Yixing having a fever on the first day of OMG’s promotional tour T.T get well soon!

Jiang Wen’s weibo update: Our Shanghai activities have ended, battled a whole day with two sick people. Really admire Yixing and Director Wei, the two of them had a 38-degree and 39-degree high fever, but despite being ill they did promotions for an entire day with dedication.

Save the art gallery at Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens
Inverleith House, in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, has been a much-loved and deeply valued public arts space in Edinburgh for well over half a century, first as the home of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, then under the management of the Royal Botanic Garden itself. Given the importance of the gallery as an iconic location in Edinburgh, and a much-loved space both for the people of the city and for international visitors, it seems outrageous that the RBGE management...

Why is this important?

Inverleith House, in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, has been a much-loved and deeply valued public arts space in Edinburgh for well over half a century, first as the home of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, then under the management of the Royal Botanic Garden itself.

Given the importance of the gallery as an iconic location in Edinburgh, and a much-loved space both for the people of the city and for international visitors, it seems outrageous that the RBGE management should seek to close it at just a few days’ notice, and without public consultation, apparently with a view to exploiting it for more commercially rewarding purposes.

Yet the amount of public money invested in maintaining the house as a gallery over the years raises questions about whether the RBG management have any moral right to close it to the public in this way, or have any idea of the sense of loss that will be felt by tens of thousands of people, in Edinburgh and far beyond, who - because of the gallery’s unique location - may in some cases have had their first-ever experience of modern art in these beautiful rooms.

It is difficult to imagine any more appropriate use for this beautiful historic building than the one it has enjoyed over the past half century; and this petition asks all the key bodies involved - the Board and management of the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Creative Scotland, Edinburgh City Council, Visit Scotland, and others - to come together, as a matter of urgency, to ensure that this beautiful building remains open to the public as an arts space and gallery, for the foreseeable future.

FRESH FRUIT is the perfect remedy for getting through the heat of a 38 degree day ☀️💦 Mango, peach, raspberries and blueberries= energy levels revived ✔️✔️

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“The best thing about directing Shai is that she’s completely fearless. She’s game for anything – she climbed that ferris wheel at 2 a.m. in 38-degree weather with no gloves, and hung out there for eight hours, 150 feet off the ground. She just did it. What she always said was, ’I’m not afraid of heights, I’m just afraid of falling.’ ” - dir. Neil Burger

Stephen Hester, chief exec of RBS and his massive bonus

UK people - do you think that this man deserves a £1 million bonus this year? Haven’t we already bailed him out enough as taxpayers? If you agree that he should forgo this ridiculous bonus (after all, what’s a million to Stephen Hester? Probably small change.) then please take the time to sign the 38 degrees petition:


Saturn Rings, Moon Shine in Dazzling New NASA Photo

A new image captured by a NASA spacecraft shows Saturn’s famous rings in gorgeous detail, with one of the planet’s many moons shining in the distance.

The space agency’s Cassini probe snapped the photo on Oct. 22, 2013, when it was about 1.6 million miles (2.6 million kilometers) from Saturn and 38 degrees below the ring plane, NASA officials said. The planet’s battered “Death Star” moon Mimas is visible as a pinprick of light at the bottom right.

The photo also depicts hazy, mysterious “spokes” in Saturn’s B ring, just to the right of center.

Save The NHS...

Right now, the government is pushing through changes to our health service which could spell the end of the NHS as we know it. Meanwhile, a funding squeeze means wards are closing and doctors and nurses are being laid off.

On Monday afternoon, the House of Lords starts its final votes on the NHS changes. An influential crossbench Lord, Lord David Owen, has agreed to receive a copy of the Save Our NHS petition.

Please sign the petition if you care about the future of the NHS. Our votes could help sway them to force Lansley to publish the risks of the changes for the NHS which are currently hidden. 

(Click on the title ‘Save The NHS…’ to sign the petition)

Jackson Whittemore--High School AU #17

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It was an unusually hot summer in Beacon Hills, well technically it was late spring since it was May, but whatever. It was in the hundreds which was usually something that didn’t happen until July and to make matters worse the A/C in the school was broken. 

Any minute now the principal would come on over the intercom and tell everyone that they could go home. 

