While 37 weeks pregnant you should be getting a lot of rest as your life has hopefully slowed down by now in preparation for your baby’s arrival. Your baby is now considered “full term,” even though your due date is three weeks away. If you go into labor now, it’s lungs will likely be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb. http://bit.ly/THOC6z

So, even though my last post said I would be working through my due date, one busy night has swiftly and drastically changed my mind.

I am starting my maternity leave as soon as I’m done in the morning. I just scrubbed into a 2 hour c section that had me contracting like crazy (still contracting, actually) and feeling so winded and muscle fatigued that I thought I was going to collapse.

I got on the phone to my husband just bawling my eyes out. I cannot do this. He is so wonderful and understanding. 

With the severe anemia, I just can’t keep up this pace. And I feel like, they keep infusing me and I keep running myself into the ground. I’m not giving my body time to rest and try to heal. Taking an extra 3 weeks so I don’t bleed to death whenever I do have the baby is more important than trying to work til my water breaks.

I told my husband I felt guilty and he said “that’s just the Americanized maternity leave system in your brain. There’s nothing to feel guilty for!”

So, I’m excited. I’m glad tonight was eye opening. I can go home and really prepare for the baby. I can try to heal and feel better.


37 weeks – full term!

My nesting urges have had me doing lots of cleaning, cooking, editing, socialising, appointments, organising, etc for many weeks now. But I don’t think I can keep up the pace anymore. I could probably manage it physically, but emotionally I now have a strong desire to stay home and hibernate until I go into labour.

37 week appointment

Was a little more eventful than I thought it would be. I even encouraged Dylan to stay home because the poor guy always has to get up early and take me to the doctor on his days off. Today my ultrasound was scheduled almost two hours before my appointment to see doctor. And I didn’t want him to spend his whole day off in the office.

So I went by myself. I had a 40-minute long ultrasound because they were training a new tech! I didn’t mind, I spent a long time checking out my sweet baby! Plus, I had all that time between appointments. She is weighing 6 pounds 4 ounces and got another 10/10 on the biophysical profile.

Then I went in to see my doctor, after hanging in my car for a while. And my blood pressure was super high. 152/78. It’s usually SPOT ON perfect. At every single appointment, it has been. Not to mention the terrible swelling I’ve had since Friday. I had a feeling it was preeclampsia.

Naturally, my doctor is on vacation this week and I’m seeing a different OB from his office but I still wanted to ask my questions. So before I even get a chance, he goes “Hi, we’ve never met but are your feet usually this swollen?”

So I tell him about the swelling and headaches and he tells me that it kind of makes sense with how stinking high my blood pressure was. They rechecked it a couple times and it was consistently super duper high.

I have preeclampsia. The OB decided that it was more risky to leave me pregnant with such high blood pressure, and he sent orders for me to be induced.

I’m headed to the hospital at 5 o’ clock to start Cervidil tonight. In the morning, they will start a pitocin drip.

Addison is coming.

When my co worker tells me that they won’t let me work til my due date but I know that there’s no one to replace me and they will have me work til I deliver the baby (probably on the floor in the middle of a shift)

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And then I remember how tired I am just from the walk from the nurses desk to the med room

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