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Model Katie May dies aged 34 after suffering a 'catastrophic' stroke

Playboy model and ‘Queen of Snapchat’ Katie May has passed away after suffering a stroke. She was just 34 years old. The star was rushed to hospital on Monday and remained in a critical condition until her death. She was taken off life support on Thursday evening and died surrounded by her loved ones.

“It is with heavy hearts that we confirm the passing today of Katie May – mother, daughter, sister, friend, businesswoman, model and social media star – after suffering a catastrophic stroke caused by a blocked carotid artery on Monday,” a statement from her brother Stephen May confirmed.

Model Katie May has died at the age of 34

“Known as MsKatieMay on the Internet and the 'Queen of Snapchat’ she leaves behind millions of fans and followers, and a heartbroken family. We respectfully ask for privacy in this difficult time.”

Katie, who was named 'Queen of Snapchat’ by Sports Illustrated, GQ and others, had been suffering from neck pain and was seeking treatment prior to her stroke.

She is survived by her seven-year-old daughter Mia, and the statement confirmed that a GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for the little girl’s education.

The mother-of-one suffered a “catastophice stroke”, her family confirmed

“Anyone who was lucky enough to know Katie May was truly blessed by her incredible heart, mind and soul,” the page says. “She was an inspiration and a guiding light to so many people in this world.”

“Please help us by donating money to support her daughter and best friend Mia. Mia was Katie’s whole life, so please help Katie, Mia and us by donating money to Mia.”

Katie started her career as a successful public relations representative, but left the corporate world for modelling. She built her success through her social media pages, boasting 1.9 million Instagram flowers.

On Monday, she posted what was to be her final photo on Instagram, with the caption: “Hope everyone is having a great Monday! It’s very windy here today in LA.”

Journal 01 (How To Train Your Dragon)

Directed by Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois

Produced by Bonnie Arnold

Based on Hoe w to train your dragon by Cressida Cowell

Staring Jay Baruchel (Hiccup), America Ferrera (Astrid)

Last 3weeks ago, I was bored about my life my life was really sucked at that time so. I asked my friend for suggested me for some an awesome movie to make me didn’t felt bad. And my friend told me how about How to train your dragon. When I hear the movie name for the first time, I thought “What the hell is dragon?” Then I went home and do some research. I found that it cartoon animation “oh my god” in my mind again. But after that when I watched the movie I falling in love with this movie. It is about father that giving love to son. The father wants thew son to be strong by to be a dragon killer. Anyway the son didn’t want to be a dragon killer he wants the dragon to be a pet instead of killing them. If anyone in screen culture want to watch this movie I have a dvd of this movie I will charge you only 50cents per night…..Just kidding for free for everyone

Twitter is testing a new GIF button on its mobile app

Twitter is apparently testing a new button on its mobile app for posting GIFs. A number of users have reported the button appearing sandwiched between the options for posting photos and polls when composing a tweet on a mobile device. Twitter user Phil Pearlman told TechCrunch that when he clicked the button, he was shown a selection of ready-made GIFs, including some categorized by mood and others that were trending. This is similar to what other companies like Facebook and Yahoo have done with their own messaging apps — partnering with third-parties like Giphy and Tumblr to integrate catalogs of GIFs.

If people aren’t seeing it yet twttr is testing way cool gif feature. cc @bluechoochoo pic.twitter.com/LuTsVeUiSs

— Phil Pearlman (@ppearlman)

February 4, 2016

A quick search for “GIF button" on Twitter shows that plenty of users have been given access to the experimental feature, and, judging by the tone of the GIFs they’ve been posting, the reaction is pretty positive:

Feeling all Veruca Salt about Twitter new GIF button pic.twitter.com/IdDXqQfIn8

— Rachelle Denton (@MissRachelle)

February 4, 2016

New gif button on Twitter… pic.twitter.com/GySgnQdogX

— TWD ~ RT or FAV (@WalkerBait_TWD_)

February 4, 2016

Allowing more GIFs on Twitter will be another way to spruce up the platform with extra content (while draining your mobile data a little more as well), and could offer new branding opportunities for the company with sponsored GIFs. Twitter hasn’t issued any official statement on the tests, but responded to a request for comment from TechCrunch’s Jon Russell with the following GIF:

To which we say:

More from theverge.com:

White House: Scrap drilling revenue sharing with Gulf states

By Cain Burdeau, The Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS - Louisiana’s U.S. senators and environmental groups are blasting the White House for proposing to help Alaska deal with rising seas by taking money away from similar efforts along the Gulf Coast.

