 1923-2001.  Records of the Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station.  Record Group 95, National Archives at Philadelphia.  (Record Entry ID:  PH-3926). (Series NAID:  28208828)