Meanwhile you were stuck in economics suffering next to Jackson. No one was paying attention to the lesson, not that there was even a lesson to begin with, Coach Finstock was just as overheated as the rest of you and was sitting on his desk fanning himself with todays lesson plan. 

To your left Jackson was slowly stripping off his layers, you didn’t think anything of it at first, he’d started off with his over shirt, you assumed he’d stop there but nope. He continued stripping off the layers until he was sitting bare chested new to you, and you found yourself feeling hot but it didn’t have anything to do with the weather. 

“Jack-uh, Jackson why’d you take your shirt off?” You asked fanning yourself with your notebook. 

“Cuz it’s hot.” He said shrugging like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Well yeah, but, um, but I don’t think that the student code of conduct allows this sort of dress.” You said shaking your head trying to focus on something other than Jackson’s muscular torso. 

“So? We’ll be leaving soon besides, no one cares.” Jackson told you. 

“Coach can you please tell Jackson to put on a shirt, I mean the boy’s got the body of a greek god, but it’s making it really difficult to focus on anything.” You said resorting to desperate measures. 

“(y/l/n) I don’t care enough to tell him anything. In fact I really don’t care at all.” Finstock said before going back to fanning himself. 

You sighed and slammed your head on the desk trying not to focus on how good Jackson looked. 

“So greek god huh?” Jackson asked, you didn’t have to look at him to know that he was smirking. 

“Attention students: Due to the maintenance problems we’re currently having classes are cancelled until further notice.” 

“oh thank god.” You whispered to yourself. “Don’t start with me Jackson.” You said as you packed up your books. 

“Aww come on (y/n) I could always use the confidence booster.” He said as he followed you out into the hallway. 

“No, if anything you need less of an ego boost, go home Jackson, that’s what the rest of us are doing.” You said trying to get away from him. 

“Alright, let me walk you to your car, maybe you’ll get nervous and start complementing me again; it’s cute.” Jackson said walking along side you as the two of you made your way to the parking lot. 

“Whatever Jackson, but can you please put your shirt on?” You asked letting your eyes drift towards his torso.

“Not a chance (y/n).” He replied with a smirk.

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Shipwrecks Spotted in Crystal-Clear Waters of Lake Michigan

Early spring is apparently a good time to look for shipwrecks in Lake Michigan.

Earlier this month, a helicopter from the Coast Guard’s Air Station in Traverse City, Michigan, was out on a routine patrol over the lake, looking for boats in distress or anything out of the ordinary. It was a calm day; the ice that covered the lake had recently melted, and the water was still very cold, just 38 degrees Fahrenheit (3.3 degrees Celsius) — a perfect combination for good visibility.

When Petty Officer Mitch Brown looked out the window of the helicopter, he could spot several century-old shipwrecks in the crystal-blue waters.

“We usually look for boats that are in the process of sinking,” Lt. Dan Schrader told Live Science. “We try to keep them keep from getting to that point.” Read more.

Stop government snooping: spread the word

In just 48 hours over 85,000 of us have signed the petition against government plans to spy on who we email, call and text. [1] Together we’re taking a stand against this Big Brother invasion of our privacy. [2] We’re saying it’s simply not right for the government to be allowed to spy on every single one of us - without any kind of warrant or reason.

Our petition is causing a stir. It’s being reported in front page news stories and MPs are starting to speak out. [3] But there’s a risk the government will still press ahead. If we’re going to stop these Big Brother plans, we need to get the petition past 100,000 signatures and fast.

The more people who sign the petition, the stronger the pressure on David Cameron to drop the plans. Sign the petition by clicking here:

David Cameron claims these plans will make us safer. But this is about spying on all of us, not just serious criminals. Human rights experts, academics and even backbench government MPs are expressing serious concerns. [4]

One concerned Conservative MP, David Davis, has been in touch with the 38 Degrees office to say: “These plans would give the state huge new powers to snoop on ordinary people. They’d be expensive, unnecessary, and a huge invasion of everybody’s privacy. If they are to be stopped, public pressure will be critical – including from 38 Degrees members”.

Can you help increase the pressure further by asking your friends to sign too? That way you can help make sure the government sees the petition grow past 100,000 signatures. Together we can show the government that British citizens up and down the country simply won’t put up with their snooping plans.