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For 30 years, the Feminist Library has made its home at 5 Westminster Bridge Road in London, making available a large collection of literature from the Women's Liberation Movement, as well as maintaining facilities for women and other community groups, and supporting research…
By Chad Felix

“On March 1st—the first day of Women’s History Month—the completely volunteer-run library, which has been providing services to London and beyond for over 40 years, will be evicted.“

Stephen Hester, chief exec of RBS and his massive bonus

UK people - do you think that this man deserves a £1 million bonus this year? Haven’t we already bailed him out enough as taxpayers? If you agree that he should forgo this ridiculous bonus (after all, what’s a million to Stephen Hester? Probably small change.) then please take the time to sign the 38 degrees petition:


Save The NHS...

Right now, the government is pushing through changes to our health service which could spell the end of the NHS as we know it. Meanwhile, a funding squeeze means wards are closing and doctors and nurses are being laid off.

On Monday afternoon, the House of Lords starts its final votes on the NHS changes. An influential crossbench Lord, Lord David Owen, has agreed to receive a copy of the Save Our NHS petition.

Please sign the petition if you care about the future of the NHS. Our votes could help sway them to force Lansley to publish the risks of the changes for the NHS which are currently hidden. 

(Click on the title ‘Save The NHS…’ to sign the petition)

Stop government snooping: spread the word

In just 48 hours over 85,000 of us have signed the petition against government plans to spy on who we email, call and text. [1] Together we’re taking a stand against this Big Brother invasion of our privacy. [2] We’re saying it’s simply not right for the government to be allowed to spy on every single one of us - without any kind of warrant or reason.

Our petition is causing a stir. It’s being reported in front page news stories and MPs are starting to speak out. [3] But there’s a risk the government will still press ahead. If we’re going to stop these Big Brother plans, we need to get the petition past 100,000 signatures and fast.

The more people who sign the petition, the stronger the pressure on David Cameron to drop the plans. Sign the petition by clicking here:

David Cameron claims these plans will make us safer. But this is about spying on all of us, not just serious criminals. Human rights experts, academics and even backbench government MPs are expressing serious concerns. [4]

One concerned Conservative MP, David Davis, has been in touch with the 38 Degrees office to say: “These plans would give the state huge new powers to snoop on ordinary people. They’d be expensive, unnecessary, and a huge invasion of everybody’s privacy. If they are to be stopped, public pressure will be critical – including from 38 Degrees members”.

Can you help increase the pressure further by asking your friends to sign too? That way you can help make sure the government sees the petition grow past 100,000 signatures. Together we can show the government that British citizens up and down the country simply won’t put up with their snooping plans.

Proposed Badger Cull in England. What can you do?

Lots of people have been in touch asking what they do about the proposed plans for a pilot cull of badgers in England due to begin next summer.  Network for Animals has been working closely with the Badger Trust and liaising with campaigns groups so that together our voices can be heard in unison on this issue.

You can read our reaction to the badger cull plans here.  

In order to have the greatest impact on the government’s decision whether or not to go ahead with their controversial plans, we recommend that you visit the 38 Degrees website and register your opinion there.  This website has had great success in forcing the government to make U-turns on controversial policy decisions and we feel has the strongest chance of attracting attention.  

By writing to your MP you can also make your opinion heard.  A short message outlining why you are opposed to the plans can make a big difference.  If they haven’t already, urge them to sign Early Day Motion 1591, which is an EDM against the badger cull. Visit They Work for You to find and contact your MP easily.  

To keep up to date with all our latest campaigns news and calls to action, please sign up to our e-mail list

Stop the BBC Household Levy

In light of the recent revelations on tax evaders and paedophile rings, the people have a right to choose if they want to pay for these people and their service or not. This question should be asked of the citizens first.Its a citizens right to choose which media is used and a one charge levy is not only unfair but also unequal. Once again the elite will have no problems paying whilst the poor will be worst affected.

There is hard evidence of pro-banker, pro-Tory and Eurosceptic bias (http://theconversation.com/hard-evidence-how-biased-is-the-bbc-17028).  The bias goes further back as well with bias against the miners during the 1984 miners strike (http://www.pressgazette.co.uk/miners-strike-30-years-foi-documents-reveal-bbc-misgivings-about-its-coverage and http://www.workersliberty.org/node/2366) and of course a bias in the Isreal-Palastine issue (http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2009/jun/26/bbc-anti-israel-bias)

The corporation, or at least one of it’s most well known presenters, has links to the arms trade. (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/jeremy-vine-under-fire-over-fivefigure-speech-to-arms-trade-10024364.hd).

The real question is do we, the public want to pay for such an institution? Publicly funded media is a wonderful thing but it should work in the interests of the public, not the interests of the rich and powerful. 

MPs draw line around 38 Degrees

Once or twice, I’ve sent one of the template letters from the 38 Degrees website. Their current campaign to “save the NHS” said this:

Despite the “listening exercise”, the government’s changes to the NHS plans couldstill pave the way for a shift towards a US-style health system, where private companies profit at the expense of patient care.

MPs are being told by the government that the NHS is safe. If they read our evidence, they’ll know that the spin doesn’t stand up. We can put them under massive pressure to vote to save our NHS. 

So I sent a template letter to my MP, Claire Perry for Devizes, because I’m never going to get round to writing a full one myself. But I did want to hear her answer, and this was a perfectly good solution to commanding that.

She replied with a letter from Stephen Philips QC, a fellow MP, who disputes the points made by 38 Degrees and concludes with this:

Keep reading

Place: 38 Degrees 

What was consumed (it was incredibly dark and difficult to take pictures with my little S5):

- Sticky fries with shoestring fries, provolone cheese, and bacon gravy (not pictured, only on their happy hour menu) 

- Duck schnitzel sandwich (the pictured monstrosity) which includes two giant breaded duck breasts (I swear, it tasted like fatty chicken thigh) and a complementary lemon aioli