Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 37 - Rough Translation (Final Ver.)

Translated nased on netabare and random raw leaks

  • [TN = Translator’s notes]

Shirazu, Saiko and Kuroiwa are having bread at Yoriko’s shop

Shirazu: Delicious!!!

Saiko: munch munch

Kuroiwa: …!

Yoriko: Here is your coffee.

Shirazu: Oh, thanks.

It turns out that Yoriko and Kuroiwa used to be classmates when they were in primary school.

Shirazu: Kuroiwa was also like he is now, right?

Laughing Yoriko: yes

(Flashback) Yoriko fell during her relay competition and was helped by Kuroiwa.

Yoriko: (Though because of me, we got to the last, the indifferent Kuroiwa-kun doesn’t make an irritated face at all.)

Kuroiwa: So Kosaka opened a bakery…

Yoriko: Yeah, though I wanted to be a cook, I ended up loving to bake.

One day, I want to serve my bread in a cafe. [TN: cough :re cafe cough] Now, I’m still learning to create original bread and stuff, though. 

Saiko: Isn’t that great…

Kuroiwa: Kosaka, the bread was delicious

Smiling Yoriko: See you again, Kuroiwa-kun.

Meanwhile, Urie is in a gym.

rie: Ha… ku…

“Fu… Woah….!!”

“(More…I need more…)”

“(Until my muscles can scream more…)” It seems that Urie is in a sports club on a bench place.

Urie: Hmm!! Th… This is it!!

Urie: I can feel the overcompensation of my muscle. It’s getting stronger. I have this feeling that this overcompensation will go to my kagune inside the frame, coiling around its RC cells. [TN: I don’t get this bit well, but probably means he’s a muscle maniac in a nutshell -o-]

Then, somehow there is a flashback of the time when he visited Dr. Shiba

Shiba: Though it is true that Sasaki’s RC cell level is far higher than you all. It is more about his body. No matter how many times it is hurt, it can be regenerated again and again. [TN: I’m not sure if I really get this bit. It’s very technical]

At the same time, Sasaki was asked to visit the academy to give a lecture. He then gets to meet an instructor who resembles Yamori (!).

 Random academy students: “Sensei! Good job!”

                                               “Go have a girlfriend soon!”

Sasaki: Ri-ght, good job, guys. Mind your own business.

The teaching has just ended, and Sasaki was walking among laughing students.

Tokage: Sasaki Rank 1… Oh, it’s First Class now, is it?

Sasaki: Instructor Tokage…

(Second Academy Instructor. Tokage Gomasa) [TN: The kanji “Tokage” is the same for “lizard” by the way. Reminding me of Vol.7 Cover.]

Tokage: This is the place where “children with troubled past” gather. You could say there are kids with criminal records.

Tokage: By the way, how is Mutsuki? Mutsuki is your subordinate, isn’t it? That kid is no good too, right?

Sasaki: No, not at all. He’s very serious and passionate, actually. He’s now under the training of Special Class Suzuya

Tokage: Oh, Suzuya… Huh… [TN: Well, he’s the one making Juuzou’s acedemy life worse after all]

Affectionate Sasaki: Yes, he’s now looking more like a full-fledged investigator.

Sasaki: (Tokage-san used to work as an interrogator in Cohlea. Then he got counter-attacked by a ghoul who he repeatedly tortured. And the escaping ghoul was defeated by Juuzou-kun. That “13-ward Jason”, huh?)

Sasaki: (Indeed, I can feel “something dark” from Tokage-san)

Mutsuki is receving the training from Suzuya…

Mutsuki: Do you mind if I inform Sensei of the meeting’s details?

Suzuya: Go ahead.

Mutsuki: Oh, erm… It seems Sasaki came as a lecturer to “Second Academy” I want to in my junior years.

Mutsuki: So I’m used to calling him “sensei”

Kanae is meeting Hori in some family restaurant

Kanae: Alright, little mouse. What is the way to save Shuu-sama?

Hori: Well, it’s simple

Kanae: Simple…?

Hori: Just tell him “Kaneki-kun is still alive.”

Kanae: !!!

Kanae: Don’t be silly. Even I sometimes thought of something like that. Do you think Shuu-sama would get well again just because of…

Hori: You may have thought of it, but if you haven’t tried yet, it  means nothing. You know why Tsukiyama-kun is like that, right?

Kanae: !

Hori: What is the reason for his change again…

“(Kaneki Ken’s… death…)”

Hori: If you try to solve a problem, you don’t need to look beyond the cause.

Hori: But this would be a great gambling.

Hori: I’ve told you, right? We might end up losing Tsukiyama-kun.

Hori:When Tsukiyama-kun forst met Kaneki-kun, he’s “just a half-ghoul,” but now he’s “a half-ghoul ghoul investigator.” Tsukiyama’s well-being depends on the [CCG], you know.

