“Quite honestly I really don’t want Chloe to get a redemption arc. You can’t become good overnight, and Chloe has proved that she’s a bad person. She’s been racist, bullies people, blackmails them, uses her power to avoid trouble, and basically is an all around terrible character. I wouldn’t mind if she got one, but I feel like she’s going to need a sob story to counteract her horrible deeds.”

Twelve Hours
By Organization for Transformative Works

Oneshot | NC-17 | 15.000

Humour | Romance | Post-Hogwarts

The last thing Harry expected to see while leaving the takeaway was Malfoy dumping his garbage into a bin on the kerb of a Muggle neighborhood.


Oh Harry, you sweet dumb boy. The Harry we all know and love. Here he is fulfilling the Malfoy-is-up-to-something-and-I-am-going-to-figure-out-what-even-though-all-of-my-friends-laugh-at-me-but-he-is-doing-something-non-dracoish-even-though-I-don’t-really-know-him-but-I-totally-do-because-I-have-stalked-him-for-half-of-my-life. I love you, Harry.

“What there was none of was Draco Malfoy. It had seemed such a reasonable idea the day before; stay by the takeaway and Malfoy would pass by eventually. Much better than trying to break into his building.” Harry Potter in a nut shell everybody. But my favorite part is that this, right here, is the most canon thing you could possibly find in any fanfic. Whether or not you believe in Drarry then you cannot deny that this is totally something Harry would do in a heartbeat. And I can do nothing but love it. That is some amazing writing right there!

I ADORE Harry’s relationship with Narcissa. It’s amazing, how it started, how she’s helped him with his orphanage organization and I can just imagine her reaction when Harry one day tells her about him and Draco. It’s gonna be fan-fucking-tastisk!

I think I’ve “facepalmed” myself 6 million times while reading this because Harry’s an idiot, an adorable one, but an idiot none the less. No news there, but I’ve also laughed myself to death and I’ve a smile as big as china on my face so it’s all good.

Harry is great, Draco is fucking adorable, I love how Dean is an Auror, like hell yeah man! It’s well written, has a really nice flow and is just filled with humour and love that will always make sure you’ll either laugh or smile! 

1D Preferences #372: In the woods...
  • Niall: "I'm starting to think this is not Bailey's Cupcake Stand," you say finally, looking at the trees surrounding you and Niall in every direction. "Nope," he sighs, running his fingers through his hair. You two had decided to take a shortcut through some woods to avoid paparazzi and fans, but it turns out this was not a shortcut Bailey's Cupcake Stand. There was nothing about this place that screamed shortcut, it was grass and leaves and trees. "So, where the hell are we?" you ask, not all that worried. It's still daylight and it's quite peaceful in the quiet woods. "Dunno," he mumbles, walking over and yanking a leaf from a tree. "Want to keep walking?" you offer, running the tip of your shoe over dirt. "In a little, maybe," he says, grabbing a tree branch. "Let's climb a tree. I haven't climbed one since I was little." He hoists himself up onto a low branch and smiles, motioning for you to join him. Reluctantly, you make your way over and he pulls you up, the two of you sitting on the thick wood of the tree. "I've never climbed a tree," you admit, following him up a notch higher. "Well, I guess I'm taking your tree climbing virginity," he jokes, his warm hand holding yours as you two climb and climb, looking out through leaves at the cerulean sky.
  • Liam: "You know what I've always wanted to do?" Liam looks over at you, the two of you walking hand-in-hand through the quiet woods. The two of you had decided to get some peace and quiet, and what better place than the outdoors? "What have you always wanted to do?" you ask, watching as he pauses in front of a tree. "Carve initials into a tree," he says simply, running his hand over rough tree bark. "Do you have a knife with you?" you ask, leaning against the tree and watching him with interest. "Yep, in my back pocket, I'm a murderer who carries knives," he jokes, digging around in his pocket and pulling out his car key. "Very funny," you laugh, watching him use the metal of the key to carve out a heart. In the middle of the lopsided heart, he's carved his initials and yours, a plus sign in between. "This is adorable," you tell him once he's done, running your hand over the engraving. You take out your phone and snap a picture, setting it as your background. "Now, I think we've vandalized enough nature for the day," he says jokingly, his hands on your sides. "Let's keep walking," you smile, reaching on your tip toes to give him a kiss.
  • Harry: "Look," Harry leans close to your ear and whispers, his breathe so close giving you chills. You follow his gaze and notice a tiny gray bunny chewing on a leaf. "Aww! It's adorable," you whisper back, watching the tiny creature from afar. "We should catch it and adopt it and name it something cute," you tell him quietly, careful not to startle the rabbit. Harry laughs and shakes his head, taking a silent step closer to the rabbit. "We can't do that," he begins, slowly sliding his phone from his pocket. "But we can try to take a picture?" You quietly sneak up beside Harry, the bunny still oblivious to you two. "I feel like a paparazzi," you laugh, turning off the flash on your iPhone. The quietly snap a picture, smiling at the screen. Snap. Harry takes a picture, but he'd forgotten to turn off the flash. "Oops," he grins, watching the bunny scamper away in fear. "You scared my buddy!" you tease, playfully tapping his shoulder. "At least you got a picture?" he offers, hugging you from behind and leaning his head on your shoulder. He watches you add an instagram effect and tweet the picture, along with a caption about how @Harry_Styles is incapable of snapping pictures of animals.
  • Louis: "Fun fact, I used to be a boy scout," Louis says suddenly, stepping over a fallen tree branch. "Why am I not surprised?" you smile, kicking a pebble. "Since I was a boy scout, I happen to know my way around the woods," he says proudly, placing his hands on his hips and looking into the distance. You laugh and raise an eyebrow, deciding to test his boy scout-ly knowledge. "Okay, Boy Scout. What kind of plant is that?" you question, pointing to a patch of Poison Ivy nearby. "Well," he steps over and crouches down next to the leaves, his hand on his chin. "It appears to be a leaf. A group of leaves." He reaches out and runs his thumb over a leaf and you gasp. "Lou! Ass hole! Don't touch that! It's poison ivy!" you exclaim, yanking his hand away. "Shit," he mumbles, laughing despite himself. You shake your head with a smile, the two of you deciding to head back. "I thought you were a boy scout," you tease, staying close to his side. "I was a boy scout," he confirms, smiling at the memories. "I never said I was a good one, though."
  • Zayn: "I hate outside," you sniff, slapping a mosquito on your arm. "Same," Zayn replies, brushing a leaf from his leg. The two of you had decided to go 'exploring' after your trip to Starbucks, and it turns out that the small group of trees nearby was in fact woods. "Why are we even here?" you ask, watching a butterfly warily. "We wanted to go on an adventure, but adventures suck because outside," he laughs, shaking his head. "Oh. I'm an indoors kind of girl," you grin, sidestepping a pile of mud. "I like outside sometimes, but I don't like critters and poison ivy and shit," he shrugs, snaking his arm around your waist. "Let's go back home," you sing, swatting at another mosquito. "Ay-aye, Cappn'," Zayn gives you a mock salute and you both take off running and laughing through the grass and leaves, heading back towards the street.
  • [zayn's kind of sucks, i ran out of ideas haha xx]