DAY 1: I’ve decided to start a hand lettering 365 day project for 2013, greatly inspired by Lisa Congdon’s 365 days of hand lettering. I don’t expect many similarities as she is a professional artist, but I am very grateful for the idea to pursue lettering EVERY DAY this year.

I am Kelly Cummings, a wedding photographer, a North Carolina native (and lover of eastern NC bbq) currently living in Birmingham, Alabama with my rock climbing husband. I have enjoyed dabbling in calligraphy here and there throughout my life, but after befriending a few legitimate calligraphers (Holly Hollon, Sarah Robins Powell, Lucy Halcomb, and Cory Bordonaro) I finally was encouraged enough to take a copperplate calligraphy class from Deb Warnat here in Birmingham and things have been progressing ever since. I enjoy hand lettering as an escape from my usual positions behind my computer screen or camera lens, and I’ve loved working with my hands, spilling ink, finding variations of my favorite letters, and enjoying sending letters again.

I plan on handlettering every day and photographing or scanning the results. Some days might be quotes or practice on whatever project/script style strikes my fancy, but I look forward to sticking to something every day and seeing what evolves. I hope to post at least once a week, but I may post in bulk to reduce the amount of daily editing and posting I do.

Day 81: Brilliant

Because I loved this on pinterest.

And because I’m tired, and one word is easier. Plus it’s a chance to play with block lettering, although it’s mighty wobbly looking. I bought some grid paper and a leadholder (per Neil Tasker’s suggestion in the Skillshare class) but I haven’t had much time to play. Still not used to lettering without my nib.

I’ve been going back through Lisa Congdon’s 365 day hand lettering project out of curiosity for what she was up to at the same point in her project (I really enjoyed her April Fool’s joke, by the way), and stumbled upon a q&a post that was really interesting. It’s funny because she expected to do more traditional calligraphy with a nib and ended up doing more pencil and pen lettering and I kind of expected to play around more with drawing letters but am so much more comfortable with nib and ink. Anywho, I thought you guys would enjoy the link and especially those of you interested in learning more about hand lettering artists.