Baby 1: “Stumpy,” 2016 Harlequin Mahogany male. This cute little guy is looking for a new home! He is the last available 2016 baby (his siblings found local homes). Because he has a stubby tail, I’m offering him at a reduced price and asking that he go to a pet-only home. Despite the “flaw,” he sheds, poops, and eats normally and is otherwise perfectly healthy. 

He had been eating readily on live prey but snubbing f/t, so I decided to hold on to him until he made the switch. He has now fed multiple times on f/t mice and is ready to go! .

Asking $75 + shipping. 

Send me a PM if you are interested in him, but be sure to read our ToS first. Thanks for looking!

I won’t ship when daytime lows drop below 38 degrees Fahrenheit, but will hold through winter with a deposit.

Jackson Whittemore--High School AU #17

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It was an unusually hot summer in Beacon Hills, well technically it was late spring since it was May, but whatever. It was in the hundreds which was usually something that didn’t happen until July and to make matters worse the A/C in the school was broken. 

Any minute now the principal would come on over the intercom and tell everyone that they could go home. 

Meanwhile you were stuck in economics suffering next to Jackson. No one was paying attention to the lesson, not that there was even a lesson to begin with, Coach Finstock was just as overheated as the rest of you and was sitting on his desk fanning himself with todays lesson plan. 

To your left Jackson was slowly stripping off his layers, you didn’t think anything of it at first, he’d started off with his over shirt, you assumed he’d stop there but nope. He continued stripping off the layers until he was sitting bare chested new to you, and you found yourself feeling hot but it didn’t have anything to do with the weather. 

“Jack-uh, Jackson why’d you take your shirt off?” You asked fanning yourself with your notebook. 

“Cuz it’s hot.” He said shrugging like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Well yeah, but, um, but I don’t think that the student code of conduct allows this sort of dress.” You said shaking your head trying to focus on something other than Jackson’s muscular torso. 

“So? We’ll be leaving soon besides, no one cares.” Jackson told you. 

“Coach can you please tell Jackson to put on a shirt, I mean the boy’s got the body of a greek god, but it’s making it really difficult to focus on anything.” You said resorting to desperate measures. 

“(y/l/n) I don’t care enough to tell him anything. In fact I really don’t care at all.” Finstock said before going back to fanning himself. 

You sighed and slammed your head on the desk trying not to focus on how good Jackson looked. 

“So greek god huh?” Jackson asked, you didn’t have to look at him to know that he was smirking. 

“Attention students: Due to the maintenance problems we’re currently having classes are cancelled until further notice.” 

“oh thank god.” You whispered to yourself. “Don’t start with me Jackson.” You said as you packed up your books. 

“Aww come on (y/n) I could always use the confidence booster.” He said as he followed you out into the hallway. 

“No, if anything you need less of an ego boost, go home Jackson, that’s what the rest of us are doing.” You said trying to get away from him. 

“Alright, let me walk you to your car, maybe you’ll get nervous and start complementing me again; it’s cute.” Jackson said walking along side you as the two of you made your way to the parking lot. 

“Whatever Jackson, but can you please put your shirt on?” You asked letting your eyes drift towards his torso.

“Not a chance (y/n).” He replied with a smirk.

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I’m a bit sick at moment so I got very inspired to make a vocabulary list all about feeling ill physically

Sick - sairas
Healthy - terve
Painkiller - särkylääke
Medicine - lääke
Doctor - lääkäri
Rest - lepo (verb. Levätä)
Pharmacy - apteekki
Sneeze - aivastaa (niistää; blow your nose)
Sleep - nukkua
Tissue - nenäliina
Achoo! - Ätsiuh!
Sniff - Niisk

Symptoms - oireet
Fever - kuume
Runny nose - nuha
Sore throat - kurkkukipu
Headache - päänsärky
Stomachache - vatsakipu
Throwing up - oksennus (verb. Oksentaa, to throw up. Oksettaa, to feel like throwing up)
Dry eyes - kuivat silmät
Loss of appetite - ruokahaluttomuus
Insomnia - unettomuus
Pain - särky, kipu
Cough - yskä (verb; yskiä)
To feel dizzy - huimata
Thermometer - lämpömittari
diarrhea - ripuli
fatique - väsymys
chills - kylmät väreet

Useful phrases
“Mulla on kuumetta”
I have fever

“..38 astetta”
..38 degrees

“Juo paljon vettä”
Drink a lot of water

“Mulla on nuha ja kurkku kipeä”
I have a runny nose and a headache.

“Parane pian!”
Get well soon!

Heart Nebula - IC1805

Ive been waiting to capture this for a few weeks now but it was either too low in the sky, too cloudy or I had to get up early the next day. Conditions were perfect last night so I stayed up imaging until 2am and shot 12 x 9 min subs all in Hydrogen Alpha.  Its still actually quite low in the sky here, about 38 degrees so I think more detail will be possible once its in its winter home. 

I'm Sorry for Worrying You
The moment Tsukishima learned to never keep Kageyama out of the loop of his wellbeing ever again.

Pairing: Kageyama Tobio/Tsukishima Kei

Words: 938

Rating: G

For: @bitteralmondsscent

“You really don’t look good…” Tsukishima hated that. Kageyama was worried about him, as he subtly said those words for others might seem emotionless, but he knew all too well that the setter was everything but. His mouth was in a thin line instead of its usual scowl and his eyebrows twitched ever so slightly between furrowing and relaxing. He waited patiently before pulling the thermometer out of the blonde’s mouth and silently exhaling as the device showed that his boyfriend’s temperature was 38 degree Celcius.

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45 DEGREES?!?!? Honestly good luck surviving that anonnie, I'm here praying that you'll get out of that alive (and in the same time I'm wondering how I could even think that 38 degrees was a lot but it can get hotter wow) - Vera

Yup that’s Australia for you, right now in NSW, Queensland and SA we’re facing a heatwave of over 40 degrees in all three of those states. Ya know how weather maps show the temperature by colour, right now there’s a freaking purple splotch over half the country, and it’s horrifying. Seriously to all my fellow Aussies, STAY INSIDE THIS WEEKEND AND IF YOU DO NEED TO GO OUTSIDE, STAY IN THE SHADE AND ALWAYS HAVE WATER AVAILABLE. Seriously guys it’s gonna be really dangerous, please stay safe. 

Whenever I come back from Arizona, it always takes me about a week or so to adjust to the temperature difference. The 75 degree weather there makes the 38 degree weather here feel like a tundra, and the sad part is, the weather today is actually pretty mild compared to how it’s been the past few weeks.

it is currently 38 degree Celsius haha how good and tomorrow it’s over 40. how good is living in a country that only has two seasons : hell and burning hell

“The best thing about directing Shai is that she’s completely fearless. She’s game for anything – she climbed that ferris wheel at 2 a.m. in 38-degree weather with no gloves, and hung out there for eight hours, 150 feet off the ground. She just did it. What she always said was, ’I’m not afraid of heights, I’m just afraid of falling.’ ” - dir. Neil Burger