The Stoning of Soraya M.


Let’s start off by saying that I love Shohreh Aghdashloo. SOmething about her poise and her voice are just pleasing to me. 

The movie deals with a very prominent issue that seems to get ignored. Women getting stoned, in this specific case because the husband wanted to make way for a new wife she wouldn’t allow. However, I think they got too dramatic.

Their were too many dramatic falls and flailing of arms. The movie would’ve done well without them. 

The biggest detail that brought me sadness was the fact that Soraya’s husband had turned her son against her and used bullying tactics against the other son to convince him to stone his own mother. The father too, just giving up on her and disowning her they day of her death. It portrayed how easily men can get rid of women but women remain stuck on a single man. 


Evil (Ondskan)



This movie is so good. It’s just full of badass-ness. Okay not really. 

Erik is trying to change his ways for his mom and for what deep down he knows is his own good. But these boarding school assholes just keep pushing him and when he snapped it was glorious. 

You need to watch this. 

Mona Lisa Smile


I actually really like this movie. What I din’t like is that the lying cheater was the voice of reason. 

Julia Roberts is a queen.

Kirsten Dunst is a bitch

Maggie Gyllenhaal is a whore. 

I like that Dunst’s character actually found companionship with the person she liked the least. 

Ginnifer Goodwin was so great. Even though she was in the typical “slightly overweight girl looking for love” role. She is so beautiful. 

Julia Stiles was so pretty. I hated that her character want marriage more than the ability to be a kick-ass lawyer with an education from Yale. 

this was definitely written from a ~feminist~ point of view. But, I’m pretty sure I liked it because it shares my view of EDUCATION>MARRIAGE

All Good Things



I actually liked Kirsten Dunst in this. She usually gets roles in ridiculously dumb movies but this was good. I wanted to slap her character in the face for being such an idiot, but she delivered so well. 

Ryan Gosling was fucking psychotic and it was great. I just fell even more in love with him. Just a heads up, he dresses as a woman. Yeah. 

I really recommend it.

Fish Tank


This was really good. 

Damn Fassbender. He’s really good at these seductor roles because I feel like he is one in real life. He just charms his ways into women’s pants every day and everywhere. What his character, Connor, did was really fucked up. DUde you have a family. Calm down.

Can we talk about how Mia had one of the worst mother ever? She basically hosts an orgy while having her two daughters alone in their rooms upstairs. Her 10 year old smokes for goodness’ sakes. I like that Mia at least tried to get out in a respectable manner although I get a feeling that the contest was a scam. 

In case you don’t get the gist of this yet, think of it as An Education in the British ghetto.