George Clinton (38 Degrees) - Nick Krueger

Something possessed me to tweet this at Game Grumps and George Clinton. Maybe because I love George Clinton.

Blue Exorcist: Home Sweet Home (part 1)

Sooooooo I’ve been planning to translate the title story from the Home Sweet Home novel for a while now because it’s FRIGGIN ADORABLE and because chapter 94 is coming and I need everyone else to also experience the pain of reading whatever happens next in the manga after reading this cute little happy family story, misery loves company muahahaha

So here’s the first part! ^_^ Part 2 is partly done and should be up relatively soon as well.

This story references ojiya (wiki link), a rice soup that people tend to eat when they’re sick (kind of the cultural equivalent of chicken noodle soup for the US). Also I’ve taken some liberties in bits of dialogue where Rin messes up hard words, in the hopes that it will actually sound funny in English.


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Ginger & Mina

Hello, hope all fine for you. Today sunny and now wind. :-) But they announced rain and the temperature dropped so it’s better for breathing, when I think my parents who are in Italy, they have 38 degrees but at least they have the sea.

I went in the kitchen to pick up something, when I came back, Ginger stole my chair, lol, but it’s because of the jacket so I put the jacket on top of an other chair, next to mine and he went to sleep on it (second picture), lol. 


(Avie showing signs of keeping cool)

How do I recognise heat stress in my bird?

When birds core temperature reaches above 38-40 degrees Celsius their body starts to respond physiologically. Heat is released via opened mouth breathing or panting, arched wings, minimal movement and closed eyes.

In these cases where your bird is showing signs of heat stress, gradually cooling your bird via water misting, air conditioning, fans or a combination of these cooling methods is necessary to prevent heat stroke.

During the hot hours of the day - refrigerated fruits and veggies that are abundant in water (apple, cucumber, capsicum, lettuce, silver beet) will help keep them hydrated and cool.
Fresh water is a must and as a rule I keep 2 bowls in my birds cage. One small one for drinking and a larger bowl for bathing. On these hot days I generally put a few ice cubes to keep the water from reaching room temperature.

Prolonged exposure of heat stress to your birds may cause organ shut down and cell damage. In the summer months keeping your birds cool is vital to their health.


#Egotober Day 6 - Sepsis

Chase Brody burst into the doctor’s surgery, startling Schneeplestein and Charlie as they worked on dissecting an eyeball. Jackieboy Man was draped over Chase’s shoulders, his legs limp and face flushed.

“Doc!” he panted. “It’s urgent - please, he needs your help…”

Dr Schneeplestein abandoned his dissection, chucking his bloodied gloves in the bin and gesturing for Chase to lay the hero on the operating table. Charlie scampered across the workbench and picked up a stethoscope, bringing it to the doctor. Schneeplestein thanked the rat as he bent over Jackieboy Man while Chase explained.

“He came back from saving some citizens three days ago, per usual. But he was really tired and complaining that his left eye hurt - his left, my right. Next morning his face was bright red, and yesterday he was breathing really quickly and kept having chills. Tonight he fell unconscious, just after dinner.”

“Charlie, did you get zat down?” asked the doctor. The rat nodded from Henrik’s computer where he was typing up the symptoms Chase listed. Schneeplestein unzipped Jackieboy Man’s suit and rolled down his sleeves. Chase gasped. Large patches of discoloured skin lined Jackieboy’s arms. Schneeplestein pressed a stethoscope to the hero’s stained chest and frowned.

“Charlie, heart rate higher than 90 beats per minute and temperature higher than 38 degrees Celcius. Begin a wound secretion test on his left eye, while I conduct a blood test.”

‘Already on it, doc.’ confirmed Charlie, passing Schneeplestein a needle and running up to Jackieboy’s face, examining the infection. The doctor took some blood from Jackieboy’s arm and placed it into a tube set in the workbench. He loaded up his computer and performed a blood pressure test while the computer loaded. Chase tapped his foot anxiously in the background, hoping against hope that the hero would make it. Finally, the results came up on the screen as the doctor finished checking Jackieboy’s blood pressure. Charlie scurried over to look and Schneeplestein read aloud for Chase to hear.

