He played with an unbridled enthusiasm and fearlessness that made him an instant fan favourite. With a face that had never seen a razor blade and that mischievous smile, Rypien looked to all the unsuspecting world like a choirboy. But he played like the devil’s winger.

He fought grown men eight inches taller and 50 pounds heavier. He threw thunderous bodychecks and would challenge anyone who took offence. And he could score some, too.

Rick Rypien

How dare you.

Tears, disappointment and sorrow aside, I simply cannot believe that I’m seeing fellow Canucks fans making suicide jokes and depression snark about our team getting knocked out of the playoffs. After everything this team has been working towards this season. After Mindcheck. After Rick.

How dare you. Flipping though the Canucks tag after tonight’s loss made me sick with shame and rage. I will not stay silent but I will damn well judge those I see making these sort of references because we all should know better. We’ve seen it and we’ve felt it. Shame on you.

Educate yourselves. Make the pledge.