Ladies and gentlemen, my first official 10K race results: that’s 5 mins off my usual time! I also ranked #71 overall, out of about 400 participants in the event! 😊

Am I happy? Hell yea! Although I missed my goal by 4 minutes, I ran at 10:18 pace, which was a good improvement from my usual 11:24. 😊

Let me try to recap yesterday’s highlights:

+ got to the venue early (around 4:45 am). Gun start is 5:30 so I had lots of time to warm up properly.
+ brought an extra bottle of water to drink pre-race. That was a lesson learned from the color run, wherein my last drink was about 2 hours before run. Eek. This time around, the last sip I had was about 15 mins before the start.
- last sip should be 5 mins before gun start. My paranoid mind kept thinking “why’d you leave your bottle? Why? Why?” Oh well. Mental note for next time.
- I ran with the beltbag and the empty water bottle. Too heavy. Ugh. Must fix this.
+ when the gun fired, I let others run like mad. I didn’t care, I walked a few then started to run and look for my pace. When my Nike app told me I was going at 10:30, I kept the pace.
- my damn Nike app decided to act up and PAUSED at mile 1.2! I didn’t know of this, of course, until I felt I had ran about 2 miles already and the app wasn’t calling out my pace. I opened my beltbag to check my phone and saw it paused at 1.2! Darn it! I turned it on again, thinking “this won’t give me my mileage but at least it will give me my pace.” The thing was, it kept going on and off, until I decided to just keep it at silent and just go with it. I didn’t know my pace until the official numbers came out.
+ there was an uphill part of the run. I ran through that one and kept a good pace until the u-turn. I only walked when I got down the hill.
+ my walks were fast paced and short. I only stopped about 5 times throughout the run. Mighty proud of this one.
- I didn’t sprint in the end. I tried but I was just happy to see the finish line.

Friends who saw me later on were surprised at my pace and how I finished earlier than most of them (my friend came in 1:08. He took off earlier than me but I went past him at mile 2.5). When the numbers came out, I was practically #5 in the ladies’ division. Only the top 3 were gonna be awarded so no medal but man! I did it! I really, really did it!

The rest of the day was spent having breakfast with my friends, catching up on much-needed sleep and eating my heart out.

I want to thank everyone who’s been riding/running along this journey with me. I am so happy with my numbers and the best part is that I’m only starting out too! It can only get better but only through training harder. The rewards though? Sweeter with each run or race, I must say! I wish I could bottle up the high I had when I figured I got lower than 1:05 (especially since I had no app to tell me my pace). I won’t sell that feeling, no. I’d keep it, and just keep indulging in it when I have bad runs or bad days. It’s just ahhhhh!!!

I’ll think about next goal for some other post, for now, I’d like to savor this moment of a good first try.


I decided I wanted to run a half marathon in March, sometime around my birthday. Since most of the runners I follow here follow the Hal Higdon method, I decided to check it and try it out myself.

I’m following the Novice 1 course and am already in week 2, day 4. It has been a struggle to run lately, and it’s mostly because of the colds I have plus all the holiday eating. Well, since the eating part officially ended yesterday, I’m hoping my run times improve in the coming days. Today’s time was 11:21/mi.

This isn’t a resolution. It’s an action item I intend to tick off in a couple of months. I should learn not to pressure myself much but PMS plus holiday stress plus deciding to run a half plus people can get to you.

Ok kids, here’s hoping I can really, really see this through!


Haven’t done my meet ups with tumblr so let me do one now:

- First of all, I want to thank everyone who donated to Haiyan victims in the Philippines. I am Filipino so this tragedy is heart wrenching. There are no words for the amount of grief I felt when I saw the pictures of those affected by the typhoon. I have nothing but pure gratitude for everyone who helped out. <3

- This is me just earlier, trying to take a selfie while there were people very near me. Notice full geek look with that funny attempt to smile or smize. So this is what I look like when I “smile like I know something other people don’t know.” Whut.