“Signs of clotting, decreased amounts of oxygen, imbalance of electrolytes. Confirmed case of septicemia, or sepsis. Charlie, treatments?”

Antibiotics via IV, painkillers, insulin to stabilise blood sugar, corticosteroids to reduce inflammation and vasoactive medications.’ the rat reeled off, hurrying to find some insulin.

The doctor addressed Chase, taking some painkillers off a shelf. “It’d be best if you vould leave now.”

“Will he be OK?” asked Chase as he opened the door.

The doctor smiled. “You did all you could, and I am very grateful for zat. But I need to focus on zis, and you should get some rest and let ze ozzers know vhere I am, and vhat has happened to Jackieboy.”

Chase nodded and left, closing the door behind him.

“Right!” exclaimed Schneeplestein, snapping on a new pair of gloves. “To vork.” 

It was early - almost 2am - and the doctor was slumped against his desk, knocked out like his patient. Charlie was curled up next to Schneeplestein, snoozing, his tail twitching every now and then. Jackieboy Man still lay on the operating table, his condition slightly more stable. But he still wan’t in the clear, not yet.

This was the scene that met Anti’s eyes when he entered the room.

He stared at the doctor and his rat, then at Jackieboy Man. He read the diagnosis on the computer, the prescribed treatments and visible symptoms. He sighed.

“Yo̡u us҉ed your laser v̶i̕s͜i͜o҉n ̨too much, ̵ḑidn’t ya?̶”

Anti walked over to the hero and looked at him for a while, deep in sleep, unconscious and unaware as the demon glitched away. He didn’t feel his skin slowly become less inflamed, his heart rate and temperature lower to much healthier levels, his blood pressure rise slightly. He couldn’t possibly know his blood was unclotting, being filled with more oxygen and electrolytes. 

Anti finally exited his body, his work done, and left the room. The hero would wake up the next morning and be well again, as if it was just a glitch in his system that didn’t last.







Promise fulfilled celebration party!! :DDDD

For Bows of Promise by the Goddess @toxichathor​, who dutifully updates every week to keep us well medicated with specialist recommended doses of angstfluff. All’s well that ends well, hope everything goes well for you in RL too Goddess :D

(and for celebrations I decided we need some of Seto’s forehead… hope this bit is somewhat satisfying :P)

“Nggh…six. Need to up.”

“Stay in bed with me Seto. Doctor’s orders, you won’t get well if you don’t rest.”

“I don’t know whether I should be listening to a doctor with a 38 degree fever… but I’ve always been a compliant patient.”

“Niisama, you’re wearing that scarf with that brown furball motif to your inauguration party?…No, don’t take it off, it looks good on you! Say hi to my niisan-in-law, okay?”

“3016 candles… on a Kuriboh themed wobbly cheesecake. After party food list, checked! ^-^”

anonymous asked:

" He’s seen Viktor so sick that he can’t remember his own name" i would love to see this if you're up for it!!!

@skatinggays @farashasilver @forovnix

“Hello?” asks Yuuri, knocking on the doorframe of the open bedroom door. 

All he gets in response is a disgruntled whine from the pile of blankets in the bed. Gingerly, Yuuri clambers onto the bed, peels back the topmost blanket, and is confronted with a mess of silver hair and baleful blue eyes. 

“Viktor, are you okay?” Yuuri asks quietly, looking at him.

Viktor blinks up at him. “Who?” he asks.

Yuuri raises an eyebrow. “You,” he says. “Viktor.”

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Eobard Thawne in every episodeDC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2.14 “Moonshot”

“38 degrees.”

“You don’t even know my question.”

“At what angle do we need to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere? 38 degrees. I’m from the 22nd century, I learned Astro-navigation in grade school. 38 degrees.”


