thesadisticsquid  asked:

Would you mind making a list of all the bolgs you run (even the ones that are dead)? If you don't want it because you hate them it's oke. I really don't mind and I mean that. Don't do it if you're not comforteble. But I would like to see them. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a nice day, Sai!!

Okay, and of course, I won’t be listing down my private/vent/nsfw blog aha

@emo-rock-tale​ - Original series blog

@siren-legion - Official fanon group for emorock

@sai-shouart - Art blog for business inquiries only

@askmercyseries - UT Charisk blog

@treelights-sibs​ - @lightning-cross​‘s comic series

@ask-tamazinosiblings - Monster Hunter ask blog for a Tamamitsune and Zinogre pair of siblings. Usually use it to interact with fellow MH blogs, not keen on continuing it as an ask blog anymore

@shuttermegane​ - Photography blog

@askmercyseries-frisk​ - She reblogs beautiful/nostalgic content

@askmercyseries-chara​ - She reblogs shitposts

@askmercyseries-aml - used to reblog nerdy stuff for EMR’s Amelia. Don’t use it anymore.

@365sketchaday​ - group of Tapastic artists I joined few years ago, I never could really meet the 365 sketch quota but I still have my sketches/doodles reblogged there once in a while

@project-dia - old original series I was super passionate about. The fire burnt out and I’m not sure if it’ll ever go anywhere because of emotional scars, but we’ll see.