I would try to cooperate with you to help things go well, though. Look, Tsukiyama-kun is so full of energy, so wouldn’t know how things will turn out…


When asking why Hori would help him to this extent.

Hori: Tsukiyama-kun is enjoyable, maybe. I think that’s why… 

Hori: I put number on each envelope with photos inside. Please pass these to Tsukiyama-kun in the order I suggest.

Hori: Kanae-kun, you cooperate with whatever Tsukiyama-kun wants to do.

But you need to make one promise with me: “You must always respect Tsukiyama-kun’s will”

Hori: If you can protect that promise… Pass him starting from picture ①

Tsukiyama: Kanae…

Tsukiyama: Tell me more about this…

Kanae: (It has begun…)

[TN: I’m not mentally prepared for this]

Tsukiyama saw a picture of Haise since Kanae showed it to him thanks to Chie and the first thing Tsukiyama said was, “Tell me more.” Or “gibbe more info”.

And Kanae thought to himself, “it started” or ‘it has begun’.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 37 Spoiler Summary

- Shirazu, Saiko, and Takeomi are eating breads in Yoriko’s bread store.

Shirazu: Oh, it’s delicious!
Saiko: … (Munch, munch)
Takeomi: …!
Yoriko: Here, have a coffee.
Shirazu: Oh, thanks!
Yoriko: Kuroiwa-kun has become an investigator. Your father is also a ghoul investigator.
Shirazu: What a coincidence to have met with an elementary school’s classmate.
Takeomi: Because of my father’s circumstances, I often transfer school, but I was in the same class with Kosaka for many years.
Shirazu: Is Kuroiwa like this too long ago?
Yoriko: Yes.

- Yoriko smiles as she said so.

Yoriko: He’s taciturn, but he’s a man with strong presence.

- There’s an image of young Takeomi and Yoriko.

Yoriko: He’s very athletic, which is why he’s really good during physical education. I’m really bad at sports, but I can run fast. I was one of the participants in gender mixed relay race during the sport event. My position is second to last, but…

- Yoriko’s flashback.
- During the relay race, Yoriko fell down.

Students: Oh my, she’s in the last place. I feel sorry for her.
Students: Ah, what are you doing? Kosaka, hurry and stand up!

- Yoriko looked like she was about to cry.
- At that moment, she heard Takeomi’s voice.

Takeomi: Kosaka!
Yoriko: …!

- Takeomi was asking her to pass the baton.
- Seeing that, Yoriko began to run.

Yoriko: (Because of fault, Kuroiwa-kun is now dead last, but there isn’t any frustration in his face.)

- And thus Yoriko managed to hand the baton to Takeomi. <— And thus the ship has sailed. XD
- End of flashback.

Yoriko: After that, he surpassed all the students and became first.
Shirazu: I knew it, Kuroiwa is the same as Kuroiwa of the past. (Sweat)
Shirazu: Right now he’s a Rank One Investigator at such age.
Yoriko: Is that a good thing?
Shirazu: It’s not just good. The average age for one to become a Rank One Investigator is 27.
Yoriko: Oh, that’s awesome, Kuroiwa-kun.
Takeomi: For Kosaka, it’s a bread store.
Yoriko: I originally wanted to become a chef, but I ended up enjoying making breads. I thought it would be great if I opened a cafe or a bread store someday. Right now, I’m in the middle of studying. I hope to come up with an original bread.
Saiko: How nice.

- At that moment, a shadow of person with french breads can be seen from the back of the shop.

Yoriko: Ah, it’s time to go back. It’s scary when the shop’s owner is angry. When the owner holds french breads, it means I have to hurry up.
Shirazu: Oh, we are leaving, too.
Takeomi: Kosaka, the bread is really good.
Yoriko: Come again, Kuroiwa-kun.

- Urie is doing bench press in Sport’s Club.

Urie: More… I need more… I need it until the muscle cries.
Urie: This… This is it…

- Apparently, if you hurt your muscles, it will become stronger because of self regeneration. Urie wants to use this strengthen his Kakuhou.
- Flashback with Dr. Shiba who told Urie that Quinx will become stronger the more hurt they are.

- Mutsuki is together with Suzuya’s team, discussing about Clowns.

Suzuya: I think that’s it for today.
Hanbee: It is worrying the relationship between the Clowns and Aogiri Tree.
Mutsuki: Suzuya-san, there’s one more thing that bothers me, about what No Face has said.

- Flashback of Uta saying “The operation has failed. Help won’t come.”

Suzuya: …The plan has been leaked?
Nakarai: We don’t know how they get their information, but if we trace that route, it might lead to the Clowns.
Mutsuki: May I report the content of this meeting to Sensei?
Suzuya: Sure.
Suzuya: Speaking of which, why does Tooru call Haise “Sensei”? <— Good question, Suzuya, I wanna know, too. lol
Mutsuki: Ah… well… In the academy where I was enrolled at during my junior years, he was there as a lecturer. He taught us how to control Quinque… Everyone called him “Sensei, Sensei”, that’s why it stuck with me…
Suzuya: I see.
Hanbee: Suzuya-senpai doesn’t do lectures? If there is one, Hanbee would have flown over. <— LOL Hanbee. XD
Suzuya: About that, strangely no one has ever called me to do that. I wonder why. <— You’re too advanced, Suzuya XD
Nakarai: Abara, don’t ask unnecessary things. Your job is to get snacks for senpai, so hurry up and do it now.
Mutsuki: Today, Sensei has a lecture in the academy.