• It takes a lot to get the attention of this bb
• He pays attention to things going on around him about 11.5% of the time
• But when you do grab his attention you’ve got him
• Kiyoharu seems like the type to fall for someone that’s a complete enigma to him
• Otherwise he’ll get bored
• Words aren’t his forte so his confession would likely be a kiss after he has you cornered
• Always looking at you
• Pretty chill about his feelings, not really caring for others
• Will put his head on your shoulder or lap without a second thought if he’s tired
• Bonus if you run your fingers through his hair
• Or massage those tense muscles in his shoulder
• When out in public he’ll take your hand without batting an eye
• He needs someone who can keep up with him
• And tell him when to stop
• “Kiyoharu you can’t dance with a 38 degree fever”
• “Or on an injured leg”
• Isn’t the jealous but is the jealous type
• Is literally attached to your side when Gaju is in a 20ft radius
• Sengoku too..
• “no”
• Other men won’t bother him as much because he trusts you
• Besides his glare alone is enough to scare most people off
• Taking care of him when he’s sick/injured
• Having to force him to stay in bed
• “No you’re not better it’s been 10 minutes”
• Holding his hand until he falls asleep because even he can be a baby sometimes
• Doesn’t say “I love you” too often or too casually
• Only I’m important moments like when confessing
• Otherwise he speaks through his actions
• Super observant
• Has his jacket over your shoulders before you even think “I’m cold”
• Makes sure to compliment you if there’s even the slightest deviation in your appearance
• If he wants to kiss you he’ll definitely make sure you’re alone
• 10/10 will stare at your lips
• If you still don’t get the message he’ll just tilt you chin up and start leaning in
• The type to wrap his arms around you and put his chin on your head in casual situations
• Seems uncaring but like Sengoku says he’s unbelievably caring for his partner
• Will never do anything that would seriously upset you
• But will go out of his way if it makes you happy

Hit me up for more/kissing/nsfw (╹◡╹)♡

doctor stranger; j.j.h

based off this post i reblogged,, and jupiter told me to write about jaehyun so thanks beb and also honestly im gonna be screwed for my prelims hahaha rip

starting line: “This isn’t covered by your insurance”

synopsis; doctor!jaehyun au,, uttering words you’d never think you would to your doctor, a very good looking one at that.

warnings; i’m the last person to ask for science advice,, forgive me for the lack of medical vocabulary,, ft slight mentions of the 97liners (Jungkook, BamBam, Yugyeom, Seokmin, Mingyu, Minghao)

genre; fluff

length: | a paragraph | drabble length | your average essay of less than 10,000 words | a fic too long but too short for a part 2|


Originally posted by nakamotens

Cramming for finals isn’t healthy, but it was worth the grades, you thought.

Or so you thought.

The moment you completed your paper, you heaved a sigh of relief, contented that you had actually completed the paper before the end time. Your happiness was short-lived, as the room turned blurry before your eyes and your world darkened to a space of pitch black.

You had to be sent to the hospital, as you were running a fever of 38 Degrees. You didn’t need surgery, but it was a bad case of Pneumonia. You needed to be cooled immediately and hospitalised for a week. That means you would miss your finals, but it was good in a way, you didn’t need to “revise” for your other subjects and your results will be pro-rated. “Revise” meant you would stay up till 4am to make sure you had all the information in your head. Luckily, you weren’t lazy with your assignments and they were all pretty decent grades.

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Fic 459:

A little Texas Two-Step sick!fic.

Scout wriggled the thermometer in his mouth. The lingering taste of alcohol that had been used to clean it was cold and clinical on his tongue. Exactly what he didn’t want right now. He sniffled a little, looking around for at least one tissue that hadn’t been pushed to its absolute limit before finally giving up and wiping his nose on the sleeve of his pajamas. He hadn’t worn pajamas since he’d arrived at 2Fort. New Mexico was hot, and anyway, manly men didn’t wear striped pajamas that had been packed for them by their ma.

Except that now he just couldn’t seem to get warm, and there wasn’t anything he wanted more than his Ma to come waltzing in with a glass of ginger ale and a plate of toast before sitting with him for the next hour until he finally fell asleep.

“Now let us see where you are!” Medic’s voice was unbearably cheerful as he pulled the thermometer from between Scout’s lips. “Ah! 38 degrees. Definitely a fever.”

“Yeah, no shit, Doc.” Scout scowled back. He didn’t need a broken thermometer to tell him that he felt awful. He’d be shivering almost non stop for the last hour, his brain seemed to be leaking from his nose, and his whole body ached worse that Demo after a sticky-bomb jumping bender.

