365 Movie Challenge

Day 52

Casese Quien Pueda

So this is a mexican movie…. And it wasn’t that bad. I don’t know how to translate the title, sorry.

It wasn’t the funniest but, then again, it’s always awkward to hear swearing on your native language.

I was laughing and there were some good jokes.

I also did cry like a baby. It’s a romantic film, I obviously cried like a baby.

The handsome dude. God. He was so handsome. Awkwardly enough he looks like a friend of mine and I told my sister and she agreed and it was so fucking awkward. The movie dude made me horny as fuck.

The only thing that made me a little uneasy is that they used the mayan culture as a prop more than actual part of the movie and that kinda sucks. The main cast is a bunch of white mexicans and the rest of the mayan people were outcasted. But they did show the beauty of our environment.

It was ok.