In its proposed budget for 2017, the White House said Tuesday that it wanted to repeal a 2006 provision that establishes a formula for sharing revenues from offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico with four Gulf states.

The vast majority of those revenues now go to the federal government, but starting next year Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas are slated to begin receiving a large portion of those funds, estimated at about $375 million with Louisiana getting the lion’s share at $176 million a year. Those funds are designed to go toward coastal restoration for states supporting offshore drilling.

The funds are central to plans for restoration in Louisiana, where land loss is a crisis. The state has lost about 1,900 square miles of coast since the 1930s and continues to lose about 17 square miles a year.

In its new budget proposal, the White House called for “repealing” those payments, saying they were “unnecessary and costly.” The White House also questioned revenue sharing because the payments go to a “handful of states.”

The White House proposal faces stiff opposition in the Republican-controlled Congress, and the likelihood of success appears small. Louisiana’s senators have even proposed raising the amount Gulf states get.

President Barack Obama’s administration proposed scrapping revenue sharing last year, too, but the effort failed.

This year, the White House said it wants to set up a $400 million program to help “vulnerable Alaskan communities, including relocation expenses for Alaska Native villages threatened by rising seas, coastal erosion, and storm surges.” Those funds would be part of a larger program to help coastal communities around the nation “adapt to climate change,” the White House said.

The proposal was swiftly blasted by Republican U.S. Sens. David Vitter and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and by U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski and U.S. Rep. Don Young, both Republicans from Alaska.

“The President’s budget calls this funding unnecessary — which is a complete insult,” Vitter said in a statement Wednesday. “Maybe he needs to get down and see our disappearing coasts, before he talks about eliminating the funds to restore them. Fortunately, the proposal will die an immediate death.”

Murkowski said in a news release that she wanted to help Alaskan communities, but not “by depriving other states of money they currently rely upon for their budgets.” She said efforts to help Alaska’s coastal communities should be paid for by increasing domestic energy production.

Environmental groups also came out against the proposal.

“It’s basically robbing Peter to pay Paul,” said Elizabeth Weiner, an ecosystems senior policy manager at the Environmental Defence Fund. She said Louisiana has a good plan in place to stem land loss and that the offshore revenues are critically needed.

“The Administration is strongly committed to supporting American coastal communities — from the Gulf of Mexico to the Alaskan North Slope — as they face the real and urgent threats posed by climate change,” the Obama administration said in an emailed statement late Wednesday.

Revenue sharing was part of the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act, a bill that passed after catastrophic damage from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Revenues from offshore drilling are an important part of the federal budget, and damage by Katrina played a big role in getting the federal government to give up a chunk of those revenues.

"House of Cards" kommt 2017 wieder

Das nennt man dann wohl Vertrauen: Erst Anfang März wird die vierte Staffel der Politserie “House of Cards” mit Kevin Spacey (56) bei Netflix anlaufen. Aber schon jetzt hat der Sender die nächste Runde an Episoden geordert. Eine fünfte Staffel wird 2017 bei dem Streamingdienst zu sehen sein, wie die Webseite “variety.com” berichtet. In Deutschland läuft “House of Cards” bislang beim Pay-TV-Sender Sky.

Allerdings können die “House of Cards”-Macher bei der fünften Staffel nicht auf das beliebte Konzept “never change a winning team” setzen: Denn mit Showrunner Beau Willimon (38) verlässt ein wichtiger Mann die Serie. “Nach fünf Jahren und vier Staffeln ist es für mich Zeit, mich neuen Unternehmungen zu widmen”, ließ Willimon über Netflix ausrichten.

Seit 2013 spielt Hollywood-Star Spacey (“American Beauty”) in “House of Cards” den kühl kalkulierenden US-Demokraten Frank Underwood. Unlängst hatte die Serie mit einem smart platzierten Trailer für die kommende vierte Staffel in den Vereinigten Staaten für Schmunzeln gesorgt: In einer Werbepause der TV-Debatte der Präsidentschaftskandidaten der republikanischen Partei flimmerte ein täuschend echter “Wahlwerbeclip” von Hauptfigur Underwood über die Bildschirme.