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I’m a bit sick at moment so I got very inspired to make a vocabulary list all about feeling ill physically

Sick - sairas
Healthy - terve
Painkiller - särkylääke
Medicine - lääke
Doctor - lääkäri
Rest - lepo (verb. Levätä)
Pharmacy - apteekki
Sneeze - aivastaa (niistää; blow your nose)
Sleep - nukkua
Tissue - nenäliina
Achoo! - Ätsiuh!
Sniff - Niisk

Symptoms - oireet
Fever - kuume
Runny nose - nuha
Sore throat - kurkkukipu
Headache - päänsärky
Stomachache - vatsakipu
Throwing up - oksennus (verb. Oksentaa, to throw up. Oksettaa, to feel like throwing up)
Dry eyes - kuivat silmät
Loss of appetite - ruokahaluttomuus
Insomnia - unettomuus
Pain - särky, kipu
Cough - yskä (verb; yskiä)
To feel dizzy - huimata
Thermometer - lämpömittari
diarrhea - ripuli
fatique - väsymys
chills - kylmät väreet

Useful phrases
“Mulla on kuumetta”
I have fever

“..38 astetta”
..38 degrees

“Juo paljon vettä”
Drink a lot of water

“Mulla on nuha ja kurkku kipeä”
I have a runny nose and a headache.

“Parane pian!”
Get well soon!

Even standing in the blazing sun in 38 degree heat in front of one of the most beautiful temples in #Bangkok I’m comfortable in my Ciardi Solaro fabrictrousers with Laboratorio Avino beautiful cotton and silk (from Canclini) handmade shirt. Im wearing the excellent gold plated Vicuna The Bespoke Dudes sun shades to kill the glare of the gold leafed stupas all around!


Since June is Scoliosis Awareness month I thought I should share my own story. It’s going to be long so feel free to ignore this. It all started three years ago when I was having a surgery about my teeth and the surgeon noticed that my shoulders were uneven so she told me to go to check it out. I went to a scoliosis centre and found out that I had scoliosis 38° and 17° degrees . If I found out about it later I would have had surgery. So I had to wear the first back brace for 17 hours and do scoliosis exercises 5 days a week.I couldn’t wear it by myself and that was really annoying because I couldn’t even go to the bathroom even if there was no one in the house. Not going to lie but the first weeks with the brace were horrible. It hurt me so much and I couldn’t sleep or even sit well. The worst thing is that I didn’t have anyone that understood me. I felt so alone and when the school started I had so much stress and anger because I wanted to do everything right. I hated the back brace and my posture and I didn’t want anyone to know that I have scoliosis.Months passed and things didn’t get better for me . Luckily I had good doctors . One of them actually told me at the start that I shouldn’t be sad about the things that can get fixed and really supported me. A year and a half later I changed the back brace which I could wear by myself and it was much more comfortable. In November 2015 I started to watch Jacksepticeye and not only he changed my life but also my attitude about scoliosis. I accepted my condition ,loved my body and I didn’t actually care what others thought about my back brace. Before I was scared of going out with the back brace and I always hid it . Now I don’t care if someone sees it. I love my back brace. It made me strong as hell. Now I wear it 13 hours a day with less scoliosis exercises . My scoliosis reduced to 18° and 8° degrees and my posture has been improved a lot. I will probably wear the back brace for an extra year but the difficult part is over. To anyone who has scoliosis please don’t make the same mistake I did at first. You are beautiful even if your spine is curved or even if you have scars from a scoliosis surgery. Don’t be ashamed of your back brace or your scar. You are strong and you can make it through . You are not alone in this. Remember we are bent but not broken.

  • joelsartore A short-beaked echidna at the @melbourne_zoo.
    This little Australian mammal is covered in spines and has a unique, specialized tongue that is used to catch insects at a very high speed. Echidnas are solitary creatures, living in isolation except to mate. Unlike most mammals, a female echidna will lay a single egg directly into a pouch on her abdomen where it is incubated, hatches and the baby echidna, called a ‘puggle’, develops. During Australia’s winter (April until July) echidnas hibernate, their body temperature lowering to 3.7 degrees celsius (38.7 degrees fahrenheit).
    #echidna #tongue #australian#cuteanimals #photoark #natgeo