Next step I removed the wheels all seem to be VW. Have not confirmed years yet. Removed both drums and both are VW. The brake are rebuilt recently, the wheel cylinders are off of a newer bug. They are 2 bolt not 4 both, but will work for now. One drum is missing the oil slinger but think I have and extra.

You’re probably wondering what the big deal is with a crankshaft out of a 36hp VW motor. I have a lot of respect for the manufacturing and engineering from this era of wartime shortages. Basically the 36hp engine was a 1300cc VW flat four built to hold up to the abuse of wartime use and get respectable fuel economy for a country who was hurting for oil something fierce. Since it was tough as nails (read it didn’t make enough power to fail catastrophically) it was the top of the pile if you needed a cheap factory parts motor to run in desert races with a VW. This piece appears to have taken quite a while to fail judging by the discoloration around the fracture but even the best give up the ghost eventually. The forged cranks were eventually phased by cast ones in motors with more displacement like the 1600 which kinda sucks in comparison.

“FOR SALE - 1954 ($11,500)
36hp, 99% rust free, OG Sprint Stars

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Ran the ORIGINAL 36hp Okrasa engine for the first time this weekend.

As much as I like the BIG hp engine, Vintage Speed is where it’s really at for me!