As I prepare for motherhood I cannot believe how incredibly harsh our society is on new first time moms! There are so many incredibly insincere people, majority of them women, criticizing and shaming other moms because of their parenting choices. It’s unbelievable how this culture is so UNSUPPORTIVE of motherhood! People are so quick to say, “you’re doing this wrong”, and chastising moms based on certain choices they make. So what? Let that mom raise her children vegan, her children aren’t being held back by anything! Let that mom co-sleep with her child, those years slip by so fast that when you blink they will be off on their own! You can’t get those years back. Let that mom choose to educate her child at home, there is no rule that they can only learn in schools, & by a teacher (this is coming from an educator herself AKA me). Let that mom choose what benefits her and her child’s needs! No child is the same. Like a fingerprint, each child is unique and different.
Stop chastising moms for using cloth diapers, or deciding on regular diapers! Stop telling other moms that letting your child cry to sleep at night is bad, or that caving in to cuddle them back to sleep will “set them up for failure”! These opinions are JUST OPINIONS that these moms who work hard to keep everything together just do not need unless she asks specifically for advice.
This not only goes for parenting, the same goes for pregnancy and your birth plan. Choose what you want. Epidural no epidural. A hospital versus a birthing center or birthing at home. We all have one goal: to bring a healthy baby into the world! Some choices resonate well with others but you cannot shame a new mom for what she chooses! She makes her choices based on what is best for her and her lifestyle.

Do not assume that she has not done any research on what she chooses! If you are concerned about her choices, why does it affect you? Are you going to be raising her child?

We know it’s hard to refrain from giving out negative opinions but the carelessness of those negative opinions are like ripples in the ocean. It starts small, but eventually spreads to the shore. Be mindful of your words, what you think, what you say, and how you act. If you want to give advice or your opinion, I was taught by my boss from a job I had when I was 18 years old that stuck with me forever which is to…


Ask the person, “would you like some helpful advice?” If the mom says “no thank you” then please RESPECT her answer. And be OK with her response. No one was born to be a parent expert right away, it’s all instinct and a learning experience.

So if a mom is excited to share something about her life with you in a photo or blog post, be happy and encouraging because she was proud to share it with you!

We need to be one sisterhood, one tribe, encouraging and assisting when asked for help. If you spread love and helpfulness it will truly change our world and the way we see things. 🙏🏻💫🌙☄️💖

Be kind, be gentle, and be loving, always.


37 weeks tomorrow!

-My hips hurt.
-Everything under my knees are HUGE.
-I thought my lower back hurt in the 2nd trimester. HA!
-I still haven’t finished Slade’s laundry.
-Or washed his binkis.
-Or bottles.
-Or bedding.
-Still don’t have a pump.
-Not 100% done getting all of our birth supplies yet.
-Did I mention like half of the light bulbs in the house blew at the same time? Weeks ago. We are down to 1 bulb in some rooms.
-Haven’t put the base boards up since we redid the floor in the living room. On memorial day.
-I’m starting to have irregular Braxton hicks throughout the day.
-And TMI but I can’t stop pooping.

So yeah.
I can’t sleep or walk. I’m not getting anything done. But tomorrow I will officially be far enough to have him at home! So I need to get my butt in gear because this baby is going to be here soon!!!!!!

Guess whaaatt!!!

7am. Tomorrow. Induction. Omg. Went to my drs appointment today and he checked my cervix and was happily surprised that in dilated to 2 cm already! He says that’s going to make the induction go a lot faster so yay!! He called and got me all set up at 7am tomorrow. Which is good because my blood pressure was a bit higher today than it has been and I have been starting to get pretty bad headaches so I’m thinking my preeclampsia is starting to be a bit angry at me. Tomorrow is baby day!! Hope it doesn’t take too long. I’m so excited.

I've crossed the line...

I’m not a cute pregnant lady anymore. Every person I see has a comment on the size of my belly, whether it looks lower and/or asks about my due date. I told someone today that I’m also at the point where I’m happy to be lied to about the way I look. “No no, your ankles don’t look swollen at all!”

Honestly, I’m still so surprised that I’m actually pregnant and actually (knock on wood) going to have this baby on the outside soon that I really don’t dwell on the uncomfortable parts of being this pregnant. It would be nice if people didn’t comment so much on how miserable I must be!


Today at around 1p.m. I went to the toilet to wee and I wiped and there was some blood with mucus. I’ve been wiping blood with mucus ever since and it’s been 8hrs. Is this the mucus plug coming away? I’ve had cramping as well. Baby is kicking a lot still. I’m wondering if this is the kick start of labour.


Saw the Obstetrician this morning and I am 4cm dilated and bulging membrane. It’s been 10hrs and I feel contractions but they aren’t too bad so maybe I haven’t dilated anymore? 🤔
I am getting very irritable though. I go back to see the obstetrician at 8am tomorrow to see how things are going. I’m hoping this irritability doesn’t last.

c section booked!!

so we went to the hospital to see an OB about them turning the baby with an ecv which did not work. it was so painful and the baby’s heart beat dropped to a concerning level but went back up after and we stayed to be monitored after for an hour. anyways our C section date is august 2nd!! they did an ultrasound before the procedure and the doctor said “  wow this baby has a ton of hair” so thats neat and the nurse kept calling the baby a he after…. lol. hopefully I don’t go into labor before the date or it will be an emergency c section for us… anyways… everything is set up and ready for the baby at this point!! 2 weeks till we meet our little baby and finally know whether we have a son or daughter!! 