- Month-to-date, I’ve already ran 31.4 miles. I haven’t been actively posting my runs but I’ve been doing them. I also just created a Nike+ challenge with some friends to run 62.1 miles (about 100 km) from Nov 24 to December 31st. I know this is doable for me, but I just wanted to make sure we were all logging miles for the half marathon we’re planning to join. My boys need the motivation.

- Apart from that, I also want to make sure I continue my runs in the midst of all the holiday celebrations. It’s for everyone’s benefit anyway.

- I signed up for the 21-day oprah/chopra meditation practice. I only learned about it and signed up about 3 days late into the program. The guides are available for 5 days. If you guys are looking for a good way to start this practice, I recommend this one. I love the mantras they set up and so far, I have been less hot headed on the road. I wonder how I’ll be after 21 days? Check it out: chopracentermeditation.com

- It’s free, too. Yey!

- I started Christmas shopping last weekend. I can’t help it. It started with one toy for a little niece then another for another nephew then I remembered one of my friend’s kid was my godson and then boom! I found myself 80% done with all the kids I know. To be a kid again….

- On to some more good stuff: a friend of mine is flying in on Friday. I can’t wait to see her for catch up and drinks. I can’t wait for my TimTams as well. Ha!

- Oh, yea, I’ve also gone back to doing more push-ups and planks. I’m also doing some planks variations now too. I read somewhere that this is supposed to help speed up my running. Anyway, I feel like ripping apart whoever invented abs whenever I do these but I do feel good after being able to accomplish my workout. The ecstasy of after is ah-mazing. Try it.

- Btw, I also got a free sandwich just now from a co-worker. He just didn’t want it. Free stuff, good stuff.

- To end this, y’all looking mighty fine, tumblr. Keep doing the right thing and the good things will keep coming back to you. Have a great Tuesday!


I am not sure what expression I was trying to drum up here but I just didn’t feel like showing teeth since I felt more like baring fangs post-bad day.

In the past, I’d do a bad run-good run chain of events, and it was pretty consistent. This time, instead of a bad run, my good run was preceded by a bad day.

It rained while I was running, my right knee was hurting the day before, my left heel still felt a bit sore, my mind was trying to process how to talk to one of the managers at work today, and yada yada.

Then 3 PR’s were made, my Nike+ challenge lead restored, I was getting back to my original pace, I ran longer and further and the world is right again.

It was Namasté in motion.


Yesterday’s run marked 102.72 miles since June 15. I actually passed 100 miles and forgot to celebrate it! Tsk, tsk.

Anyway, yesterday’s 5 miles was actually a milestone of sorts. Now that I’m scoring triple digits, I should continue to increase mileage as I go along this “365 miles in 365 days” goal.

But… Let’s assess yesterday’s run shall we?

+ Run started off with light rain. To hell with the rain, I still went out and put out a 3.1 mile goal. When I got my 3 miler, I stopped since the clouds looked threatening. I was walking back when I realized how stupid I was being for wasting the distance on a walk. So I ran 2 more miles to complete the 5 miles.

+ the first 3.1miles was ran all the way. Yey.

+ it was done at 10:30 pace for all 3 miles. This is my fastest, consistent pace ever. I’m very pleased with this.

+ breathing. I was very conscious of how I was breathing and was counting steps to inhale/exhale. I had a fairly good practice at controlling it.

- the next 2.1 miles was mostly run but some stops. It wasn’t a complete all-the-way run.

+ the good thing here is that even with the stops, the pace was pretty good. 11:22.

- all throughout the run, there was a mental war going on as to stopping or continuing to run some more. Ugh. How do you eventually do this for longer distances?

+ shortened my goals to “just one more mile” each time the mind insisted on stopping.

- shorts. I wore an old pair which was too loose already. It was ok at the start, when I tightened the waist and tied a good knot at the band. Apparently, I lost some width around the core area that the shorts just kept falling off! I kept adjusting the knot during the run otherwise, I’d give everyone a free show. Um, no.

So again, another string of learning and another chance for improvement. Ahh running. I just keep getting schooled with every experience!



