366 in 2012

Michelle Blade, Día 145: 366 días del Apocalipsis (2012)

Hoy te soñé Santiago.
Vi tus fotos sin pedirlo,
Escuché lo que opinaban de vos sin quererlo,
Y hoy te soñé Santiago.
Tomábamos mates en un patio inmenso y tranquilo,
Riéndonos a carcajadas bajo un cielo teñido de naranjas y amarillos.
Apenas desperté cerré mis ojos con fuerza,
Reclamando soñarte una vez más para abrazarte hasta el alma.
No lo conseguí,
Pero hoy te soñé Santiago,
Te sentí mi amigo,
Te sentí mi hermano,
Y eras feliz.

25. THE HIDDEN (1987)

An alien wreaking havoc in 80s Los Angeles? I’m all over it.

There’s an alien that’s inhabiting different people across the city. It takes what it wants and kills anything that gets in it’s way? Who’s gonna stop it?!


He’s got a badge… and a strange demeanor. These L.A. cops don’t know what to think of him, but The MacLachlan knows what he’s doing.

A lot of action with some decent character development. Cult written all over it. I want to find a VHS copy. I think I’ll do that.

Be right back.

*** out of ****

Ghost - Opus Eponymous (2010)

External image

Let’s just get this out of the way.  This band’s name is freaking stupid.

If I’m to believe them on looks alone, then Ghost is made up of five “Nameless Ghouls” (as the musicians are credited) led by some satanic priest in a red Cardinal’s outfit (covered in inverted crosses …  SPOOKY!) and skull makeup.  His name is Papa Emeritus, and he sings his “litanies” to a melodic metal backdrop.

Naturally, they are European.  Swedish to be exact.  This could only come from Europe.  And, much like many Euro Metal bands, they are way over-hyped to death.

If I were a teenager, I would be all over this:  Over-the-top image, and melodic heavy metal.  Ol’ Papa Emeritus (rumor has it that his parents know him as Tobias Forge, and he plays in some band called “Repugnant”.  Seriously.) likes to throw his voice into “Satanic” lyrics that pepper the album’s nine tracks.  "Satan Prayer" is rather obviously titled, while “Stand By Him” proclaims in its opening lines that “The Devil’s Power is the Greatest One”.

The music is so inoffensive (very prominent keyboards), this could easily be on any rock radio station in America (or anywhere else).  "Ritual" practically begs to be all over the airwaves, as well as yet-another-Metal-song about Elizabeth Bathory titled simply, “Elizabeth”.

Think 70’s bands like Blue Oyster Cult.  Or early 80’s pioneers Mercyful Fate (without King Diamond, there would be no “Papa Emeritus”, believe it).  That’s what you’re getting with Ghost.  Musically competent, visually stimulating, but ultimately safe and kind of boring.  Without their visual gimmick, this band would fall flatter than, well, something flat.

Go ahead and buy into the Ghost hype.  It’s a big world and you can listen to crappy music if you prefer.

Ghost - “Ritual” (Live at Hammer of Doom Festival) (via youtube)