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         ❝I honestly can’t remember the last time I 
           had a proper night’s sleep.❞

He’s complaining, in a general sense. Of course, 
he means nothing by it, but when weighed down
by a weariness carried across weeks, he gets a 
little … is there a kinder word for whiny? 

                    ❝Seriously, I’m forgetting what a solid eight 
                     hours feels like.❞

12 Week of Ponies - Day 37 - Brewstar (my oc) adopted from Machati

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A tea master brewer. She sticks her tongue out at store-bought cheap tea and instead makes all of her own from scratch, lovingly made for each day, her mood, and if she’s selling it, to the individual client. She comes off as simple and maybe even the typical ‘hippie’ but really she’s a complex, calculated thinker. She’ll kick your butt at chess before her tea cools. 

She also collection tea accessories but especially tea cup that she like to find on flea market.

The name and most of the bio came with the adoptable and that also why I liked her so much :) And even if I failed at it, she’s chubbier than other ponies and that the second reason. Third her design <3


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The thought started here.

The previous thought is here.

T̸̪̝h̼̗̟̞ͅè̖̬̥̮̜̙̼̻͠ ̖̻̥̯̳̮̩́t̵͕͜͡h̩̫̯̳͓̠͘o͍̬̜̬͟͜͝u̵͈̰̥̼͉̣̘̹͝g̞̙̝͍̰h̡͙̫̙̥͚̫͎͞ͅt̤̥͔̖̰̜̥͎̣͞ ̪̼ͅç̬̜̭̣̞͓̥o̶̴̡͖̪̜̯ṉ̥̺͢ͅt̡̤̜̠i̩̬̘̟͍̥̻͢n̶͓̱̲̟̹͎u̸̬͎͎͎̳͝ͅe̤̭̙̞͘͟͟s̨̤̦̜͠͡  h̤̺̯̻͚̞é͚̗̭̹̝r͓̩̯̪͘e̯͖̜̲̥͞ .

The p͖̝͔͓̳͉͎ͅa̛̤̭͉ş͚͉̩̪͝t͏͉͙͚̞̻̹̺̫͇ thoughts are here.


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Cullen: I thought maybe we could have a little spread. Sandwiches, maybe some ants. Could be fun.
Inquisitor: We were talking about having a picnic?
Cullen: Oh… so, was that a conversation we actually had, or one I was just practicing?
Inquisitor: Practicing?
Cullen: Okay, yes, I have been known to do a little prep work before our conversations. It’s not easy, you know, talking to you sometimes. It’s like an oral exam.
Inquisitor: Boy, that’s just what every girl longs to hear.

Creamy mango nicecream👅💦💦 4 frozen bananas, 1 mango, splash of @purecocobella topped w/ passion fruit, strawberries, mango, buckinis, coconut & chia seeds! Posting a new video tonight, check out my latest what i eat in a day #37 on my YouTube😜

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{02} come on eileen / save ferris
{03} bestie / sizzy rocket
{04} simply irresistible / janelle monáe
{05} i want her / the blind truth feat. georgia harris
{06} she’s so lovely / the butchies
{07} girls like girls / hayley kiyoko
{08} she looks so perfect / against the current