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“I am the result of love. More specifically, Black and Iranian love. Of Shia love, of Christian love, of American love, of a love that highlights how interconnected we truly are. If my Baba was stuck in an airport because of a Muslim Ban 39 years ago, he would have never fallen in love with my mama. I would not exist and I wouldn’t have two amazing brothers. Xenophobia destroys the power of love and the power of our collective potential. It creates a false sense of security for some and an environment of fear for others. Immigrants don’t threaten safety  — stereotypical narratives that promote hate do.”

      Yara Shahidi. 


On this Day 39 years ago, David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony and the brothers Alex and Eddie Van Halen were introduced as Van Halen =\//-/=
when their debut album was released.
This album changed the course of rock music and paved a new road for the music.


39 years ago, we lost one of the greatest entertainers of all time. A man who has touched us all with his beautiful music, movies and soul. He left the building way too soon but he also left us with great gifts that we can cherish forever. Thank you for everything you have given us in your short life. Thank you for being the inspiration and savior for so many people. We will always love, honor and miss you King.


The 27th of March, 1977, the world’s worst air disaster, the Tenerife Disaster, took place, when two Boeing 747 jumbo jets, KLM Flight 4805, carrying 248 passengers and crew, and Pan Am Flight 1736, carrying 396 passengers and crew, collided on the runway of Las Palmas airport, killing 583 people: all the passengers of the KLM plane, and 355 people of the Pan Am, leaving only 61 survivors.

KLM, Boeing 747-206B “Rijn”

Pan Am, Boeing 747-121 “Clipper Victor”

The path to disaster, notice how the runway was used as a taxiway, as the actual taxiway was busy with the other planes clogging up the airport.

A multitude of complex factors contributed to this accident, first and foremost the diversion of the involved aircraft (among all the planes going to the Canary Islands) from the planned destination, the Gran Canaria airport, to Las Palmas airport due to a bomb explosion and thread of a second one in Gran Canaria; then the arrival to the small, understaffed and badly prepared Las Palmas airport that was never indented to receive such amount of traffic, made much worse by the heavy fog of that day; communication confusions and misunderstandings between the tower personnel and the pilots of both planes, specially since said tower personnel knew little english; and finally, the decisions of an overconfident captain,KLM’s Jacob Veldhuyzen van Zanten, who, in a hurry and out of frustration, decided to take-off without authorization.

Many changes in aviation came afterwards: Emphasis on english as the standard working language, standard radio phrasing to avoid vagueness and misunderstandings, better emphasis on crew cooperation, so a captain won’t remain unchallenged when he or she makes a mistake, and finally, harsher punishments for pilots who disobey controller’s orders. 

Let us remember the victims of this tragic event, and hope that we never have to see an accident of this magnitude again.


CPRail covered wagons Katabeka Fall Canada Oct 1977 , Were at Katabeka Falls Canada with the Canadian Transcon train in Oct 1977 . Steve Smedley & i spent a week going after F-units on the CPRail and BN 39 years ago

(via CPRail covered wagons Katabeka Fall Canada Oct 1977 , | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)


The Mystery of Bradford Bishop


39 years ago, William Bradford Bishop told his secretary he didn’t feel well and left work early. He had been promised a promotion by his boss, but was disappointed when he didn’t get one. After leaving work, police believe that he first drove to the bank where he withdrew around $600. He then drove to the mall and bought a hammer and a gas can, which he filled up with gas from the local gas station. Next, he drove to a hardware store and bought a shovel and pitchfork. 

Investigators believe he arrived at his home in Bethesda, Maryland at around 19:30, after the kids were put to bed. He first bludgeoned his wife with the hammer. His mother, who had been walking the dog, was killed next in the same way. Finally, his three sons were brutally killed while they slept in their beds in the upstairs bedroom. After the murders he loaded the bodies in the family car and drove drove 275 miles to swampland, set his family on fire with the gas can, and buried them. A ranger called authorities after he discovered the burned bodies along with the gas can, a pitchfork, and a shovel.

Bradford Bishop still remains missing, and is the 502nd fugitive on the FBI’s most-wanted list. He owned a diplomatic passport and spoke five languages fluently and has been spotted many times in various European countries.


BOX-OFFICE:  Avengers: Age of Ultron opened #1 worldwide this weekend, amassing $201.2M from 44 territories.

For comparison, Iron Man 3 scored $195.3M on its international debut in 42 territories two years ago, while The Avengers earned $178.4M in 39 markets three years ago.  

Bear in mind that the US economy is stronger this year than it had been in the last three years and so the dollar exchange rate is higher (meaning this number would even be higher otherwise). Ultron also opened in 15% less of the market share of the first film’s international debut.

[hollywood reporter | variety]

This bone flute is at least 42,000 years old according to the latest dating. In and around the small city of Ulm, Germany there have been amazing cave discoveries of bird bone and mammoth ivory flutes as well as some ivory statuettes of voluptuous women. The caves also have distinctive decorations on their walls. With the latest dating putting the artifacts’ age at over 40,000 years old, they are the oldest surviving musical instruments. If these new analyses are correct, these small flutes and figurines back a controversial hypothesis: that homo sapiens arrived in the upper Danube region of Germany before an extremely cold phase of the ice age, around 39,000 years ago. That much earlier than previously believed.

39 years ago on this day (March 31) Led Zeppelin’s Presence album was released in 1976.

Presence was written and recorded during a tumultuous time in the band’s history. Jimmy Page made the decision to record the album after Robert Plant sustained serious injuries from a car accident on the Greek island of Rhodes on 5 August 1975, which forced the band to cancel a proposed world tour that was due to commence on 23 August. At this point, Led Zeppelin were arguably at the height of their popularity. When he was taken to a Greek hospital after the accident, Plant recalled:“I was lying there in some pain trying to get cockroaches off the bed and the guy next to me, this drunken soldier, started singing "The Ocean” from Houses of the Holy.“

today, 39 years ago, God sent a beautiful gentle giant to the world and blessed us all with his existence. happy birthday, mark stoermer. we love you and we appreciate you. you are by far the greatest bassist in this world and anyone who disagrees can fight me on this. have a good one.