Jan 4:  Pitch Perfect (2012) 

Directed by Jason Moore, Written by Kay Cannon
Starring Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow

I had high hopes for this film— I adore musicals of all kinds and from the get-go this movie has been marketed as “Glee, if it were actually good” or “High School Musical done right…in college.” Which, my personal opinions of those two things aside, seems to invite some high praise. That’s why it was so disappointing that it didn’t really live up to the hype. Sure, it was good. But it could have been so much better.

Let’s start with the good: Rebel Wilson. I think she pretty much made the movie. As always, the woman has near flawless comedic timing. To be fair, most of the supporting cast was just aca-mazing as well. Anna Camp was surprisingly funny as the bitchy team leader, the girl you love to hate until suddenly you don’t anymore. The script was filled with loads of funny one-liners; the kind of pithy commentary on a niche subculture that made movies like Bring It On so famous. 

That said, a script is only as good as its ending, and the ending of Pitch Perfect? Not good. When a movie ends that abruptly, either the writer got lazy, or the writer is just that bad. And I don’t know how much of this was the script’s doing and how much was Anna Kendrick’s acting, or heck, even Moore’s directing, but I found the protagonist intensely unlikeable— a killing blow for any movie, even one as fun as Pitch Perfect 

The editing was good, the directing was decent, the script was passable, and the supporting cast was aca-wesome.  I give it 6.5/10 stars.