What is your favorite song on Pink Season? Mine is She’s So Nice

1. Hot Nickel Ball On A P*ssy 0:00
2. Are You Serious 2:19
3. White Is Right 4:48
4. I Have A Gun 6:49
5. Nickelodeon Girls 8:39
6. STFU 11:47
7. Gays 4 Donald 15:32
8. I DO IT FOR MY HOOD 18:36
10. She’s So Nice 22:51
11. Please Stop Touching My Willy 25:35
12. Uber Pussy 26:05
13. セックス大好き 28:03
14. Dumplings 30:25
15. Meme Machine 32:44
16. Hand On My Gat 34:55
17. d i c c w e t t 1 36:26
19. HIGH SCHOOL BLINK193 40:00
12. Rice Balls 41:38
21. Dora 44:55
22. SMD 47:19
23. Dog Festival Directions 49:07
24. We fall Again 51:49
25. CLUB BANGER 3000 53:31
26. Help 54:49
27. Hentai 57:34
28. Small D*ck 59:03
29. Pink Life 1:01:15
30. Another Earth 1:04:29
31. I Will Get A Vasectomy 1:06:39
32. Furr 1:09:36
33. Fried Noodles 1:11:41
34. Goofy’s Trial 1:14:32
35. Be Inspired 1:17:19


This is my friend Alexis. A loving friend, daughter, girlfriend, & older sister, Alexis was loved by everyone she knew. She was hilarious & knew exactly how to make you smile. She recently graduated & was supposed to go to attend Laney College this year.

Unfortunately, on Friday, January 16 2015, she was shot & killed along with her boyfriend, Richardson Livingston, in Oakland, California. The killer has NOT been found, and Crime Stoppers & Police are offering as much as 20,000$ in reward money for any information leading to the arrest of the killer.

(If you have any information PLEASE contact police at 510-238-3821 or Crime Stoppers at 510-777-8572.)

PLEASE reblog & repost to give Lexis & her family juice! #JusticeForAlexis


Here are a few little cross-stitch patterns I made using the icons in issue 11 of Hawkeye.

Clint icon (60x56 stitches):

DMC: 310 - outline, 727 - circle background, 3078 - skin colour, 3821 - hair colour, 5200 - bandage

Kate icon (50x46 stitches):

DMC: 310 - outline hair and sunglasses, 727 - circle background, 3078 - skin colour, 3821 - headband colour

Enjoy, and don’t forget to tag me with the finished project!!!

Why the world's top goal scorer, Abby Wambach, gets pissed when she reflects on her career

(Getty Images)
For 30 years, Abby Wambach’s focus was on soccer, eating right, and staying fit. 

Now that the leading goal scorer in the world — for both men and women — is retiring, Wambach is starting to look back on her career and there’s one thing that stands out: the gender pay gap. 

“The minute I announced my retirement, I started to reflect on my career,” Wambach said onstage at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit.

“And I got pissed because I look to my counterparts across the aisle — résumes aside, the Ronaldos, the Messis, and the Landon Donovans get to leave the sport battered and bruised and not have to worry about what they’re going to do next.”

The gender pay gap in sports is both startling and well-documented. The U.S. women’s World Cup team that won made $2 million, split among all the players. In contrast, the men’s team from Germany made $35 million. The U.S. men’s team that got knocked out in the round of 16 made $9 million.

Looking at the total payouts, the men’s teams were rewarded $576 million. The women’s teams made only $15 million.

“Enough is enough,” Wambach said of the pay gap. “We have to stop allowing this to happen. If I have to be the face of it, that’s fine. But it has to, has to, has to stop.”

Some argue that the pay gap is fair. Simply, women’s sports generate less revenue and female soccer players are paid less as a result. While the US women’s World Cup match was the most-watched match in the history of US soccer, it only generated $17 million in ads. ESPN’s broadcasting of the World Cup, in contrast, netted the company $529 million in sponsorship revenue, according to the Washington Post.

To Wambach, the pay gap is unacceptable regardless. There has to be a way to change it — whether it’s a law or a movement or both, she said. Her goal after retirement is to change the world, and she say she’s not scared of saying it.

“The reality is, as Alyssa Milano said earlier, one moment can literally create a movement,” Wambach said. “I think for me, my moment was realizing that I accepted being paid and being treated unequally the entirety of my career. And I’m going to make that different. I’m going to make that different for the next generation.”


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