Foto(s): DFree/Shutterstock.com

EEUU: Niegan nuevo juicio a sacerdote implicado en abusos

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania, EE.UU. (AP) — Un sacerdote condenado por acusaciones de tener relaciones sexuales con niños pobres en Honduras y que alegó que los fiscales retuvieron indebidamente pruebas en su caso no recibirá un nuevo juicio, dijo un juez en un fallo.

El sacerdote Joseph Maurizio, de 70 años, fue declarado culpable en septiembre en un proceso por turismo sexual.

El juez federal Kim Gibson rechazó la apelación de Maurizio, lo que abre el camino para que le dicten sentencia el 2 de marzo, a menos que se interpongan más apelaciones.

El juez, de Johnstown, determinó que la declaración de un acusador fue retenida indebidamente, pero que esa situación no habría modificado el resultado del juicio al sacerdote.

“Dada la evidencia sustancial que existe en este caso… la corte considera improbable que un jurado hubiera absuelto al acusado en un segundo juicio”, escribió Gibson en el fallo emitido el lunes.

La apelación, que obligó una audiencia ante el juez la semana pasada, mencionaba la declaración de un chico acusador que dijo a los investigadores que el sacerdote no había “abusado” de él.

El menor dijo a un investigador federal que otros “piensan mal de mí” debido a su contacto con Maurizio. Después agregó “quizá piensan que en verdad abusó de mí pero no fue el caso”.

Sin embargo, el juez dio la razón a la fiscal federal adjunta Amy Larson, que había argumentado que la utilización por parte del chico de la palabra “abuso” se refería a un solo acto y no a otros abusos de los que se acusó al sacerdote.

El juez coincidió con la fiscalía en cuanto a que el chico aclaró después su afirmación a los investigadores y confirmó que el sacerdote lo había acariciado, aspecto que Larson dijo era congruente con el testimonio del menor durante el juicio.

The Full House reunion amps up with new trailer ahead of Fuller House premiere

The Full House revival that no one saw coming, Fuller House, is set to premiere on Netflix this month, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show offered an exclusive look that finally shows nostalgia-struck fans just what this new series will look like. The throwbacks are plentiful, but the most interesting part of the story may just be the actresses who are thrust into their old roles after essentially being out of the public eye since the original series ended 20 years ago.

All of the returning characters appear in the minute-and-a-half trailer (which starts at about the 2:30 mark), revealing a glimpse of the shenanigans to come in various episodes. We see the pivotal moment when Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) and Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) decide to move in to help with newly-widowed mom of three DJ (Candice Cameron Bure).

Related: Have mercy! Cast of Fuller House talks reuniting in new behind-the-scenes featurette

Kimmy, who apparently still dresses and acts like the quirky kid she was in the original show, declares in the trailer that she has waited 20 years to say “welcome home” in the Tanner house (which may have more ties to reality than you’d normally expect). Throwback phrases are a-plenty in the first few scenes, including “have mercey” and “cut it out,” along with Kimmy’s “hola Tannerinos!” Yep, this is really happening.

In the interview with Ellen, Cameron-Bure confirms that the gals have remained friends over the years, which gives high hopes that their chemistry will be evident on screen. We see glimpses of that with the playful friction between Stephanie and Kimmy, and DJ’s reservations about leaving her kids at home for a girl’s night out with her far less conservative sister and friend. Aside from the fact that Sweetin, a bright-eyed five-year-old when the show began, is now towering over a petite Cameron-Bure, the clips will bring you back to the ‘90s as though you never left.

Make sure to watch right to end, when Ellen points out that all three actors have been noticeably absent from the scene over the past two decades since Full House went off the air. Cameron Bure has had the most exposure, but that’s been through appearances on Dancing With the Stars and The View, and with small parts on shows like Make It or Break, a forgotten series about a team of teenage Olympic hopefuls that ran from 2009-2012.

Sweetin, known best for her catch phrase “How rude!” (back when catch phrases were a thing), has had a very minute series of bit parts since 1995. Barber retired from acting altogether after the show ended, and has no acting credits to her name since, aside from a 2012 spoof piece on Funny or Die where she reprised her Kimmy Gibbler role.

We can’t forget actresses and fashion moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who jointly played the youngest tanner sister Michelle, and are the only major players absent from the revival. All the trio would say is that the Michelle will be mentioned on the show, but there aren’t any planned appearances for them at present.

