50 Days of Video Games Fashion

Only 315 more days to go on my quest to wear an entire year of video games fashion. I’ve vowed not to repeat items so you’ll see at least 365 unique items by the end of 2013. To see my daily outfits, follow me on Instagram.

Here’s a couple things I’ve learned along the way at the beginning of my journey:

1. Layers: You can get away with rocking a casual t-shirt when you match it with something more formal like a blazer or cardigan. Your t-shirt sleeves might poke out from under the cardigan to give a weird creases so just fold the sleeves to lay flat or roll them up to be a tank top to avoid extra fabric bunches.

2. Invest in Basics: I can’t stress enough how many pieces that I reuse such as cardigans, blazers, leggings and more. Having a bunch of basics that you can mix and match really make it easier to freshen up your outfit every day.

3. Gaming Fashion Is Not Just Tees:  When the average person thinks about video games fashion, I think a picture of a t-shirt comes to mind. Part of the reason that I wanted to do this project was to show that gaming fashion can come in many different forms from tees, socks, bags, jewelry, leggings and more. I also wanted to show that you can wear video games apparel and still be fashionable.

4. Have Fun & Try Something New: After about a week of taking pictures, I realized that I dress the same almost everyday and you probably do too. Don’t be afraid to try a new trend or theme your outfit for the day. I had a day where I dressed like I was in high school or some of my favorite pop culture characters like Cassie from Skins or theT-Birds from Grease. 

5. Fans are everywhere: One of the things that I’ve noticed more than anything when I started to wear these items daily is that people immediately wanted to talk to me about games. From a cashier at the grocery stores to co-workers, they formed a common bond with me based on my apparel.

For example, one my co-workers is a middle-aged mom who loved my Nintendo t-shirt and she remembered having when she was younger. We ended up spending 20 minutes talking about classic NES games, a subject that she might not have ever brought up previously. It’s a great signal to other video games fans to connect with you.

I’ll post again after Day 100 and I’m so excited to share this experience with you. If you rock an awesome video games inspired outfit like Billy from Geeks N Gamers, make sure to share it with me with the tag #365VGFashion. Wear your passions proudly and thanks again for all the support.