Midweek meetup time!

- 2 bathroom selfies because good hair day! *gasp* But both pics are still angled so I still need some practice on mirror selfies. Sorry tumblr, you might see more trial and error.

- About last month I decided I needed to update my wardrobe.
Thought the orange cardi could work with the solid blue. I got some chocolates today so maybe it did? Lol no.

- I ran my first 10K race last weekend! My official time was 1:04:08 and I finished ahead of everyone on the team. The fastest girl was around 44:00 and the 3rd fastest (and last medaled) girl was 55 mins. I have a long way to go.

- I did run earlier again. It was one glorious, well-deserved 4.5 mile run, which had one fast mile (my fastest to date: 9:29) and a lot of walk-runs. I took time to appreciate the houses around and just chill. It was my first run post-race so screw everything else: I will enjoy it the way I want to. And I did.

- I’ve been eating A LOT lately, I’m not even kidding. Most folks in the office have been teasing me about it (they even check my trash bin for food wrappers which I think is dumb) and now, I do realize that I may be eating more than I’ve been burning. Thing is, I’m not training anymore, so I better discipline myself to eat better.

- NRR: some friends at work are convincing me to go on a hiking/camping trip by end October and I’m not too sold on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love nature but my gut is telling me not to go with them on the trip. They have now taken the “convince Kat to come” campaign to the next level which is peer pressure. My judgement: not working.

- NRR again: I was so happy with all the me time I spent last Monday. I had a pedi, massage, read a book, ate heartily and slept the whole day. Ahhhhhhhh. I am now in love with racing just for days like this. Kidding.

- Looking forward to hanging out with some friends this weekend. There’s this one girl though, who will only hang out with us to meet boys. She claims that her horoscope says she has the best forecast for love until July 2014 (Pisces) so she better go out. Ok kids: I’m Pisces too, so let’s see how that part of the charts go huh? So far it isn’t a priority until it is. Let’s see.

- oh and yea: I decided to do a 21K training program starting September. I’ve been reading up on one and will need to decide which to follow. Will I race? That remains to be seen. I want to try training for it first, then I’ll sign up when I feel ok to go do serious training mode.

And the rest is still the same. I did post some rant a few days ago (which I haven’t taken down yet), and I hope to give you updates on them next meetup. Till then, stay steady y’all, and have a great week!


Today’s run was only 3.1 miles. It definitely wasn’t my fastest or strongest run, but it got the heart pumping and the blood circulating so that’s good. Let’s call today’s run “warm up” for the week, shall we?

It was also my first time to try out some new stuff I bought. I finally got an armband for the phone and a water bottle, as well, to bring along. Maybe, since I was adjusting to it, I couldn’t get myself to run the miles I projected. Sigh, maybe I should stick with the belt bag for the race on Sunday and just train holding these after that? We’ll see. I’m planning to run either tomorrow again or on Thursday. I just don’t want my legs to get used to the couch again.

Some good news though is that I actually logged in 43.7 miles already for the month. I was surprised with this, as well, as it is just a little below half of my total number (116.3 miles since June). When August started, my 2 friends pressured me to add them on my Nike app, so we “motivate” each other to run. I didn’t want to add them since I hate competition and pressure during training (that’s just how I function). I remember being “forced” to add them and find myself at the bottom of the list when we started. Today, I am literally miles ahead of them. Way to go Kat!

I’m a bit nervous and excited about Sunday. Hopefully the last few training sessions will fare better and will be good warm up sessions for my first race.


I was drifting in and out of sleep so I decided to just get up and go for a run. I’m running on little sleep and relying much on my want to be getting some mileage and workout.

The result was a slow and steady 3.53 miles. The humidity wasn’t so bad and I saw a group of geese here (I’m staying with my friend this weekend).

My form improved though, as I felt I had stronger shoulders this time. Thank God for the push-ups. I also felt my posture improve this round.

I’m glad I went out this morning but I have to admit: I need sleep. Since I’m working from home today, I’ll take a nap after my first call.


