Shot a promo video for my store a while back and finally found the right time (and courage!) to put it up.


NKIRU Trailer

A group of friends go to the beach and disappear under mysterious circumstances. Set in Lagos, Nigeria.

A 37thSTATE Film

The white man went to Asia and told him that his ways were savagery and that his gods were satanic. The Asian ignored him and today he is on the verge of becoming a superpower. The white man came to Africa, told us that our ways were savagery and our gods satanic and we said “yes master” and today we have nothing but poverty and strife.
There is the Almighty and then there are gods who rule over different spheres of life. Even the dieties bow to the Almighty. But they have their powers and can be very helpful to those who turn to them. The pastors have convinced you that taking from them can lead to evil consequences and that is why you refuse to claim what is there, available to you, while you suffer in silence, those same pastors unable to offer you real assistance. While I understand that it is not fashionable to acknowledge that you believe or that you are even curious about her, anybody that is interested can find out more info about her on the internet.
—  omo yemoja December 3, 2012 at 9:59 PM

37thSTATE presents NKIRU Short Film 2012

This is one of those things that makes me really want to delve into our industry in Nigeria. It is finally a refreshing perspective on our entertainment industry. In my opinion it is truly about bleeping time.

Great job guys.

“Directed by Bolaji Kekere-Ekun and produced by Nkechi Bakare of 37thSTATE, the short film delves further into the mystery of the legend of the Mami Water.

Shot in a style reminiscent of the Hollywood urban legend genre, and scored by award-winning Hollywood music composer Austin Wintory, Nkiru is the director’s fun perspective on an age-old African tale of love and sacrifice. Based on the African urban legend of Mami Wata, the short-film centers around a group of friends who disappear from a beach party under mysterious circumstances. 

Mermaid myths can be found in a myriad of cultures all over the world, inspiring interesting and captivating stories. Both Nkiru and the preceding documentary Lady in the Water offer an entertaining and eye-opening deeper dive into this international phenomenon in narrative film and documentary format, respectively. Viewers are encouraged to check out the Lady In The Water documentary as a prelude to Nkiru.

Nkiru and its director Bolaji Kekere-ekun were one of 5 projects featured on ‘Touching Base’, an MTV mini-documentary series highlighting Africa’s most inspiring entrepreneurs.”

The Lady in the Water documentary can be seen here:http://youtu.be/DlYpgmaP0HA