37 weeks pregnant

So Kieran eventually came round we spoke, I cried and cried and snotted

It’s so hard to let go of someone you gave literally your everything to even when they hurt you, I need to remember it’s for the best and we are toxic together

I’m so weak whenever he’s in front of me like I know he’s a massive selfish arsehole who only cares about himself but my god I still want to jump his bones everytime I see him, but I stayed strong well, as strong I could’ve been I broke down, like I don’t want him so why does it hurt me so bad that he doesn’t want me?

It was just a big emotional talk and I’m glad he left when he did cause I was pouring my heart out and if he had have stayed I would’ve completely broken,

We hugged then he left as soon as he left I was hysterically crying this is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through and I don’t know how I’m going to get through this with out getting post partum depression

I’m so mad it had to be this way because he couldnt be what I needed him to be

I feel completely destroyed

Crazy how time is flying..

Can’t believe I’m 37 weeks! 3-4 weeks to go, I’m so nervous, but so excited! First few things on my to do list today? get mine and Kayden’s hospital bags ready, and clean Kayden’s room so it is ready for when he gets here, in case he comes anytime soon!

Friday I had a doc appointment, they said Kayden is not breech, head is low and engaged, I’m 1.5 cm dilated and 80% effaced!
So I could be going any time!

That also means that my title will be changing in the next few weeks, from fitpregnantmamaa to something that has to do with being a fit healthy mamaa, rather than pregnant! Any suggestions?


Its 6:30am and I haven’t had any more spotting overnight. I haven’t had any bad cramps like yesterday but still some mild ones. I think labour is still a while off.

I have an Obstetrician appointment on Thursday and I know she is doing an internal then so maybe she can shed some light on what has been happening. Maybe I have been dilating 🤷‍♀️ that would be great haha

37 Weeks and 6 Days

Had my 38 week midwife appointment today with a new midwife I had never met before and a student midwife who I also had never met before who sat in. We went over some random crap like safe bedsharing, my braxton hicks/practice contractions, and the swelling I’ve been having in my hands. She just emphasized that I need to watch my diet and take a look at how much sodium I’m actually eating. I ate half a bag of Doritos last night so I’m pretty sure why my hands were so bad this morning… I’ve been having braxton hicks off and on like normal but for the last several days I’ve noticed that when I stand up after sitting for a while I’ll have this feeling in my lower stomach/groin like something is pushing on it and it makes me have to pee and waddle when I walk until I work it out. I’ve also been having some mild cramps throughout the day and a weird tickling feeling in my groin. She said that all these things I’m feeling could be practice contractions or they could be baby movements or a combination of the two. Turns out I’m having that feeling of pressure and all these other funny feelings because Madelyn’s started to engage! They both said that they could barely wiggle her head so she’s definitely gotten herself into my pelvis. She has a little bit to go before she’s “fully engaged” but she’s nearly there. My fundal height at this visit was 35 cm and last week it was 36 ½ so that kinda makes sense if she has dropped. I don’t think my belly looks any different, but maybe it will once she drops a little more. I also haven’t noticed any lessening of heartburn/acid reflux or easier breathing, but it is possible that I’ve felt more of an urge to pee in the past couple days but I wasn’t really super aware of that being any different. The student midwife said that Maddie was ROA too and the midwife confirmed that which is kinda cool. I’m glad she’s not posterior but I know that could change. Hopefully it won’t though since she’s already started to engage. My blood pressure was lower than last week at 110/68 and Madelyn’s heart rate was a bit lower too at 128-135. That’s still perfectly normal, she could have been sleeping or something. We scheduled all of my appointments up to 41 weeks today too which I think is amazing. My 39 week one is on the 16th and then my 40 week one is on the 22nd which is actually the day after my due date. My 41 week appointment is for the 29th but let’s cross our fingers that I never make it to that one. So if Maddie comes before her due date or on her due date I only have one appointment left! I want to find a pediatrician or a family doctor this week so I can give them their name at my next appointment. Also, my last class is on Wednesday which is super exciting. It’s the out-of-hospital birth class and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun since it’s a potluck. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I went into labor before I was able to take that class? #wishfulthinking

37 weeks


Midwife wanted to book me in for a growth review scan this week just to be sure but since I already have one booked on Monday, they couldn’t get one sooner and she was happy enough with that. She’s so lovely, I wish I’d gotten to see her more in my first pregnancy but she went on maternity leave and all my appointments were in the hospital anyway. She told me to start doing clary sage baths, which I’ve never heard of before and keep bouncing on the ball and drinking my tea etc. She even said that if I go into labour, to go to the midwife-led birthing centre and not worry about the hospital. And on top of that she said that even if I do have to get induced I could still possibly go to the birthing centre and not have to go to the hospital at all.

Seriously, I can’t believe I was so nervous it actually turned out to be the best appointment ever I’m so happy.