Midweek roundup!

- it’s a roundup because there’s no selfie… so you’re not seeing me… So we’re not meeting up. Gee, what logic.

- no selfie because there’s a LOT of folks on the floor today and it sucks. These people just came in today and they came in strong! Our company is trying out some office and floor movements so I’m going to miss my quiet time (we used to be just 4 people in the floor now there’s 40. Ugh.)

- My friend Rose did the sweetest thing: she gave me a copy of Haruki Murakami’s “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” with the dedication on the front page. This woman has such a good soul and she has kept me sane through 2013. Her calling me an inspiration is just … Awww. Girlfriends are the best!

- The upper right picture is something I saw today that caught my attention. I might update my vision board to include it. It just gave me the right feels.

- and… The lower right photo is my Nike app summary so far. I am about 10 miles away from the 365 miles in 365 days challenge. I’m about to finish it by next week. Planning to write some other stuff about the 365 miles then. Wait for it.

- I’m definitely on track for a half marathon by March. I just realized that the Hal Higdon plan will only let you run 10 miles at most before the 13.1. Is it normal to not run the entire 13.1 before the race? Well, I’m committed to follow and finish this plan. I’ll let you know if that whole concept works or not.

- Lastly, I think y’all look great, tumblr. I sincerely hope y’all have a good one today and always! Much love!

What do you do when you can’t get a bad email out of your head?

You run it out. And you keep running until you sweat it out instead of swearing it out.

Or until you’re swearing in a manner that would’ve broken your good momma’s heart because you reached some God awesome mileage.

Apart from that, you win your challenges too.

Excuse me world, I’ll have my weekend now.


Sunday score!

I ran earlier and felt so proud and strong for doing so. I felt like I could actually do 7.5 miles… Until it suddenly rained. While I do love running in the rain, my phone does NOT like it when it doesn’t have a ziplock with it. I didn’t think it would rain so there. I ended up with 4.8 miles. Well, ok, I’ll take it.

Oh and a little embarrassing story to share. You see the lower right photo? I did some shopping yesterday and fit some clothes. I wear shirts most times so I’m not used to so many buttons post-fitting… Guess what happened? I walked a section of the mall with a half buttoned shirt and my pink bra for all the world to see. Yes folks, I flashed for the entire world. I only knew of it when my mom pointed it out to me much, much later. I’m like “well, shit.”

I guess, if someone I knew saw me, I could say any of the following:
1. It’s for breast cancer awareness
2. My bra is pink to reiterate point #1
3. It was a damn expensive bra; more expensive than the shirt I had on, and had every right to be worn outside it
4. Just no, don’t ask.

Anyway, reading my book for the rest of today. Sending all the luck and positive vibes to runners all around, especially the marathoners. Crazy people y’all, and I will be like you one day. 😊


It. Rained.

Was I expecting it? Maybe, but that shouldn’t stop me from running right? I’ve seen posts from experienced runners out here and folks I follow about their runs in the rain and so I thought, well, what the hell right?

The first mile was just a bit cloudy and looked a little gloomy. It still looked like it could hold out for a few miles, I thought. It was the 2nd mile that the sky started crying - lightly, at first, until it gradually turned into relentless weeping.

Running in the rain was a new experience for me. Here are some pluses and minuses to it:
+ it’s actually cooler. Even if I felt kinda heated up during the run, it was all internal and the rain was helping keep my temp low
+ dehydration what? I didn’t drink the water (lol) but I just felt cooler overall so no need to hydrate.
+ no one else was on the streets. Hehe.
+ my phone was wrapped in a plastic bag and secured in my belt bag so it was perfectly safe to record my miles
- everything will be wet but the worse one will be the shoes and socks getting wet. You could feel and hear the awkward squishes from every step
+ my Nike shorts remained dry in some areas. I put some cash in one of the secret pockets and it was still dry after that shower
- if the rain gets harder, it’s a little difficult to see further on your path and really, you would love to see what’s coming at you or where your foot will be landing next
+ it was fun!

