#38weeks +3 🍼💕 Baby C won’t be in my belly much longer! Poor guy is probably mega squished in there but still manages to roll around, responds to mommy and daddy’s voice, and loves music! I’ve been experiencing a lot of cramps, lightning crotch (sorry) and Braxton Hicks contractions this last week. Trying my hardest to stay active, rest and spend time with Phil before he arrives. I dug out my kimono robe which I’ll most likely live in for the next week or so! Comfort is everything right now! Fingers crossed this little dude doesn’t keep us waiting long! #almostthere #mymoyboy #11daystogo #firstbaby #almostparents #babyc

#transformationTuesday! On the left he was 1 day old/ #34weeks, today he’s 4 weeks old/ #38weeks!! So close to due date, almost there! I can’t imagine giving birth to him right now. He’s massive to me haha he’s already bigger than Malaea was at full term, which was 6lbs, annnnd I pretty much exploded pushing her out. Last week he weighed in at 6.6, but I’d put money on him being 7lbs now. My tiny warrior is filling out, but still drowning in some newborn clothes. His cheeks are almost bite size..the time is growing near for me to eat my succulent baby. 🍗👶🍗 #MakoaKai_

No boundaries, No time.

I love my sister in law and my niece, but there are no boundaries with them. This is the second morning in the row that my niece has came into my room, while im sleeping to see our puppy. Yesterday it was just her and i woke up and told her that she has to wait until auntie is awake. Now today her mother opens the door (which sticks really bad so its loud to open) while im asleep so she can say goodbye to the damn puppy. Like am i wrong? Do i walk into your room while your sleeping? Im 9 months pregnant, toss and turn all night, finally fall asleep for good and here y'all come walking into my room
Im about to go buy a doornob with a damn lock. We live together, respect the boundaries. You can see the damn puppy when you get back in 2 fucking hours.

I’m beginning to feel real terrible that I’m still getting all these new, amazing followers yet I have hardly been posting on here or on my blog! I’m now 38 weeks in my pregnancy and my midwife is telling me any day now! I’m so excited to meet this little man.. I’m doing my best on here so thank you all for sticking around and being patient 😌

so they say spicy foods to help move things along and the first thing that came to mind was spicy buffalo bites! buuuut then I got more excited and remembered I had seen an idea for a “buffalo chik'n pizza” and said oh yes! this was super simple and I will put it up on my blog sometime tomorrow! thanks again guys for being supportive! XO #veganpizza #vegantreat #38weeks #spicyfood