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Martial Arts Questions Game
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When you first tried martial arts: when I was 10. I wet my pants in my first class. Didn’t go back. Did a few different things as an adult but ended up back in karate.

Martial arts you have trained in: Nippon Kenpo Karate, aikido, tai chi, Choy Li Fut Kung fu, kenjitsu, danzan ryu jujitsu, tae kwon do.

Other physical activities you do: lift and cardio at the gym

Martial art you most want to try: capoeira

Most recent martial arts movie you saw: does Guardians of the Galaxy 2 count?

Most recent martial arts book you read: I don’t remember

Fave martial arts movie: 36th Chamber of Shaolin

Fave martial arts book: Aikido And The Harmony of Nature. (I need to read some karate books, my time is super limited right now).

What do you wear for training: gi

Do you practice outside of class?: yes

Worst martial arts injury: dislocated shoulder

3 favorite martial artists: famous: Bruce, Chuck, and Jet Li. Not famous: Robi Kunkel, Courtney Allen, Larry Fields.

3 martial arts goals this year: better flexibility, better balance, place at state.

Fav movement in your style: I don’t really have one.

Do you compete?: yes

Anyone else in your family do martial arts? No

Do you dream in martial arts?: yes

Any martial arts regrets?: quitting when I was ten

Something you learned the hard way: My self worth nor my worth as a martial artist are dependent on winning.

Advice for someone just starting out: there will be days when it sucks. There will be days you’ll be convinced you are terrible and will never get it. Keep going. I promise it’ll get better. You’ll get there. Don’t give up.

Appearing in over 100 films Jason Pai Piao is one of the most prolific old school kung fu actors. He has been been in various Shaw Brothers productions as well as independent kung fu films.
Some films to watch featuring Pai Piao include Action Tae Kwon Do, Butcher Wing, The Black Dragon, Killer Constable, Shaolin Intruders, Disciples of the 36th Chamber and The Supreme Swordsman. Jason Pai Piao’s shapes and stances make him stand out among the classic kung fu era actors. We salute Jason Pai Piao as a Dojo Fight Master.


This is incredible, play as characters like Pai Mei, Golden Arms, Bruce Lee, and from movies like 36th Chamber, Mad Monkey Kung Fu, and Drunken Master!!! So cool!!!!


Awesome movie posters for a few of the films we watched for Kicksgiving this year!

  1. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)
  2. Executioners from Shaolin (1977)
  3. Dynamite Fighters/Magnificent Warriors (1987)
  4. Come Drink with Me (1966)
  5. Return to the 36th Chamber (1980)
  6. The Web of Death (1976)
  7. The Lady Hermit (1971)
  8. Holy Robe of the Shaolin Temple (1986)
  9. Legendary Weapons of China (1982)
  10. Enter the Dragon (1973)