- Sasaki-sensei just finished his lecture.

Students: Sensei, thank you for your hard work!
Sasaki: Yes, thank you for your hard work!
Students: Hurry up and get a girlfriend!
Sasaki: It’s none of your business~ <— He said it in playful way here. But, dang, Sasaki is popular. Haha~ XD
Sasaki: (This year too, the second academy has plenty lively students. Every academy has its own flavor. The first has many brilliant students, while fifth and sixth have the most sociable students.)
Sasaki: (Speaking of which, Juuzou-kun is also from the second…)

- At that moment, someone calls Sasaki, the second Academy instructor, Tokage Goumasa.

Tokage: Sasaki Rank One… Ah, you’re already First Class…
Sasaki: (Instructor Tokage…)
Tokage: How are our students? A bunch of fools, aren’t they?
Sasaki: No, they are very lively. It’s fun.
Tokage: The second academy is aimed towards “kids with past problems”. There are those with criminal records, too.
Tokage: Speaking of which, How is Mutsuki? Mutsuki Tooru, he is your subordinate, right? That kid is horrible, too.

- Sasaki looks a little shocked by that statement.

Sasaki: No, no… he’s very serious and passionate. Recently, he also receives lectures from Suzuya Special Class.
Tokage: Ah, Suzuya… Hmm…
Sasaki: Lately, he has the face of an investigator.

- Sasaki said so with a warm smile.

Sasaki: (Tokage-san was an interrogator of Cochlea in the past. The place where harsh interrogation are repeatedly made. It seems that he got that wound by a ghoul when he wasn’t paying attention. That ghoul ran away to 11 wards, and was defeated by Juuzou-kun, that “13th ward Jason”.
Sasaki: (With that look and strict demeanor, there are students who can’t handle Instructor Tokage. It’s true that… I can feel “some kind of darkness” from Tokage-san.”)

- Kanae meets up with Hori Chie in some restaurant.

Kanae: Well then, little mouse, tell me the way to save Shuu-sama!
Hori Chie: It’s a very easy thing to do.
Kanae: Very easy thing…
Hori Chie: You just have to tell him that “Kaneki-kun is still alive.”
Kanae: !!
Kanae: Are you making fun of me? I could have come up with that, too. Shuu-sama couldn’t possibly get better with just that…!!
Hori Chie: Even if you could come up with it, if you don’t do it, there’s no different with not coming up with it. Why Tsukiyama-kun became like that, you knew it too, don’t you?
Kanae: …!
Hori Chie: The thing that caused the change, what is it?
Kanae: Kaneki Ken’s… death…
Hori Chie: To solve a problem, you need to look at the cause. But this has a very strong “element of gambling”.
Kanae: …?
Hori Chie: I’ve told you. Tsukiyama family might disappear. When the first time Tsukiyama-kun attacked Kaneki-kun, he was just a “half-ghoul”. Right now, he’s a “half-ghoul ghoul investigator.”
Hori Chie: Just by moving, Tsukiyama-kun will become an enemy of CCG. Of course, I’ll try my best to cooperate, but Tsukiyama-kun, you know… he has too much energy, you won’t know what he will do.
Kanae: …
Hori Chie: My way of saving Tsukiyama-kun is both “the way to get Tsukiyama-kun better” and “we don’t know what he will do after that”.
Kanae: (What an irresponsible little mouse… but…)
Kanae: Why do you go to such length to get involved with Shuu-sama?
Hori Chie: Well, I may look like this, but I’m really scared of death. It’s hard to believe that you will disappear forever. That’s why right now, I hope I can die with the thoughts that “it’s alright even if I die now.”
Hori Chie: That’s why I always look for having a good time. Tsukiyama-kun is fun. That is why.
Kanae: (…Even someone like you can appreciate Shuu-sama greatness… How scary.)
Kanae: I’ll do it. Tell me what I should do.
Hori Chie: Right, I thought so too, that’s why I immediately brought these.

- Hori Chie puts envelopes with 6 numbers on the table.

Hori Chie: There are photos in the envelopes with numbers. Give Tsukiyama-kun the numbered envelope I specified. Kanae-kun, please help Tsukiyama-kun fulfill his wish. Promise me one thing, no matter what happened, please respect his wish. If you promised me that, I’ll give you photo no 1.

- Kanae shows Shuu the photo.
- Tsukiyama’s hand shakes when he sees Sasaki’s photo.

Shuu: Kanae, tell me more.