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Antisemitism Incidents
A place to add antisemitism incidents (with documentation where possible!) so we can know what's happening where

I created a blank, publicly editable map, for tracking antisemitic incidents.  If you spot something, take a picture and make a mark on the map with a date and location.  Be a little fuzzy so you don’t reveal the addresses of the targets when they’re individuals.  But this should help us keep track of what’s happening where, and also give some clean data to point people to if they don’t believe us (I’m intending this more for Jews who think antisemitism isn’t anywhere near them, the goyim, we know, mostly won’t care)

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EDIT: Due to the threat of vandalism, this has changed.  The map has an email address antisemitismap@gmail.com and if you want to submit something, send it there.  Anyone who wants to help add things submitted to the map, let me know (a message, an ask, or an email to that address) and as long as you seem legit, you’ll have access.  This way, Nazis won’t be able to delete our hard work.

Anyone who becomes an editor can post that they’re open for such things and will post them to the map when they show up.

Thanks again, everyone, this is going to be helpful!