Okay but WHY do all the fictional lesbians realise they’re gay/come out via having a girlfriend??! Real lesbian culture is crying alone in your room because you’re 372 miles away from another lesbian at any given moment, sorry TV but I Can’t Relate.

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Recipes for Recipes

Oat Flour


3 Ingredient Banana Pancakes-183.5 cals for the entire thing

Breakfast Wrap-169 cals

Breakfast Cereal

Flax Egg-37 cals

Actual Pancakes

Toastless French Toast-53.6-ish Calories

Waffles- cals depend on how many you make


Lunch Plan (smoothie and wrap)

Pb and j-30? cals

Tuna Rice Cakes-75-100 cals


Chili (vegan)-65.3 cals

Ramen-29 cals

Spring Rolls (vegan)-39.5 cals

Veggie Hot Dog-119.5 Calories

Veggie Burgers-101.2


3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Powder Cookies

Brownies-37 cals

Brownie in a Mug-40 cals

Blueberry Scones-103.5 cals

Donuts(Healthy/Vegan/Gluten Free)- 229.4 cals

Chocolate Banana Brownies-submitted

Chocolate Pudding-157 cals

Lemon Chia Seed Scones-423.3-428.8 cals

Lava Cake, Low Cal-41.6 cals

Lemon Mug Cake-302 cals

Magic Chocolate Bar-49 cals

Microwave Cake-21 cals

Healthy Blueberry Muffins-139.3 cals

Oatmeal Cookies(No Cook, Vegan)-24-58.8 Calories


Apple Cider Vinegar Master Post

Frappuccino- 29 calories

Homemade Hot Chocolate- 15 cals

Strawberry Banana Smoothie-76.5 cals

Starbucks 1

Starbucks 2

Peanut Butter Milk Shake-166.666 cals

Side-Type Dishes

Cloud Bread

Deviled Eggs-43.1 cals

Mexican Cauliflower Rice

Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes-256.2 cals

Spring Roll-39.5 cals

Rice Cakes-You have to add your calories

Healthy Carrot Fries


Chicken Noodle Soup

Egg Drop Soup-154 cals

Hot and Sour Soup

Tomato Soup


Almond Butter, Vegan, No-Cook-52.4 Calories

Sweet Lemon Cashew Glaze-372 calories for the entire thing

Sweet and Sour Sauce

Peanut Butter-16 cals

Roasted Cauliflower and Bean Dip-273 cals for 6 servings

Restaurant Safe Foods

Full List is Here

Self Care

Self Care Master Post

Self Care Master Post 2

100 reasons NOT to kill yourself

From Starving to Recovery

Reasons to Recover

If people say you don’t have an ed

Hey Read This 1

Hey Read This 2

Hey Read This 3

Recovery Stuffs 1

Recovery Stuffs 2

Recovery Stuffs 3


Being Anorexic and Abs?

What your carving and what it means

Why you need fats

Vegan Shopping List 1

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Binge 1

Healthy BMI Chart

How to stop cravings

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And Now... TF2 Quotes relating to SCP Characters

Dr. Bright: “Kill me.” O5: “Later…”

Dr. Clef: “The answer; use a gun, and if that don’t work, use more gun.”

Dr. Kondraki: “I regret everything! I regret everything I’ve ever done!!!”

SCP-023: “Well, off to visit your mother!”

SCP-049: “Come over here! I promise I will heal you!”

SCP-056: “Good. I still look magnificent.”

SCP-096: “Don’t look at me, I’m slightly less handsome!”

SCP-106: “Hide, coward! I will find you.”

SCP-372: “Imma freakin’ blur here!”

SCP-682: “You’re inventin’ loads a’ new ways to get killed by me!”

SCP-993: “You wanna hear somethin’ funny? You’re dead.”

Steven universe episode 1: The series starts out with a lighthearted tone but with plenty of action & pathos and hints at the  overarching plot to come

Steven universe episode 372: The plot has escalated at this point, things are a little more serious but overall still good natured animated fun that anyone can enjoy. It is a childrens cartoon

the year is 2026. society has collapsed into borderline anarchy. the crops are dying. dream daddy has been delayed 372 times. the 373rd release date is announced. february 31st, they say. march 1st rolls around and we realize that february 31st does not exist. the dream daddy team posts a tweet saying “sorry, we’re still working on fixing some bugs.” yet again, we have been let down.

Spider-Man: Homecoming; 8 days

Thor: Ragnarok; 126 days

Justice League; 141 days

Black Panther; 232 days

New Mutants; 288 days

Avengers: Infinity War; 309 days

Deadpool 2; 337 days

Ant-Man and the Wasp; 372 days

Venom; 463 days

X-Men: Dark Phoenix; 491 days

Aquaman; 540 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 595 days

Captain Marvel; 617 days

Shazam; 645 days

Untitled Avengers movie; 673 days

Justice League 2; 715 days

Untitled Spider-Man sequel; 735 days

Untitled DC movie; 855 days

Cyborg; 1009 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1037 days

Green Lantern Corps; 1121 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1135 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1226 days

Captain Swan Fic Masterlist!

As promised here is my own Captain Swan smut Masterlist! These are all rated M (with a few exceptions) and I hope you enjoy! I will for sure be adding to this as time goes on. And if you have any that are your favorites that aren’t on this list, let me know! I love reading more! Some fic’s on this list are a given, but others you may not have read before. I tried to organize it the best I could. I hope you like them and have fun reading;)

Season 2

Emma and Killian beanstalk smut and first time.


Early season two smut, where hook captures Emma and but later feels bad and lets her go.


Angsty smut in the alley behind Granny’s when hook finds a way to get to Storybrooke in season two and asks her some questions.


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