I don’t want to plan out another rain running outing but I’m not opposed to it, either. Anyway, pace-wise, I am down to 10:36 with some 9’s. I think, I found my new pace, given the shoes.

Speaking of the shoes, the side label began to peel off after it got wet. Boo. I will just glue this on after it dries up.

All in all, a good solid 4.2 today!


Apparently, I am really bad at taking mirror selfies. Tsk. Tsk.

Anyway, midweek meetup time.

- I am 3 weeks away from my first 10K race ever. This means I need to be more serious about my miles than I think I actually am. Seriously.

- I noticed a trend though: if I log a bad run one day, I log a good run the very next day. Hm. Today, I fell short of my target by A LOT, so tomorrow should be a good run, eh? I’m counting on you stats!

- Non-run life has been ok. I’m closing down big project milestones one after another so I may allow myself more than a cocktail this weekend.

- If I thought July was expensive, August is definitely leveling up! It’s halfway through the month and I can’t wait for next month’s payslip already. Can’t. Hardly. Wait.

- On the other hand, I am also still waiting for some papers to be done before the parents move to the new place I got them. This whole thing took 2 years in the making and is coming to a close within the month. Fingers crossed y’all.

- I started taking some sleeping pills. 3 nights of beautiful 6-7 hours of sleep have been consumed so far. Good progress on this.

- A guy friend at work asked me if I am open to be set up with some friends of his. I politely declined his offer. I’m prioritizing other items in my life right now.

- Btw. He may have implied I was hot, too. Um ok what? Given his history, I really needed to decline.

- Jobhunt 2013: no progress yet. Sigh. I haven’t given up yet, folks. Gonna need some positive vibes from y’all on this one. Like BIG love vibes all around. And thank you for sending them already.

- Weekend highlights: Meeting up with some friends on Saturday afternoon plus a 7-miler on Sunday. Oh and rest….

Ok, catch up with y’all next time. Good day y'all and love, love, love!

Ps. I am now 91.35/365

Ok not sure where my last post went.

Anyway, I found time to run again today (after 5 days of alcohol, clubs, lakes and pools - I know). I also tried a new pair of competition socks - wondering what difference this offers.

Results: I started out very strong! So proud of my form and I felt I could do at least 5 mi today. However, I hit a series of hills and lost energy there. I kept removing .5 miles in my mind until I compromised at 3 miles. Whew. My July goal was to be able to run 6 miles, which I did last week. My updated goal now is to be comfortable with 6 miles by August 15.

Oh and the socks! They were a pleasant surprise! Light, airy and, most of all, dry! Haha! I love them! Saucony, you rock!

I’ll try to do push-ups and planks now. Hopefully, I get to run a few tomorrow morning.


And finally, the BIG one. Mile 365 done!

I started this journey about 6 months ago when I transitioned from threadmill to road running. It was tough. I used to do 30 min 5K’s on the machine but apparently, the conditions were different on the road.

Then I started reading and looking for other runners on tumblr to see how they did their stuff. I came across this lady who did a mile a day project. I decided to do my own “365 miles in 365 days” project, as well. I only logged 3 miles in May and another few miles in early June. The project officially started June 12 so I decided that the project commenced on June 1st, with all 15ish miles logged so far already counted. This means I already had 3 miles lead by day 12. Hey, it’s my project, my rules.

I guess I got lucky that the company set up a fun run on Sept 1 and my friends wanted to do the 10K. For someone who was found herself on running infancy stage again, 10K was enticingly daunting. Finishing it was a big deal. I logged a lot of miles just to train for it. I think I was doing an average of 30 miles a month for July and August, until I can finally do a legit 10K. I did do a Color Run (Columbus, OH) in between which gave me a good preview of what a race day looked and felt like. Although it wasn’t a times race, it gave a good enough simulation for one.

My first legit 10K in training was 1:16 and you can’t imagine how ecstatic I was when that happened. I knew I was going to finish my 10K race in 1:15 since I was counting on adrenaline to get me to the end faster. I was wrong. I did it in 1:04.