Fuller House will premiere on Netflic February 26.

Less is More: Small Ski Resorts That Pack a Big Punch

Credit is: Photo by iStock. Design by Lauren DeLuca for Yahoo Travel.

Bigger is not always better when it comes to skiing.

While the big-name resorts in North America like Vail, Aspen, Squaw Valley, and Park City have thousands of acres of skiable terrain, dozens of lifts, and hundreds of ski runs, these features come with a price.

This season, Vail ski resort is charging $175 for a one-day holiday lift ticket. For one person! And no, it doesn’t come with a free pair of skis and a gold medal. Add in lessons, lunch, rentals and parking, and a family of four will be paying well over $1500 for a single day on the slopes. Yes, good pre-season and package deals exist (look into an Epic Pass for next season), but unless you’re a Russian oligarch, walk-up pricing at Vail and similar mega-resorts feels like skiing into a tree without wearing a helmet. And that’s without evening mentioning the big crowds and big attitude that sometimes go with these large resorts.

Fortunately, there are many smaller ski hills which offer outsized savings on tickets, a family-friendly atmosphere, and a simpler skiing setting minus the pre-fab village, the remote-lot parking shuttles, and without the hard-core shredders and banzai skiers that can wreck your day. Beginners and families in particular aren’t going to be missing out on the vast acreage and double black diamond runs of the mega-resorts. For these following eight pint-sized ski hills, less can definitely be more:  

1. Snow King, Wyo. — 400 acres, three chair lifts

Save money on your lift tickets at Snow King Mountain. (Photo: Snow King Mountain/ Facebook)

Yes, it’s tiny compared to the nearby Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, but with lift tickets at almost one-third the price, a convenient location right next to town, and a few decent ski runs, Snow King has a lot to recommend it. It also has perhaps the coolest ski resort feature in all of America: the new Winter Cowboy Coaster—an actual roller coaster that sends you twisting and screaming nearly a mile down the slopes. It is awesome, go try it.

Cost: Lift ticket: $47 (or free if you ski uphill)

2. Red River Ski Area, N.M. — 290 acres, five chair lifts, two surface lifts

While most advanced skiers visit New Mexico to ski Taos Ski Valley, the little-known hideaway of Red River Ski Area boasts some surprisingly challenging terrain and powder skiing opportunities to go along with its beginner and intermediate runs. It has a friendly small town atmosphere (with a winter carnival), offers mid-mountain snowcoach dinners, and features the unintentional comedy of watching a bunch of Texans learning to ski in their camouflage hunting gear.

Cost: Lift tickets $68

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3. Mad River Glen, Vermont — 120 Acres, four ski lifts,

“Ski it if you can” has been their bumper sticker motto for years, given Mad River Glen’s intense steep runs, staking a claim to the toughest skiing in the Eastern United States. And we do mean skiing: Mad River is one of three resorts in the U.S. that still ban snowboarding. Given its fame for advanced skiing, Mad River’s 24 beginner and intermediate runs offer a lesser-known and thus less-crowded learning environment for beginners and families. The mountain’s daycare center is also an added bonus for families.

Cost: Lift Tickets from $65-$82

4. June Mountain, Calif. — 1500 acres, six lifts, one surface lift

It’s fun for all ages at June Mountain. (Photo: June Mountain)

While it’s not exactly tiny, June is less than half the size of nearby Mammoth Mountain. But this is the place to go on a crowded days when Mammoth is mobbed — June has sections with surprisingly advanced terrain for its size (the face runs are a challenge), but the hill is dominated by wide-open groomed intermediate runs. June is focused on family skiing, with kids 12 and under getting free lift tickets, and it has plenty of children’s ski and snowboard lessons. Plus, every Saturday, Bucky the deer mascot leads activities including face painting and helmet-decorating.

Cost: Lift tickets: $89, kids 12 & under ski for FREE

5. Sundance Ski Resort, Utah — 450 Acres, Four ski lifts

Founded by all-around cool dude Robert Redford (and named for his cowboy character in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) Sundance ski resort is a mellow spot tucked away from the glitz and crowds of Park City. While only a fraction of the size of the nearby ParkCityCanyonsMegaplex resort, Sundance still has plenty of terrain to fill a day of skiing or snowboarding. It has family-friendly ski lessons, a Nordic Center, and even an art studio, if you’d like to work on your pottery skills after a day on the slopes.

