Cheer Up Post #3766 - Wood & Resin Art Edition

For my husband, who thinks this stuff is pretty awesome, here you go!

Art Masterpost

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Yooran week day 1

Day 1:   First Meeting // First Kiss

(3766 words)

Saeran had never celebrated Christmas before and he didn’t see any reason to start doing so now. Admittedly, it was difficult to try and avoid the festivities when his brother and sister-in-law were dancing around the house, decorating their bunker with tinsel and baubles whilst singing annoying Christmas carols, but Saeran had somehow managed to evade their hyperactivity from the jamboree.

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Onaqui Wild Horse Man. Area by Fred Holley

3766) I didn't know I was transgender as a child. I wore dresses and skirts- even preferred them to pants. I loved princesses and the color pink. All my life I have had primarily girl friends. My parents did not push me to be in sports- I couldn't even ride a bike until 3rd grade. I loved stuffed animals. I loved organizing and cleaning things. But then 7th grade started and I began to get dysphoric and all the sudden worried about being "trans enough". Well fuck the stereotypes. Just be yourself.
3766) I thought that once I got to my goal weight I would be happy but every time I get there I just wanna go lower and lower and I truely belive I will never be happy with what the scale says.