In September, I discovered my Adizero had a problem with the insole, causing some pain on my right foot. Thank God I found it early; otherwise, it would’ve caused me a real injury. I bought my first Saucony’s and went on to do my first 31min 5K. Not sub-30 yet but it was the closest to my threadmill PR. I’ll get there.

I consistently did a little over 50 miles in September to December. In October, a friend of mine started a challenge between us which I won by 5 hours. In December, I posted a challenge to run 100K during the month, just to burn off everything we ate and drank during the holidays. I hated this challenge because:

1. I got a bad injury during the start of the contest. I have nasty scars out of that fall and I couldn’t run for almost 2 weeks because I needed to let the wounds heal. I felt bad that my friends had a head start but oh, well. C'est la vie.

2. Eating your heart out, drinking your to your liver’s limit then running the next day is a bad, bad idea. ‘Nuff said.

3. Most of my runs were 12’s. A little slow but they were all long. I recorded my longest run (9.3 miles) then but it felt like forever to get there.

Oh I did win the December challenge by 3 days. While everyone else was complaining of the weight gain when they got back to the daily grind, I actually lost 3 lbs over the holidays. I’m just never gonna do that again, ever.

And now, I’m training for my first half marathon in March. I haven’t registered for it but I thought of preparing for it early. I found the Hal Higdon Novice 1 plan and I’m really doing well with the sched. I signed up for the 10K race but will just time myself for the 5K one. My goal time is still unknown to me since I never finished a 13.1 yet ever.

So, mile 365 happened in ~170 days. Not bad. I had bad runs and lots of good runs. I may have hated some days but never regretted any of the runs. Even if they were slow or bad, they got me on my feet and I loved it.

New goal? Nothing yet. I’m gonna let this 365th mile accomplishment simmer first. I did post some running plans for 2014, and I just know I will accomplish them.

If you’re still reading this, thank you for staying. To everyone I follow, runblr or non-runblr, y'all inspire me to do the stuff I do. Thank you.

On to the next mile or so.

This happened a few days ago. Whew. Wow. Ouch.

I have to say, aiming for 100 km during the holiday season was tough. I’ve read about some of you out here doing hangover runs - I’ve never done that until the holiday parties started… And boy, those hangover miles were tough! No matter, I’m really glad to come back from injury (remember the big fall resulting to some “battle scars”?) and a 2-week recovery period. I created a weekly schedule and distributed the miles accordingly. I also managed to run a 9.3 mi course, which was a personal achievement for sentimental reasons.

So, now I end my 2013 runs with that Nike challenge win and some run resolutions for 2014:

- run 1 half-marathon during the first half of the year
- run 1 full marathon by 2nd half of the year or start training for a 2015 one
- 5K run PR of below 30 mins
- 10K run PR of below 1 hour

Any other achievement aside from the above mentioned will be big bonuses in the coming year.

I also want to end this year by thanking tumblr runners for inspiring me to get up, lace up and go earn a few miles. Whether you are a true-blue runblr or a blog with random run or workout posts, you still pushed me to go do something about my mental and physical well-being. You guys are awesome!

Oh and I started a 365 miles in 365 days last June 12. I will end 2013 with 330.3 miles logged. That’s ~35 miles to go with 6 months still left in my timeline. The finish line is in sight and will definitely not need all 6 months to cross it.

Hope y'all had great miles in 2013 and see you on the road again next year!


Happy to report that I’m good to run again. I actually did 15 miles already the past week, 3 of them this morning, and I’m closing the distance between myself and the lead person in the Nike 100K challenge. (We’re 2.8 miles apart now).

I thought the biggest challenge was either getting back on the road again post-injury or wearing longer pants for my runs. Apparently, it’s getting up when all you want to do is stay in bed.

Holiday running is tricky. However, knowing all the food I’m about to consume in the next few days just boosts me to get laced up and ready for another mile. Oh hell yea, the food’s definitely worth running for.