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Spyro Ask Meme

catnipcarnival has made an another Spyro themed ask meme so let’s give it a go! :3

1. The most enjoyable home world in any first three Spyro games?

2. Which world has just the most pleasing colors to your eye?

3. Gnorcs or Rhynocs?

4. Remember what personal property Hunter had lost in Spyro 2?

5. Sometimes Spyro gets torched, he drowns or fliess off the edge of the world. How your Spyro usually dies?

6. Would you enjoy playing as an adult Spyro?

7. The baby or adult dragons?

8. A herd of lambs up ahead! You…

9. Which is the best Sparx (color/design)?

10. Swimming, flying or running?

11. Which secret orb was just pain to find?

12. The diamond you always leave behind (color)?

13. Any personal thoughts about Moneybags?

14. The fairy of your choise?

15. Your thoughts about getting top of the tower of knight armored ghosts in Spyro the Dragon?

16. Ever used Peace Keeper cannons to your personal entertainment? How?

17. Water the colors of shining green, dark purple or bright pink – pick your poison lake.

18. Like the balloonists? Ever wondered what they actually are?

19. Have you noticed any easter eggs or other things in Spyro games that point to some other game/movie? Say which one you’ve noticed.

20. Pink or white eggs?

21. Metal or wooden chests?

22. Have you ever had 99 lives?

23. Should Spyro have someone to date or remain single?

24. Skateboard, glider, tanks, planes … Spyro has seen many tools and vehicles. Did you enjoy any of them particulary or did you just hate one more than the others?

25. Thoughts about Ripto being a villain in Spyro Enter the Dragonfly?

26. The most interesting design of a random animal/enemy in any of the games?

27. Which one should have their own game: Sheila, Bentley, Agent 9 or Byrd?

28. Who was James Byrd dating in Spyro 3?

29. Which world itself had the most interesting situation in Spyro 3? For example Frozen Altars had these horrible Snowmen crushing things down and some stupid bear had sold the birds a melting system they couldn’t use…

30. Agent 9 was helping someone smart. Who was that?

31. Hunter and Bianca in love. Your feelings about a cheetah dating a bunny?

32. The very creatures you enjoy helping most?

33. The Sorceress is a tough cookie. Have you gone through the bonus world and defeated her again?

34. Okay, so if you went through the bonus world, was it easy to win the yetis?

35. The most entertaining/the most stupid game in Dragon Shores?

36. Have you ever got the glitch of having the big fire in the very beginning of the game in Spyro 2?

37. How well you’ve played and how does your memory serve? Name all the homeworlds from Spyro 3:

38. In Sunset Villa (the place with giant chickens) there was someone on the top of a tower. Who was it and why was she there?

39. The nicest world in Autumn Plains?

40. Should Spyro have a come-back with the old world system?

mahmoud007  asked:

15 ,28 ,38

15: before sunset (I have a huge list of fav. movies but this is the one i love the most)

28: بكره اى حد بيأذى الناس سواء بحاجة كبيرة او صغيرة it feels like taking a happy mentally stable person and then turning them into the complete opposite which wouldn’t have happend if people weren’t evil assholes

38: a doctor (i became one ) (not a dream job anymore i guess)