38mm plugs


1-½" (38mm) Double Concave Moss Agate Plugs

I’ve always wanted to make a larger double concave moss agate pair and finally the opportunity arose! For custom orders & inquiries email christine.imperialorganics@gmail.com


1-½" (38mm) Whiteskin Agate Plugs

AVAILABLE at https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/183457011/1-12-38mm-whiteskin-agate-plugs-with?


So I am moving and need to get rid of things big and small, including my 1-½" plugs. All are made of stone. The top pair is in perfect condition and I bought them in Seattle, WA for $120 if I am remembering right, if not more. The others are Opalite and Tiger’s Eye, both have a small chip in them, wear at your own risk or just keep them around. Whatever, I don’t care, they’re free.

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  • Contest ends February 18, 2014, if it does not have 50 notes, the contest will not end until it does. It could be forever, its up to you guys.