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Something possessed me to tweet this at Game Grumps and George Clinton. Maybe because I love George Clinton.


(Avie showing signs of keeping cool)

How do I recognise heat stress in my bird?

When birds core temperature reaches above 38-40 degrees Celsius their body starts to respond physiologically. Heat is released via opened mouth breathing or panting, arched wings, minimal movement and closed eyes.

In these cases where your bird is showing signs of heat stress, gradually cooling your bird via water misting, air conditioning, fans or a combination of these cooling methods is necessary to prevent heat stroke.

During the hot hours of the day - refrigerated fruits and veggies that are abundant in water (apple, cucumber, capsicum, lettuce, silver beet) will help keep them hydrated and cool.
Fresh water is a must and as a rule I keep 2 bowls in my birds cage. One small one for drinking and a larger bowl for bathing. On these hot days I generally put a few ice cubes to keep the water from reaching room temperature.

Prolonged exposure of heat stress to your birds may cause organ shut down and cell damage. In the summer months keeping your birds cool is vital to their health.

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" He’s seen Viktor so sick that he can’t remember his own name" i would love to see this if you're up for it!!!

@skatinggays @farashasilver @forovnix

“Hello?” asks Yuuri, knocking on the doorframe of the open bedroom door. 

All he gets in response is a disgruntled whine from the pile of blankets in the bed. Gingerly, Yuuri clambers onto the bed, peels back the topmost blanket, and is confronted with a mess of silver hair and baleful blue eyes. 

“Viktor, are you okay?” Yuuri asks quietly, looking at him.

Viktor blinks up at him. “Who?” he asks.

Yuuri raises an eyebrow. “You,” he says. “Viktor.”

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Even standing in the blazing sun in 38 degree heat in front of one of the most beautiful temples in #Bangkok I’m comfortable in my Ciardi Solaro fabrictrousers with Laboratorio Avino beautiful cotton and silk (from Canclini) handmade shirt. Im wearing the excellent gold plated Vicuna The Bespoke Dudes sun shades to kill the glare of the gold leafed stupas all around!

[ sick model ]

pairing; seventeen joshua x reader

genre; fluff, model!au

synopsis; proceeding with your job and going down the catwalk while you’re furiously sick isn’t the best idea. you fall and nearly pass out, and he saves you. 

word count; 1588 words

✎a/n; i literally got inspiration for this when i saw a video on youtube showing a few models falling on the catwalk HAHA wow // do let me know if you guys want a part 2 of this! :)

“Seriously, Y/N,” Jen said, exhausted from the continuous failed persuasions. “Just stay home. It won’t kill you to call in sick for one day.” 

“Yes it will,” you deadpanned, stuffing your necessities into your purse as you huffed out a breath of warm air. “It’s an important event today. I can’t miss it.”

“You’re literally burning a fever of 38.6 degrees, sweetheart,” Jen pointed out incredulously. “And you can’t even stand upright on your two feet.” 

“Yes I can—” you argued, but felt your head spin. Your hand quickly reaches out for a form of support, and Jen immediately rushes to your side, holding you up.

“Yeah, sure you can,” Jen said sarcastically, letting you go after you found your balance. “I’ll call your manager for you, okay?” 

“No, Jen,” you insisted. “I’ll go. I’ll come back right after that. It’ll only take a few hours. I’ll hold out.” 

Jen looks at you in frustration and worry. 

“I’ll be fine. I promise,” you assured.

“Fine,” she relents. “I’ll wait in the car. I’ll drive you.” 

You nod gratefully, putting on lipstick to cover up your pale lips, and foundation which was now a shade or two darker than your white-as-sheet skin. You swallowed a pill which was supposed to help with your dizziness, before going out and getting into the car. 

Jen drives you quickly to the venue. 

“Call me when you’re done, alright? I’ll come and pick you up,” Jen said, and you nodded, smiling, before getting out of the car and walking to the makeup room where you should be. 

The place was huge — a convention hall. You could barely find your way around, so you just went through random hallways in an attempt to figure out where the makeup room was.

Your head was spinning faster by the minute, and your legs were becoming horribly wobbly. Anyone could mistake you to be a drunk woman.

Your shoulder suddenly comes into contact with someone else, and you stumble backwards, immediately leaning to the wall for support as you pulled your coat tighter around your shivering body. You panted lightly, trying to clear your fuzzy vision and mind. 

“I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” 

You glanced up for a brief second, nodding to whoever that was. You barely managed to identify his features — blonde hair. “Yes, sorry.” 

You said nothing else as you left the guy, walking down the hallway, finding the makeup room and entering. 

“Y/N! Come sit down, we need to get your makeup done quickly,” your makeup artist said, practically forcing you onto a chair in front of the mirror.

