365: tks

Here they are :

Ahem : 

First place  : @z-artblog (congrats!)

1-4 characters(full body or half if u want)

detalieted backround

Second      : @the–memes–queen 

                  : @pastelsphere

1-2 characters (full body or half if u want)

detalieted backround

Third          : @fiana-pj

                  : @alpharinnifire-1130

                  : @xenoclaw

1 character (full body or half if u want)

normal backround

Fourth        : @lari1me

                  : @meeperspeeperslovecandy

                  : @litotit0

                  : @pinkipayme

scketch - 1-2 characters (full body or half if u want)

no backround

Everything that has a reference is oky

NO NSFW (tks for all the gantel pepole that reminded me)

Congrtas to everyone !

now im feeling bad for the ones that didnt won :”/

If i dont get a message from u in a week, ill have to change the winer.srry



Part 3 of Knotted: Here and Now has updated!
Chapter 3: Going Native

Summary: Zim hadn’t realized he had his arms wrapped tightly around himself until he saw the other, until he felt compelled to stand straight and tall. He watched the human look him over, dark eyes searching him for any sign of harm before meeting his gaze. He was calm and concerned and determined. Zim was a mess.


I literally don’t know why my brain decides to switch from past to present tense during writing but it does. I tried to fix it as best I could but if some of the wording is weird, that’s why.

Anyways, sorry for taking so long with this. Been struggling a bit with life and junk and I had college to contend with plus a serious lack of motivation and sudden re ignition of love for harry potter fanfiction.

Congrats, silly fandom on the news of a tv movie!!! ily all thanks for the delightful comments. each one means the world to me!

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lines120729 by takeshi-jpn


My voice acting debut!


days9523 by takeshi-jpn


days160904 by takeshi-jpn