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Tuesday 13th June.
Had a driving lesson, had to push my test back. Then decided to put lipstick on to make myself feel better. Which it did. Went to college. Had a mock in history which I’ve probably done terrible in despite revision. Came home, eventful night. Decided to add a photo of Romeo the cat so I wasn’t being vain af.


333/365 Life Through A Glass by Adanethel


Day 174. Jump, jump. #jump #jumping #sj #showjumping #video #equestrianism #equestrian #equine #grey #greymare #Mare #cob #welshcob #pony #ponies #animal #animals #animalpics #mammals #mammal #horseriding #work #365days #365 #photodocument365days #photodocument365 #photodocument #photodocumentary

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New Project Announcement: 365 Lessons From A Year In The Genre

So, I had an idea yesterday and decided that I want to do what I’m best at – and that seems to be writing and analyzing superhero-genre media.  I feel like I haven’t been studying the genre the way that I learn best, and if I want to achieve my dreams and contribute to the genre of superhero mythology, I need to start doing that again.  

The ways I learn best involve daily engagement with the media and writing down interesting and powerful things about the media I consume.  It’s how I studied the XMCU, it’s how I analyzed the hell out of Batman v Superman, and it’s how I wound up so invested in both Smallville and Gotham.

So, starting tomorrow, I will be posting a daily brief reflection on the thing I watched or read that day in the superhero genre.  It could be a comic book issue, it could be a storyline, an episode or arc of TV, or a movie.  All posts will be tagged with #365Days for easy organization.

I hope you decide to come on this journey with me, and I hope that I learn what I need to about the genre in order to improve my own contributions to it and to the craft of genre-specific journalism.  

– Murphy

Sunday 11th June.
Had an 8 hour shift at work and made my debut on their social media for the first time. Also found out I got into the stage school I auditioned for and I’m going to put that monologue to good use I think. Had a bath and had an early night instead of revising.