She quickly removes your lipstick, not really bothering about your pale lip color underneath, before putting on another shade of lipstick. She does your eye makeup and whatnot, while your hair stylist curls your hair to perfection.

“The Minister is out there, and so is the President. Do well, alright?” you heard your manager instruct from behind. You hummed in reply, not really being able to talk as your makeup artist was carefully covering up your facial flaws.

Everything was done in fifteen minutes, and you were given a long, golden dress which flowed down to your ankles. They showed you to the back room where you were given your personal space to change, before rushing you back out to put on your other accessories. You pushed away the throbbing headache that was coming, trying to focus on preparing as you were ushered backstage where the other models were. 

You didn’t bother wearing your stilettos yet, because you were certain that you would’ve fell while half-running to the backstage, so you just held them in your hands.

All of you were then lined in order — you were sixth to go out, and down the catwalk. 

You took cautious, deep breaths, before slipping on your heels, and going up. 

The heels made you increasingly unstable on your feet — you felt like you were walking on the surface of water. A wave of nausea washed over you but you held it in, keeping your chin up as you strode down the catwalk. 

But the moment the cameras flashed, your mind went into a frenzy. The bright light made you so dizzy, you heard ringing in your ears, and your knees gave out on you, not being able to hold your weight anymore. 

You collapsed onto the floor, and loud muttering was immediately heard. 

“What happened?” 

“What’s with her?” 

“Did she fall?” 

You were conscious. You were still awake, but you couldn’t move — you had no energy to. 

“Get someone to pull her out! What the hell is she doing!?” you heard your manager whisper-shout from the back.

Joshua witnesses all this. He immediately stands up from his seat, and his right-hand man stops him. 


Joshua shakes his head, giving him a small smile. “It’s okay.”

He hops up onto the catwalk stage, kneeling beside you as you continuously struggled to move your limbs. They wouldn’t budge — they were almost numb. Your clouded vision spots Joshua, but you only know him as the blonde man who had bumped into you in the hallway.

“Come on,” Joshua whispered, putting an arm under your neck, and another under your knees, picking you up bridal style as he carried you backstage. 

You couldn’t keep yourself awake any longer — so you let unconsciousness take over.

Joshua notices as you go limp in his arms, and he quickens his footsteps to the nearest prep room, laying you down on the mini couch at the side.

“Call the ambulance,” he instructs firmly.

“But, President, the Minister is out there and she—”


Everyone flinches, and your manager quickly dials for one. 

“Did anyone not notice while she was preparing? She’s obviously sick!” Joshua fumed. Your stylists immediately drop their heads, guilty.

“President, the ambulance says they’ll take 15 minutes to get here,” your manager said, the phone a distance away from his ear, and Joshua growls.

“Whatever. Hang up on them. I’ll drive her myself.” 

Joshua picks you up again, walking briskly out of the venue, getting to his car and gently setting you in the passenger’s seat. He shuts the door on your side, before getting behind the wheel and starting the engine. 

You stir, waking up. Joshua notices, and turns to you.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” 

Your eyes opened with difficulty, and squinted. That’s when you recognized this ‘blonde-haired guy’.

Joshua. Your childhood friend. 

“Josh?” you said, unsure, your voice hoarse.

“Took you long enough,” he joked, but became serious the next second. His hand pressed against your neck, and you were aware of how sweaty you were, although you were quivering. 

“Why would you come to work today when you’re this sick?” Joshua said in disapproval, taking his handkerchief out of his pocket and dabbing it on your neck.

“What do you mean, come to work? How do you know I work here?”

Joshua smiled to himself, glad his instructions were carried out. After finding out that you applied for this job, he had instructed all the staff to not tell you who the President of the modelling company that you were under was. Aka him.

“That’s not important. I’ll take you to the hospital, alright?” Joshua said, and you shake your head vigorously with whatever energy you had. 

“Don’t,” you told him. That’s when he remembered — you had a fear of hospitals. You could never go to one, so whenever you were sick, you got medicine from the pharmacy and tried to get yourself better at home. 

“Just take me home,” you told him, hoping he remembers your address, because you honestly can’t recall it at that moment.

“Of course.” 

Joshua drives you home and you take the chance to sleep, wanting to numb the symptoms of fever you had. 

When Joshua reached, he gets out and runs to the other side of where you were, opening the door and unbuckling you. You wake up almost instantly.

“Do you need me to—”

“No, I’ll walk,” you told him, smiling gratefully anyway. He nods and helps you out, locking his car before supporting you back to your house. You must admit, it felt comfortingly secure and warm in his arms.

