Midweek roundup!

- it’s a roundup because there’s no selfie… so you’re not seeing me… So we’re not meeting up. Gee, what logic.

- no selfie because there’s a LOT of folks on the floor today and it sucks. These people just came in today and they came in strong! Our company is trying out some office and floor movements so I’m going to miss my quiet time (we used to be just 4 people in the floor now there’s 40. Ugh.)

- My friend Rose did the sweetest thing: she gave me a copy of Haruki Murakami’s “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” with the dedication on the front page. This woman has such a good soul and she has kept me sane through 2013. Her calling me an inspiration is just … Awww. Girlfriends are the best!

- The upper right picture is something I saw today that caught my attention. I might update my vision board to include it. It just gave me the right feels.

- and… The lower right photo is my Nike app summary so far. I am about 10 miles away from the 365 miles in 365 days challenge. I’m about to finish it by next week. Planning to write some other stuff about the 365 miles then. Wait for it.

- I’m definitely on track for a half marathon by March. I just realized that the Hal Higdon plan will only let you run 10 miles at most before the 13.1. Is it normal to not run the entire 13.1 before the race? Well, I’m committed to follow and finish this plan. I’ll let you know if that whole concept works or not.

- Lastly, I think y’all look great, tumblr. I sincerely hope y’all have a good one today and always! Much love!

And finally, the BIG one. Mile 365 done!

I started this journey about 6 months ago when I transitioned from threadmill to road running. It was tough. I used to do 30 min 5K’s on the machine but apparently, the conditions were different on the road.

Then I started reading and looking for other runners on tumblr to see how they did their stuff. I came across this lady who did a mile a day project. I decided to do my own “365 miles in 365 days” project, as well. I only logged 3 miles in May and another few miles in early June. The project officially started June 12 so I decided that the project commenced on June 1st, with all 15ish miles logged so far already counted. This means I already had 3 miles lead by day 12. Hey, it’s my project, my rules.

I guess I got lucky that the company set up a fun run on Sept 1 and my friends wanted to do the 10K. For someone who was found herself on running infancy stage again, 10K was enticingly daunting. Finishing it was a big deal. I logged a lot of miles just to train for it. I think I was doing an average of 30 miles a month for July and August, until I can finally do a legit 10K. I did do a Color Run (Columbus, OH) in between which gave me a good preview of what a race day looked and felt like. Although it wasn’t a times race, it gave a good enough simulation for one.

My first legit 10K in training was 1:16 and you can’t imagine how ecstatic I was when that happened. I knew I was going to finish my 10K race in 1:15 since I was counting on adrenaline to get me to the end faster. I was wrong. I did it in 1:04.

In September, I discovered my Adizero had a problem with the insole, causing some pain on my right foot. Thank God I found it early; otherwise, it would’ve caused me a real injury. I bought my first Saucony’s and went on to do my first 31min 5K. Not sub-30 yet but it was the closest to my threadmill PR. I’ll get there.

I consistently did a little over 50 miles in September to December. In October, a friend of mine started a challenge between us which I won by 5 hours. In December, I posted a challenge to run 100K during the month, just to burn off everything we ate and drank during the holidays. I hated this challenge because:

1. I got a bad injury during the start of the contest. I have nasty scars out of that fall and I couldn’t run for almost 2 weeks because I needed to let the wounds heal. I felt bad that my friends had a head start but oh, well. C'est la vie.

2. Eating your heart out, drinking your to your liver’s limit then running the next day is a bad, bad idea. ‘Nuff said.

3. Most of my runs were 12’s. A little slow but they were all long. I recorded my longest run (9.3 miles) then but it felt like forever to get there.

Oh I did win the December challenge by 3 days. While everyone else was complaining of the weight gain when they got back to the daily grind, I actually lost 3 lbs over the holidays. I’m just never gonna do that again, ever.

And now, I’m training for my first half marathon in March. I haven’t registered for it but I thought of preparing for it early. I found the Hal Higdon Novice 1 plan and I’m really doing well with the sched. I signed up for the 10K race but will just time myself for the 5K one. My goal time is still unknown to me since I never finished a 13.1 yet ever.

So, mile 365 happened in ~170 days. Not bad. I had bad runs and lots of good runs. I may have hated some days but never regretted any of the runs. Even if they were slow or bad, they got me on my feet and I loved it.

New goal? Nothing yet. I’m gonna let this 365th mile accomplishment simmer first. I did post some running plans for 2014, and I just know I will accomplish them.

If you’re still reading this, thank you for staying. To everyone I follow, runblr or non-runblr, y'all inspire me to do the stuff I do. Thank you.

On to the next mile or so.