Cost: Lift tickets $65

6. Arapahoe Basin, Colo. — 960 acres, six chairlifts, two surface lifts

A-basin proves the fact that not all smaller hills are easy ones. Although only one-fifth the size of Vail, Arapahoe’s advanced terrain and 13,000 foot summit provide a challenge for even the best of skiers and snowboarders. It has an old-school feel with just a parking lot and base lodge, keeping the experience focused on the skiing. The lift tickets aren’t the cheapest, but it is also part of the Colorado Gems program with the state’s smaller resorts, where a $20 membership card gets you a 2-for-1 lift ticket day at eight different mountains.

Cost: Lift Tickets $60-$93

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7. Tahoe Donner, Calif. — 120 Acres, 2 chair lifts, one surface lift

Awww, fresh powder. (Photo: Tahoe Donner/Facebook)

This ski resort is tiny compared to nearby Squaw, Alpine and Northstar, but it is tailored for beginners and families, with an accessible newbie ski area conveniently located near the lodge, so you can watch your kids learn while drinking a Bloody Mary beside the trail. If the kids decide they hate skiing, try the nearby snowplay center. Tahoe Donner has the added bonus of hosting a large cross-country ski area with a new lodge, providing yet another option for visitors. 

Cost: Lift Tickets $49 Adults, $22 Kids, 6 and under for free

8. Mt. Brighton, Mich. — 130 acres, 5 charlifts 7 surface lifts

A popular spot for Midwesterners and University of Michigan students (like myself), Mount Brighton will benefit from its recent purchase by the Vail Corporation, which is planning to spend some of the cash from those $175 Vail tickets on this pint-sized, but fun resort. Runs stay open until 10PM, so you can get in nearly a full day’s worth of skiing after work. A new kids’ Adventure Zone and improved terrain park make it a good spot for the family.

Cost: Lift Tickets: from $29 to $61

WATCH: Why Women Skiers Need a Woman Ski Instructor

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Tempête : la façade Atlantique et la Haute-Corse toujours en alerte orange
MÉTÉO/EN IMAGES - Six départements sont toujours en vigilance orange en raison du vent et des risques de submersion. La Corse devrait être particulièrement touchée mercredi.

Six départements, en particulier la façade Atlantique et la Corse, sont toujours en alerte orange pour vents violents et risques de submersion selon Météo Consult*. Il s'agit de la Haute-Corse (2B), la Charente-Maritime (17), la Gironde (33), les Landes (40), les Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64) et la Vendée (85). De son côté, Météo France a abaissé mardi soir, dans son dernier bulletin de 22h20, sa vigilance orange pour vent ou vagues-submersion à cinq départements: la Corse, la Gironde, les Landes et les Pyrénées-atlantiques.

Mardi soir, des vents forts, de 100 et 120 km/h, continuaient à souffler de la pointe de Penmarch (Finistère) à la côte landaise. Ils devaient faiblir dans la nuit.

Mercredi matin, à l'heure de la marée haute, la côte basque devrait rester en risque submersion. En Corse, la tempête devrait entraîner des vents allant jusqu'à 160 km/h sur le cap Corse, au nord de l'île, et de plus de 120 km/h de la mer de Balagne à la région de Bastia. La montagne Corse subira également des vents tempétueux ainsi que l'extrémité sud de l'île, des Bouches de Bonifacio en remontant vers Porto-Vecchio.

Plusieurs blessés à cause des vents forts

Mardi, sur la façade Atlantique, de la côte sud finistérienne à la côte landaise, des rafales de vents ont été rafales mardi entre 100 et 120 km/h de la côte sud finistérienne à la côte landaise. En mer, les hauteurs maximales de vagues atteignaient plus de 10 mètres à Belle-Ile (Morbihan) et 8 m à Saint-Jean-De-Luz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). Sur la Corse, le vent de sud s'est renforcé. Les rafales atteignaient 80 km/h près de Porto-Vecchio.

Dans le Val-de-Marne, deux personnes ont été blessées dont l'une grièvement après la chute d'un arbre dans la (…) Lire la suite sur Figaro.fr

Les sites de rencontres, la seconde chance des divorcés
Finistère : deux retraités sauvés de la noyade par un promeneur
Pas d'indemnisation pour les propriétaires du «Signal» victimes de l'érosion du littoral
« Slow-dating », photos floues : séduire à contre-courant
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