“Do you want to come in or are you going back? I think the fashion show is continuing,” you told him, suspecting that he was an audience. He bit in his lips to suppress his chuckle.

“It’s alright. They’ll handle themselves.” 

You frowned at his tone, but didn’t question as you half-invited him in. 

“Do you need anything?” you asked weakly, noticing that Jen must’ve gone out.

“No, all I need is for you to get to bed,” he said, and you smiled, trudging to your room and immediately going under the covers. Joshua and you were close, so you weren’t that self-conscious around him.

Joshua drags a chair from somewhere and puts it beside your bed, sitting down. He somehow had a wet cloth with him too, and he put it on your forehead.

“So you’re just going to sit there and watch me as I slowly fade into my dreamland?” you joked, your eyes already fluttering close.

Joshua chuckles, and you notice the golden badge pinned on his suit. 


“Wait,” you said, your eyes suddenly opening. Joshua swiftly removes his suit before you could get another look at it, leaving him in just his white button-up.

“I’ll explain when you wake up, okay? Go to sleep now,” he said, and you looked at him suspiciously, but sunk back into your pillows, drifting off to sleep as your body could no longer stay awake.

Joshua smiled as you easily slipped into dreamland.

“Sleep tight.” 

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I’m a bit sick at moment so I got very inspired to make a vocabulary list all about feeling ill physically

Sick - sairas
Healthy - terve
Painkiller - särkylääke
Medicine - lääke
Doctor - lääkäri
Rest - lepo (verb. Levätä)
Pharmacy - apteekki
Sneeze - aivastaa (niistää; blow your nose)
Sleep - nukkua
Tissue - nenäliina
Achoo! - Ätsiuh!
Sniff - Niisk

Symptoms - oireet
Fever - kuume
Runny nose - nuha
Sore throat - kurkkukipu
Headache - päänsärky
Stomachache - vatsakipu
Throwing up - oksennus (verb. Oksentaa, to throw up. Oksettaa, to feel like throwing up)
Dry eyes - kuivat silmät
Loss of appetite - ruokahaluttomuus
Insomnia - unettomuus
Pain - särky, kipu
Cough - yskä (verb; yskiä)
To feel dizzy - huimata
Thermometer - lämpömittari
diarrhea - ripuli
fatique - väsymys
chills - kylmät väreet

Useful phrases
“Mulla on kuumetta”
I have fever

“..38 astetta”
..38 degrees

“Juo paljon vettä”
Drink a lot of water

“Mulla on nuha ja kurkku kipeä”
I have a runny nose and a headache.

“Parane pian!”
Get well soon!

Day 38 / 100 days of productivity 

Woke up early this morning because I had to go to my internship in the city at 9am. I also finally finished Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals and I’m going to start When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi on the train to my parents’ house this evening. Lastly, I began constructing a post about what to do and how to handle finishing your undergraduate degree!

Jackson Whittemore--High School AU #17

Originally posted by coloursong

It was an unusually hot summer in Beacon Hills, well technically it was late spring since it was May, but whatever. It was in the hundreds which was usually something that didn’t happen until July and to make matters worse the A/C in the school was broken. 

Any minute now the principal would come on over the intercom and tell everyone that they could go home. 

Meanwhile you were stuck in economics suffering next to Jackson. No one was paying attention to the lesson, not that there was even a lesson to begin with, Coach Finstock was just as overheated as the rest of you and was sitting on his desk fanning himself with todays lesson plan. 

To your left Jackson was slowly stripping off his layers, you didn’t think anything of it at first, he’d started off with his over shirt, you assumed he’d stop there but nope. He continued stripping off the layers until he was sitting bare chested new to you, and you found yourself feeling hot but it didn’t have anything to do with the weather. 

“Jack-uh, Jackson why’d you take your shirt off?” You asked fanning yourself with your notebook. 

“Cuz it’s hot.” He said shrugging like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Well yeah, but, um, but I don’t think that the student code of conduct allows this sort of dress.” You said shaking your head trying to focus on something other than Jackson’s muscular torso. 

“So? We’ll be leaving soon besides, no one cares.” Jackson told you. 

“Coach can you please tell Jackson to put on a shirt, I mean the boy’s got the body of a greek god, but it’s making it really difficult to focus on anything.” You said resorting to desperate measures. 

“(y/l/n) I don’t care enough to tell him anything. In fact I really don’t care at all.” Finstock said before going back to fanning himself. 

You sighed and slammed your head on the desk trying not to focus on how good Jackson looked. 

“So greek god huh?” Jackson asked, you didn’t have to look at him to know that he was smirking. 

“Attention students: Due to the maintenance problems we’re currently having classes are cancelled until further notice.” 

