Illumination- (Day 75/365)  "Why I Love Design"

This afternoon I found myself reflecting on why I feel so strongly about creating. After a minute or so, this is what I came up with.

Creativity has always been my safety net. It is my dearest and most loyal friend. In the empty moments of life art forgives our faults and it transforms us.

I feel so fortunate to have found a relationship with creativity early in life. My love for design and fashion has helped me survive every transition in my life. It illuminates my dark areas.

Bottom line: The reason I love design is because it is so distinctly a part of who I am, I couldn’t possibly have a doubt that it is not my purpose on this earth to create.

Love, JS

Day 46 - The Mysteries of Uldopho by Ann Radcliffe

Orphaned Emily St Aubert is imprisoned by her evil guardian, Count Montoni, in the castle of Udolpho, deep in the Apennines. So often is this novel cited as inspiration for de Sade and Poe, so well known is Jane Austen’s parody in Northanger Abbey, that it is good to be reminded that the reclusive Radcliffe created a brilliant and much-loved Gothic tale, full of terror, foreboding, emerging sexuality and complex destructive psychology. NB

تصميم اليوم عباره عن ختم او برواز بسيط يحمل الرقم واحد (١) التصميم على السريع لاني كنت مسافر اليوم 


Illumination- (Day- 193/365) “Coffee Power”

When I begin to think of all the beautiful women I aspire to be like, the one thing that they have in common is that they are humble and always put other’s thoughts and feelings before their own. Being humble is something that takes courage. I think we often associate being gentle and considerate with having low-self esteem, but it is, in fact, the opposite. A woman of courage carries herself with her head held high, but she is also quick to listen and she is strong enough to admit her faults. She is the type of woman who builds others up. This isn’t a characteristic that will be default for me when I wake up in the morning tomorrow, but it’ surely something to consider in my encounters with others in each day to come. Happy Monday! Love, JS

(Illumination- Day 22/365) “ Ceramic Dinnerware”

Rain drop shapes have always been a go-to shape of mine while sketching. So, for this dinnerware set I took the shape and ran with it! Painting my own dinnerware was exciting because it will stand unique from anything I will ever buy in a store. But, I have to guard them with my life to avoid any feared plate breakage scenarios! If you flip these guys over, I also added one of my favorite quotes on the back side of each plate. Love, JS

(Illumination-Day 30/365) “Paint Your Feelings”

A friend of mine from Fayetteville had been asking me continuously to do a painting for him. One day, I showed up to my apartment door and saw two canvases propped against the wood frame. When you are given two free canvases, you have no option but to take advantage of them! I made this acrylic painting on finals week at 2am during a study break. I decided to be like a little hippy and just “paint my feelings”. It turned being a really neat piece! 2am can be some people’s creative prime.Not only did it light up my friend’s life, but it lit up my study break time. Love,JS


Illumination- (Day 63/365) “Recycled Necklace”

A magazine pack rat. That is exactly what I am.

But, I’ve recently been learning the concept of “less is more”. So, this habit must  unfortunately be terminated.

“Well, what should I do with this generous stack of catalogs?” I ask myself.

“Parting with them at the dumpster side would just be too emotionally taxing.”

So, I decided to make a necklace instead. It was a fair trade.

Love, JS


Illumination-(Day 186/365) “Thoughts on Winter”

Winter. This is a chilly, quiet season of the year in which it allows time for the tranquility and renewal of most living things. Animals hibernate,plants lay shriveled and dormant, people work or study in the comfort of their homes and go on enlightening intellectual binges (or so it seems). Winter puts those who are fortunate in a really great mental place during the cold months. But, what about those who feel like winter is a prison of some sort that they were unjustifiably doomed to?

On my part, I have a kinesthetic way of going about most things and my emotions are charged depending on the amount of things I am seeing and touching. Since these two elements are closely tied (my senses and my emotions), the emptiness of winter makes inspiration challenging. I sort of feel like a fuse has gone out inside of me somewhere along the way. I also feel like I am really tired of putting on 18 sweatshirts over my well thought out clothing choices every time I leave the house. Heaven knows it took me forever to figure out what to wear! So, how does the creative person survive winter without vanishing in a slump? Or quitting life and getting 10 tattoos simply to feel a little bit of excitement reenter their lives?

I  definitely do not know how to change the circumstances of winter (as much as I wish I could tell God to “turn up the heat” and to “let my tiny succulent plant live”), but I do know that I can endure it and find new ways to look for inspiration. I just have to try harder to find it. I have to seek out holes of the universe that stimulate my mind and spirit. Coffee shops always seem to be a good place for a quick mental spark, keeping journals, finding new music, writing about stuff, attempting to cook things, and talking to lots of people. Emphasis on people, because the creative person certainly can’t live through winter without at least somebody to laugh with. Also, observing nature and taking note of the captivating things that happen on our earth. Despite the cold, getting outside can give one a sharper mind.

So, yes, winter is a perfect time for some of us and no so great for others. But, regardless we all have to keep our eyes open in order to prevent falling into the nasty pitfalls of negativity. And creative folks who hate cabin fever, I suppose we should try really hard to find a little light in our hibernation caves, because before we know it spring will be here and our inner dance parties can once again resume . Love, JS

Illumination- (Day 100/365) -Extra Note- “100 Days Just Saying”

Well, I guess miracles happen for ADD girls because day 100 is, indeed, happening and I am only becoming more inspired. I hope you are,too. Can’t wait to continue illuminating.

I’m going to go have a dance party now….



Illumination- (Day 69/365) “ Reflection-Photo Demo”

Reflections always suffer a disconnect.

Almost always when one looks in the mirror, they see somebody that is very different from the person the people around us know and love.

We see our weaknesses. Our loose ends. Our tiny freckles.

But, what others may see is amazing sun kissed skin and a heart of good intentions.

This photo demo features a creative camera angle capturing Lydia’s reflection in the mirror.

This photo was actually a “happy accident” as I was testing the lighting and she touched up her hair.

Love, JS


Illumination-(Day 53/365) “ Flower Photography”

There is life in the winter.

Even on a bitter cold day, a park near my apartment gave living proof that even in the cold there can still be little surprises of colorful nature.


(Illumination- Day 27/365) “ Just for Fun-Hand Painted Ornaments”

For as long as I can remember I have always been completely enamored with the magic of December. It is truly the one month of the year that encourages the soul to keep dreaming and reminds us of how many possibilities the world offers our hearts. But above all, it is the mother-ship-month of aesthetics. I am always excited to jump on the holiday aesthetics bandwagon, even if this means having a mellow afternoon with a good friend hand painting  colorful ornaments . Love, JS

(Illumination-Day 17/365) “Watercolor and Ink—Contrast Experiment”

After skimming the pages of my favorite design catalog, Uppercase Magazine, I noticed contrast themes within various graphic artwork. I’ve been lately discovering that at times I can be a huge spaz about using color, so today I challenged myself to limit these watercolor illustrations to only two colors! (*Gasp*) Navy and white made for a snazzy combo. Love, JS