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Claudia’s 365 Photo Challenge

Day 20 / 366


Third self portrait in a row? Strangely enough, that’s not unusual for me. I actually went to an art gallery today at my school, but wasn’t allowed bringing in my camera to take photos of the interior. I really like this self portrait though, it’s very creepy but strangely innocent. 

Claudia’s 365 Photo Challenge

Day 27 / 366


Finally got a little strobe tutorial in one of my classes today. We didn’t take any serious pictures, just played around with the kits. Decided to make something fun out of one of the test pictures we did end up taking! I’ll let the message be up to you guys.

Claudia’s 365 Photo Challenge

Day 23 / 366


After four years with the same running shoes, I finally decided to retire them and buy these new beauties. They’re Adidas, of course. Looking forward to my next workout with these puppies!