“oh thank god.” You whispered to yourself. “Don’t start with me Jackson.” You said as you packed up your books. 

“Aww come on (y/n) I could always use the confidence booster.” He said as he followed you out into the hallway. 

“No, if anything you need less of an ego boost, go home Jackson, that’s what the rest of us are doing.” You said trying to get away from him. 

“Alright, let me walk you to your car, maybe you’ll get nervous and start complementing me again; it’s cute.” Jackson said walking along side you as the two of you made your way to the parking lot. 

“Whatever Jackson, but can you please put your shirt on?” You asked letting your eyes drift towards his torso.

“Not a chance (y/n).” He replied with a smirk.

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  • (Warning - rant)
  • Why are my parents "rules" so stupid - my mum thinks I have tonsillitis/glandular fever and is booking me a doctors appointment tomorrow.
  • YET because I'm on my phone I'm well enough to go into school?!? Even though I can barely stomach anything but water right now. But apparently if I don't actually throw up or have a temperature over 38.2 degrees C I have to go into school?!?
  • I feel shit to the point where I can't eat and feel like I'm going to throw up/faint and all they can say to me is "make sure you do some work" ?!?

Into a frozen maelstrom: 

Surfers jump from an icy pier into 10’-17’ Lake Superior.  

This winter the air temp has been as low as 15 degrees below zero and the water temperature has been between 36 and 38 degrees.  Vaseline for faces is a must; frostbite is a sure thing without it.  6mm wetsuits with 7mm booties and 5mm gloves, and spare 20-40 minutes after getting out of the water to thaw before changing clothes, or you’ll tear your frozen suit trying to strip it off.

ph Jason Lome

I’M ALIVEEE. I’m slowy but surely recovering. :) the past few days has been quite an ordeal. Warning that it’s gonna be a long post. Sorry I’m on mobile and I can’t remember how to hide below a cut. Dx

It first started when I developed a stubborn fever that refused to go down. The temperature was about 37.8 to 38 degrees. Even after taking panadol, it didn’t go down. In fact sometimes it went up instead. Also had flu and a sore throat. I went to the doctor and they told me that it’s a viral infection and that it doesn’t look that bad yet. I had one day of medical leave, went back to work the next day but the fever persisted, so I went to see a doctor again. This time round they gave me an antibiotic, amongst other things, and said that if my fever still doesn’t subside by sat I have to go back and consider doing a medical checkup. And this is when everything started. :’(

The fever finally dropped after five days, but my appetite took a big hit. I started losing my appetite, was dizzy and felt really nauseous from the first time I took my medication each day. I couldn’t even finish a bowl of broth. :( I didn’t know what was wrong initially and I cried a lot, wondering what the heck is wrong with my body. I was practically bed-ridden because of how I felt. Eventually it continued to degrade until everytime I took the meds, I would throw up over an hour later and basically feel really horrible. The very last time I took it, my stomach felt like it was positively burning after taking the med, it was so hot. Apparently I had also an anxiety attack last night after because I felt so miserable.

I did some experimenting and thinking and finally realized that the culprit was the antibiotic. When I told the doctor that I’m barely eating and I’m always nauseous, they said its side effects of the antibiotic and told me to continue eating it. However after a whole day of throwing up everything I ate everytime, I decided that I have suffered enough. I called the clinic the next day, telling them of my situation and asking if I should still continue eating it. The doctor said if it’s making me feel really bad then I can just stop taking it. THANK GOD.

I’ve stopped eating it and am feeling better. My appetite is still almost non existent but I can manage small bites. I still feel queasy and dizzy, but I think it’s because my stomach isn’t digesting well and my body isn’t getting nutrients. I’ve lost not only my appetite and weight from this ordeal, I lost a lot of hair too. :’( I dropped so much hair, every time I see a new strand fall I feel a little sad inside. It’s times like this where I am thankful my hair is thick by nature.

A big thank to @plloo2013 for being there with me the past few days and advising me on what I should do. <3


Baby 1: “Stumpy,” 2016 Harlequin Mahogany male. This cute little guy is looking for a new home! He is the last available 2016 baby (his siblings found local homes). Because he has a stubby tail, I’m offering him at a reduced price and asking that he go to a pet-only home. Despite the “flaw,” he sheds, poops, and eats normally and is otherwise perfectly healthy. 

He had been eating readily on live prey but snubbing f/t, so I decided to hold on to him until he made the switch. He has now fed multiple times on f/t mice and is ready to go! .

Asking $75 + shipping. 

Send me a PM if you are interested in him, but be sure to read our ToS first. Thanks for looking!

I won’t ship when daytime lows drop below 38 degrees Fahrenheit, but will hold through winter with a deposit.